Feedback – Offering

Can you offer an author FREE feedback? (also see Feedback – Seeking for those wanting help)

Readers: Do you like reading novels, short stories, non-fiction or poetry (anything else?) and are willing to give free, honest feedback? Can you read them quickly (within a month)? I’m looking to list readers on this page (below) so please either email me or leave a comment below (and I’ll paste it into this page) with the following information…

  • Your name:
  • Your email address: (via me if preferred)
  • Your website (if you have one, if not I can design you one!):
  • Genre preferred:
  • Format (novel, short stories, poetry, non-fiction):
  • Maximum length of work to be read (___,000 words / ___ lines for poetry):
  • Lead time preferred (ideally no more than a month please):
  • Do you write? (yes/no):
  • Any other relevant information:

Thank you so much in advance. Writers can never have too many first readers and feedback more than “that’s good” (or otherwise) is invaluable to us and you get a free read!

NB. Don’t be under pressure to give a lengthy, detailed feedback (but it would be great if you could). You’re doing this for free so just what you can would be so gratefully appreciated. 🙂 You can discuss this directly with the other author. Do let me know how you get on.

This list is alphabetically for now, probably by genre when there are more. Note the ‘at’ in the email address should read @, with no spaces, but are formatted like that to try and avoid them getting spammed! If you click on the links they should work.

Readers willing to give you free feedback are:

