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Late April 2011 I discovered and the project that is to write 31 stories in 31 days. Anyone who knows me or follows this blog, knows how passionate I am about short stories so my clichéd eyes lit up at this new marvel. And just a few days later there I was, breathing life into new characters. This became (after editing of course) my 31-story collection eBook Story A Day May 2011. I then repeated the project in 2012 and 2013, details below…

Available from and, Story A Day May 2011 contains the following stories:

  • SADM 2011 cover smallOver, A Military Couple (part one), Holding Her Hand, May The Fourth Be With You, Ghost, The Threadbare Girl (part one), Do It Right Or Get Off the Horse, Whatever You Say, Norman The Conqueror, Late, The Big Game, A Military Couple (part two – A Different Perspective), The Houseguest, A Story For Amelia Earhart, Alternate Reality, A Scientifically Unexplained Occurrence, Daphne The Tour Guide, A Broken Dart / Of Moonlight – Splintered On The Sea, Man Overboard, In The Stars, Court (A Shaggy Dog Story), The Case That Sherlock Couldn’t Crack, She Suspects, Sparkly Blue, Don’t, Into The Wild Blue Yonder, They Said It Couldn’t Be Done, Feeling Like A Child Again, Small Town Drama, The Lake At Dusk, and The Threadbare Girl (part two). Total word count = 20,096. You can read more about this collection (including review) here, and you can read the prompts which inspired this collection here.

Available on (and other Amazon countries), Story A Day May 2012 contains the following stories:

  • beach 101544 cover smallAn English Summer (496 words), You Are A Lovely Lot (286), What He Saw (574), It’s Not Every Day (284), Two Out Of Three (386), I Did My Very Best To Die In The War (333), The Dancing Stopped in 1983 (349), Charity Shops on Saturday (548), The Photographer That No-One Else Can Get (594), White Chocolate Chocolate (318), Just A Figure Of Speech (640), Hold On (725), Would Chuck Chuck? (187), Don’t Talk To The Food (620), Some Shoes To Match (345), 1966 And All That (100), The Legends of Louisiana (107), Bill The Bag Man (726), The Quest For The Truth (215), Deadly Serious (360), I Always Did Hate Biology (380), Being Ernest (376), The Best Man (308), The Perfect Place (108), One Out Of Three (595), Stronger Than He Looks (421), Not Like They Used To (301), Thank You For The Joy (345), In His Shoes (974), Sabbatical From The Rat Race (630), and Parallel Bars (610). Total word count = 13,241. You can read the prompts which inspired this collection here.

And finally, again available from and (and other Amazon stores), Story A Day May 2013 contains the following stories:

  • beach a 167333 smallHow the Drabble came about (100 words), The Quarrymen (second-person story) (303), It’s Not You, It’s Me (279), R.I.P. Lenny ‘Shades’ Froug (544), The Thing and the Nameless Page (834), Sally never listened (588), Quiet and noisy (812), The last thing you think about (330), What cost a human life? (226), Death & Life (1,048), Dating Paradise (60), Making up the numbers (162), A win-win all round (310), The Ramshackle Writer (412), Beyond The Blue Horizon (a sci-fi story!) (770), Progress (409), Worth every penny (147), Bubble and squeak (169), Wreckage (432), Before Jessica (253), Leaving a gap (984), Human Unfriendly (295), It Wasn’t Me (831), Scratch, squeak, bark (140), All-inclusive package (558), His job depended on it (100), Eight a year (145), Billy No Mates (300), Talking when we could be walking (654), Petrified (1,250), and Plenty more fish (724). Total word count = 14,169. You can read the prompts which inspired this collection here.

Short stories are my favourite format to write and read so there will be many more to come, either individually as freebies or $0.99 anthologies as well as the occasional novella or three. 🙂


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