Can you offer an author FREE feedback? Would you like to receive that feedback?

I came up with the idea for this section of the blog during a mini-break at a ‘pitch to the panel’ event at the Festival of Romance, Bedford, mid-November 2012. I know there are many writers out there who, for one reason or another, don’t have enough (or any!) readers / writers willing to give them FREE feedback on their works-in-progress so they can make it as good as it can be before they submit it. Could you give that feedback? Would you like that feedback?

NB. You can be on both lists – it doesn’t have to be one or the other. 🙂

** Because almost everyone has contact details against their name, I shall leave it that you contact each other. Obviously any enquiries I receive will be passed on but I would ask that you visit this page from time-to-time to check whether I have added anyone who is willing to read your genre or that an author is looking for feedback that you offer. Thank you again everyone for taking part. I hope to build this page into a really valuable (if not monetary!) resource for all concerned. **

NB. I also have a forum where you can discuss your work, writing problems etc.


Because I now have so many people offering and looking for this service, I’ve split the pages as follows:

READERS offering free feedback are listed on

WRITERS seeking free feedback are listed on

A similar opportunity is Writer Selection: “If you write short stories or poetry and would like to see your work published, then writerselection is for you. Members can read and rate each other’s work. Highest rated short stories and poems will be published as both hard copy and ebook. You retain copyright over your work and receive royalties from any book sales.”



50 thoughts on “Feedback

  1. Gary Showalter says:

    Your name: Gary Showalter
    Your email address:
    Your website (if you have one, if not I can design you one!):
    Title of your item: A Primer on Roses
    Genre of your item: gardening, rose care
    Format (novel, short stories, poetry, non-fiction): non-fiction
    Word count (___,000 words / ___ lines for poetry): 53 pages
    Brief synopsis of item (50 words max!): rose care – from choosing a location to plant, how they grow, how to prune, how to select tools, etc
    When you need the feedback by: as soon as possible
    Any other relevant information: The pamphlet is available on Amazon now, but feedback is always welcome and changes will be made where necessary, based on feedback, with credit provided for valuable feedback. I will send a PDF file with the text to first readers.


  2. Nikki Dudley says:

    I would like to go on both lists please! As a reader, I am interested in mystery, thrillers, crime, young adult and general fiction. I am happy to read most lengths but lets say not over 100k. I can get back in a month, maybe less. I write fiction and poetry myself. I also co-edit an online magazine.

    As a writer, I am writing a young adult dystopian novel set in the future. It centres around natural energy. It is arounk 90k words. Just looking for general f/b. Can give more info on contact. Thanks!


  3. Ralph Scott says:

    If it might accent the above, the staff at Credit The Edit, LLC (www credittheedit com) provides detailed, complementary Test Edits on up to five pages of almost any fiction or nonfiction manuscript. Though five pages does not allow for the examination of everything that is solid or is in need of an overhaul in an author’s manuscript, it’s quite impressive just how much those five pages reveal about the merits and hurdles of the project. So feel free to tap us at least for that.


    Ralph Scott d.b.a. ‘Edward It’


  4. Ethan Holmes says:

    I certainly wouldn’t mind some feedback or reviews. I have five titles ranging from short story collections to science fiction to my latest title which turned out to be a self-help book I didn’t know was going to be one. You can visit my site and tell me which one(s) you would like to read. Additionally if you are a short story fan and a Kindle owner my latest collection of short stories is available for free on Amazon through Sunday.
    Ethan Holmes


  5. echidna10 says:

    I really like this idea, Morgen, with an ‘e.’ I would like to participate on both sides of this coin. I am a writer of middle grade fantasy, focusing on highlighting endangered animals in my stories. I would like to read fantasy, not necessarily for young people, and I would like to have my new book, which is not complete at this point, read for some thoughts/opinions.
    Thanks so much!
    Jeanne E. Rogers

    I don’t have a WEB site yet, but I really need one, and I’m not very techi. How can you help, or offer advice.
    Thanks again.


    • morgenbailey says:

      Thank you very much, Jeanne. I’ve added you on both sides and will put a shout-out on Facebook and Twitter.

      I have a website ( and this blog and I attract far more traffic (10x at least) via the blog. My website software drives me mad so I leave it as a static page. This blog however is great fun to use and so I design them for other writers (see I also have a Blogspot blog ( but I only use it to re-run the interviews as I don’t find it so user-friendly. That said, it’s simpler in some respects than WordPress so I would say that if you are happy with your Blogspot blog then stick to that.



  6. Laurence French says:

    Hi, I’d be happy to read other authors’ works and give them feedback. I’m a published author in the UK (fiction and non-fiction), as well as having a number of articles published. I like all genres and, if the author wishes, I can do a complete proofread of their work as well. I would have to charge for that though as I work freelance. Otherwise I’m willing to read and give a critique, with suggestions and constructive comments.

    Best wishes

    Laurence French


  7. Kenny says:

    Thanks for the message via linked in, Morgen.
    I’m looking to get more reviews for the book which is currently selling well on Amazon.
    As well as, any advice on promotional work would be beneficial, too.


    • morgenbailey says:

      Thanks, Kenny. If you’d like to be added properly just take a look at the information I need (under the heading ‘WRITERS (see below for writers wanting feedback)’). NB. Readers on this page are offering free feedback so wouldn’t be expected to pay for the material they review.


    • morgenbailey says:

      Thank you very much, Charlie. I’ve added you in and mentioned it on Facebook / Twitter. Feel free to request feedback (just scroll down for the ‘writers’ form). It doesn’t have to be one or the other.


  8. talei smith@waterymoon says:

    Hi Morgan

    Can I please join the writing feedback/feedforward list?

    Your name:Talei Smith
    Your email address:
    Your website:
    Genre preferred: short stories, family focused fiction, satire, comedy, romance, postcolonial literature,
    Format: novel, short stories
    Maximum length of work to be read: any amount
    Lead time preferred: about a month
    Do you write? yes


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