Student Area

Hello everyone. I have created this area for my students – current and previous – (and others) to chat about any aspect of writing. Are you stuck on a particular project or perhaps you’ve been surprised by something (no touting please!)? Have you just been on a course (mine or otherwise) or event that you’d like to share the good (and bad) aspects of. Then this is the place.

I’ve created some subpages for specific topics (see links below) and in each case, I have started the conversations going but if you’d like to talk about anything else, feel free to do so below (I’ll create extra subpages where appropriate)…

  • Inspiration – where do you get your ideas, or are you struggling?
  • Current projects – as it says on the tin, this page is for talking about current projects.
  • Writing courses and events – have you been on a course or to an event and would like to share your experience with others?

If you have a general comment, you can either leave it below, and / or something specific on the relevant subpage and as Pink sung… let’s get this party (conversation) started. 🙂

I also have a Facebook group equivalent for anyone who either prefers chatting on Facebook to chatting here, or of course you could do both.

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