  • Aaron Fuller (email c/o Morgen): Genre preferred: anything except romance! Novel synopsis and individual chapters only, not whole ones! Otherwise any. Max count: 10,000 words. Lead time: 2 weeks. Do you write? Yes. Thank you, Aaron.
  • Aaron Roark (aaronroark9 at Aaron is a writer (listed below) who would also like to give feedback, preferably fantasy or horror (no non-fiction or romance). He needs at least two weeks lead time depending on the length of the work. (50,000 words max). Thank you, Aaron.
  • Charlie Kane (charlottekane150 at / Genre preferred: supernatural and thrillers (novel, non fiction, short stories). Maximum length of work to be read: any amount. Lead time preferred: approx a month. Do you write? yes. Thank you, Charlie.
  • Claire Maycock (formerly Marriott) (claire at, new blog coming soon at Genres: non-fiction (home, garden, crafts, personal development), fiction (historical). No maximum length. Lead time to be agreed on receipt of file but will typically be three to four weeks. Do you write? Yes. Thank you, Claire.
  • David Ferretti (edf at I write crossover fantasy (no cursing/sex). I have two finished manuscripts of my trilogy; the first is edited and has been read by several beta readers that caused me to make changes. I am the only person to read the second. I will be glad to exchange finished manuscripts with anyone who writes in the same genre. My manuscript is 119,000 words long and readers have told me that it is a fast read. If your manuscript runs <120,000 words then give me two weeks to review it. Greater length manuscripts will take a little bit longer. I prefer Microsoft Word docx or doc files. Thank you, David.
  • Elaine Spires (hello at / Genre preferred: all except sci-fi, horror and poetry. Do you write? Yes (several plays, a TV series, three books, presently working on fourth). Thank you, Elaine.
  • Hersilia Press publisher Ilaria (ilaria) Meliconi (info at / is willing to offer feedback on crime novels but timescale dependent on existing workload. Grazie Ilaria.
  • James Munroe (MunroJim at I will read any novel set in the medieval period, and if it is good, post a review on, or otherwise send a brief critique direct to the author by email. Thank you, James.
  • Jeanne E. Rogers (echidna at / I really like this idea, Morgen, with an ‘e.’ I would like to participate on both sides of this coin. I am a writer of middle grade fantasy, focusing on highlighting endangered animals in my stories. I would like to read fantasy, not necessarily for young people (timescale dependent upon workload – please enquire first), and I would like to have my new book, which is not complete at this point, read for some thoughts / opinions. Thanks so much! Thank you, Jean.
  • Kay Millward (kay.millward at / Any genre. Feedback usually within the month. Do you write? Yes. Thank you, Kay.
  • Laurence French (laurencefrench92 at Hi, I’d be happy to read other authors’ works and give them feedback. I’m a published author in the UK (fiction and non-fiction), as well as having a number of articles published. I like all genres and, if the author wishes, I can do a complete proofread of their work as well. I would have to charge for that though as I work freelance. Otherwise I’m willing to read and give a critique, with suggestions and constructive comments. Thank you, Laurence.
  • Marco Strazzi ( / Marco is a historical / paranormal novelist (see Feedback – Seeking) is willing to beta read in turn but is not a mother tongue English speaker so bear this in mind.
  • Morgen Bailey ( / Editing and Critique): any genre / format of fiction and non-fiction up to 1,000 words free, fees due thereafter.
  • Nathalie Yeo ( “I write in and consequently prefer all kinds of romance, including paranormal. I would be more than happy to review  full length novels of 300-400 pages; would also read chapter by chapter if that is more convenient. Would require at least 2 weeks in order to offer a constructive criticism.”
  • Nowick Gray ( any genre / any format / any length. Up to 3 weeks. I’m a freelance copy editor by trade: Nowick is also seeking feedback.
  • Nikki Dudley (nikkisdudley at / / I would like to go on both lists please! As a reader, I am interested in mystery, thrillers, crime, young adult and general fiction. I am happy to read most lengths but lets say not over 100k. I can get back in a month, maybe less. I write fiction and poetry myself. I also co-edit an online magazine. As a writer, I am writing a young adult dystopian novel set in the future. It centres around natural energy. It is around 90k words. Just looking for general f/b. Can give more info on contact. Thanks! Thank you, Nikki.
  • Ralph Scott (info at / If it might accent the above, the staff at Credit The Edit, LLC provides detailed, complementary Test Edits on up to five pages of almost any fiction or nonfiction manuscript. Though five pages does not allow for the examination of everything that is solid or is in need of an overhaul in an author’s manuscript, it’s quite impressive just how much those five pages reveal about the merits and hurdles of the project. So feel free to tap us at least for that. Thank you, Ralph.
  • Rebeccah Giltrow (rgiltrow at / Any sort of fiction (novel, short story, poetry, script/play, lyric). Max. length: 50,000 words for prose, any number of lines for poetry. Lead time: 3-4 weeks. Do you write? Yes. Thank you, Rebeccah.
  • Robert Wiggins (email c/o Morgen): Genre preferred: Fantasy, Sci-Fi, General Fiction, Biographies, Autobiographies, Thrillers and Crime (actually anything other than horror, trash lit and Mills & Boon-esque romances). Format: novel, short stories, non-fiction. Maximum length of work to be read: no max. Do you write?: yes, but not in any organised fashion… 🙂 Any other relevant information: I am an avid reader of books and as such do have opinions about what works and what doesn’t. I also used to write professionally in my previous career and now just doodle for personal reasons so am able to look at your work from both a prospective readers point of view as well as that of a fellow writer.
  • Robin Greene (bodicea77 at Genre preferred: Fiction, anything except romance. Format: Novels or short stories. Max length: 80,000 words. Lead time preferred: about a month, probably less. Do you write? (yes/no): some have said that, yes. 🙂 Thank you, Robin.
  • Saïdeh Pakravan (saidehpakravan at / “I’m interested in literary fiction, short or long, and maybe memoirs. No self-help or any genre writing at all.” Thank you, Saïdeh.
  • Susan Down (Susandown49 at Hi Morgen. I am interested in the mutual critiquing. I write murder mystery romances – not too gory – and poetry. Also chair Salisbury Writers Group. Time available dependent upon existing commitments. Please discuss. Thank you, Susan.
  • Talei Smith (onebighorse at / Genre preferred: short stories, family focused fiction, satire, comedy, romance, postcolonial literature. Format: novel, short stories. Maximum length of work to be read: any amount. Lead time preferred: about a month. Do you write? yes. Thank you, Talei.
  • Charlie Kane – see above.
  • Claire Maycock – see above.
  • Larry Kaiser (office (001) 765-356-3341 Morgen, I will volunteer to review biographies. I have published five biographies through Legacy Tree Books, a publishing company I founded for the purpose of getting more biographies on school and library shelves about mid-level successful people for whom established publishing houses have no interest. Also, part of my mission is to develop more writers of biography. My company is an excellent place for unpublished writers to get experience and develop a portfolio. We pay our writers by finding local sponsors to finance the writing and publishing of our books. The biographies then are donated to schools and libraries. Anyway, my review of someone’s biography perhaps can be reciprocated by their review of one of mine, or of one of my other authors. I mention other authors because Legacy Tree Books is expanding. We have contracted two new authors and plan to take on several more. As fast as we can find salespeople to sell the sponsorships, we will be needing new authors. In fact, we can begin with a new writer and find a salesperson near them. That way we create a team for a geographic area. I edit all the manuscripts. All our book and cover design is done in house. My sales team manages all the book publicity and promotions, book signings, readings and so on. Larry Kaiser, Legacy Tree Books. Thank you, Larry.
  • Laurence French – see above.
  • Morgen Bailey – see above.
  • Ralph Scott – see above.
  • Robert Wiggins – see above.
  • Saïdeh Pakravan – see above.
  • Morgen Bailey – see above.
  • Nikki Dudley – see above.
  • Rebccah Giltrow – see above.
  • Susan Down – see above.

Websites where authors can put their work online for feedback include Authonomy (known as HarperCollins’ unofficial slush pile), YouWriteOn – with these two you have to critique to be critiqued, ABC TalesAbsolute WriteChaptereadCritiquecircleFiction PressFigment (aimed at teens), ScribdWebookWorthy of PublishingWritersWriters’ CafeStoryLane (more about you than your fiction) and Wattpad (I’m on the latter two). Ken Weene recommends and NB. I also have a forum where you can discuss your work, writing problems etc.

I also have a list of reviewers on this blog’s Reviews page. I offer feedback on short stories or novel chapters on my blog’s Red Pen Critique page going live (the story / extract then my feedback) every Sunday evening. 🙂



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