SADM 2011

Late April 2011 I discovered and the project that is to write 31 stories in 31 days. Anyone who knows me or follows this blog, knows how passionate I am about short stories so my clichéd eyes lit up at this new marvel. And just a few days later there I was, breathing life into new characters. This went on to become (after editing of course) my 31-story collection eBook Story A Day May 2011.

Story a Day May 2012 (the 31 stories written May 2012) is available exclusively from, (and other Amazon countries) and Story a Day May 2013 (the 31 stories written May 2013) is available exclusively from, (and other Amazon countries).

The prompts for 2011 were:

  • Sunday 1st May: prompt: They said it couldn’t be done – They Said It Couldn’t Be Done.
  • Monday 2nd May: prompt: alternate reality – Alternate Reality.
  • Tuesday 3rd May: prompt: be a tour guide – Daphne The Tour Guide.
  • Wednesday 4th May: prompt: May the Fourth be with you – May The Fourth Be With You.
  • Thursday 5th May: prompt: party, fiesta, shindig or gathering – The Houseguest.
  • Friday 6th May: prompt: Do it right or get off the horse – Do It Right Or Get Off the Horse.
  • Saturday 7th May: prompt: a military couple – A Military Couple (part one).
  • Sunday 8th May: prompt: a different perspective – A Military Couple (part two – A Different Perspective).
  • Monday 9th May: prompt: 9 die (dice) with 12 pictures (moon, shooting star, torch, clock, arrow (pointing south west), magnifying glass, eye/castle, fish/flower, bat/sheep) – In The Stars.
  • Tuesday 10th May: prompt: A broken dart of moonlight, splintered on the sea – A Broken Dart / Of Moonlight – Splintered On The Sea.
  • Wednesday 11th May: prompt: re-write a fairy tale – (the prompt was late so I’d already written ‘The Threadbare Girl (part one)’).
  • Thursday 12th May: prompt: reunion – The Threadbare Girl (part two).
  • Friday 13th May: prompt: write a story that uses descriptive words that make your mouth move – Whatever You Say.
  • Saturday 14th May: prompt: feisty grandmother – Norman The Conqueror.
  • Sunday 15th May: prompt: ghost – Ghost.
  • Monday 16th May: prompt: over – Over.
  • Tuesday 17th May: keyword prompt: regular, wild, sun, muck, shoot, frustration, hand, take, trip, push – The Big Game.
  • Wednesday 18th May: prompt: court – Court (A Shaggy Dog Story).
  • Thursday 19th May: prompt: scientifically-unexplained occurrence – A Scientifically Unexplained Occurrence.
  • Friday 20th May: prompt: a story for Amelia Earheart – A Story For Amelia Earhart.
  • Saturday 21st May: prompt: late – Late.
  • Sunday 22nd May: prompt: the celebration of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s birthday – The Case That Sherlock Couldn’t Crack.
  • Monday 23rd May: prompt: a story set in a small town – Small Town Drama.
  • Tuesday 24th May: prompt: a life-changing moment – Holding Her Hand.
  • Wednesday 25th May: prompt: ritual – She Suspects.
  • Thursday 26th May: prompt: sparkly blue depression – Sparkly Blue.
  • Friday 27th May: prompt: graduation – Feeling Like A Child Again.
  • Saturday 28th May: prompt: man overboard – Man Overboard.
  • Sunday 29th May: prompt: the word ‘don’t’ alongside a Lara Croft-type picture – Don’t.
  • Monday 30th May: prompt: The Lake At Dusk – The Lake At Dusk.
  • Tuesday 31st May: prompt: write a western – Into The Wild Blue Yonder.


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