Hi. I’ve celebrated over 300,000 hits on this blog and most of the 1,000+ people who’ve been involved (there is a summary of them here) know how much work it takes me to get everything together (a full-time job and then some) and keep this blog ticking over.

To-date the only thing I charge for is the blog interviews (and I did start doing that until I’d done 660 for free (and, perhaps in my madness, declined a $30 offer from someone wanting to jump the queue!) but I decided to bite the bullet, as the cliche goes, and add a ‘donate’ button to the right-hand side bar (there’s also one below). The other option is to add advertising, of WordPress’ choice, and whilst they assure that it will be appropriate, I’d rather avoid this route and I’m sure most of you would rather see this site remaining advert-free.

For every donation of £10.00 and over, I’ll gladly send any of the following PDFs, just let me know which one(s) you’d prefer…

And / or you can now subscribe to this blog on your Kindle / Kindle app via or

Thank you everyone who takes part in and / or reads this blog, it really wouldn’t be what it is without you all and of course thank you if you do decide to donate. It really helps.

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