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Would you like to receive free feedback on your work-in-progress or finished book?

READERS offering to read your work are listed here.

WRITERS: (see below for writers wanting feedback)

Are you looking for free feedback? If so, please either email me or leave a comment below (and I’ll paste it into this page) with the following information…

  • Your name:
  • Your email address or website contact page:
  • Your website (if you have one, if not I can design you one!):
  • Title of your item:
  • Genre of your item:
  • Format (novel, short stories, poetry, non-fiction):
  • Word count (___,000 words / ___ lines for poetry):
  • Brief synopsis of item (50 words max!):
  • NB. Please list items separately if wanting feedback on more than one.
  • When you need the feedback by:
  • Any other relevant information:

Thank you and good luck with your works-in-progress! Please remember that the readers will be offering to do this for free so feedback will be as detailed (or otherwise) as their time allows. Do let me know how you get on.

Writers listed here… (note the ‘at’ in the email address should read @, with no spaces, but formatted like that to try and avoid them getting spammed! If you click on the links they should work OK)

  • Aaron Roark (aaronroark9 at My book is called The High Grass. It’s a horror story. First nine chapters complete. Synopsis: It’s the story of a fifteen year old boy named Jimmy. He lives on a farm in north Texas with his mother and father. The farm is adjacent to a large field that no one owns where the grass is about five feet high (hence the title). There is something evil in the field that is after Jimmy. I would also like to give feedback. Need at least two weeks lead time depending on the length of the work. (50,000 words max). Thank you, Aaron.
  • David Ferretti (edf at I write crossover fantasy (no cursing/sex). I have two finished manuscripts of my trilogy; the first is edited and has been read by several beta readers that caused me to make changes. I am the only person to read the second. I will be glad to exchange finished manuscripts with anyone who writes in the same genre. My manuscript is 119,000 words long and readers have told me that it is a fast read. If your manuscript runs <120,000 words then give me two weeks to review it. Greater length manuscripts will take a little bit longer. I prefer Microsoft Word docx or doc files. Thank you, David.
  • Douglas C. Smyth ( Princess Olga and Her Venezuelan Connection (fiction memoir). 63,115 words. Synopsis: 97-99-year-old Olga dreams a slice of her early life. Venezuelan, named after a Russian Princess, Olga, with her mother and brothers, lives well on Trinidad until they mysteriously decamp for New York’s Harlem. Her absent father works for Venezuela’s dictator far away; her uncle is Venezuelan Consul in Trinidad. Olga is my nearly 100-year old mother. The dreams and commentary are based on extensive family research. I’m a former college teacher (Ph.D in Social Sciences) and freelance writer. My time frame is flexible / as soon as possible. Thank you, Douglas.
  • Ethan Holmes (ethanholmes at / I certainly wouldn’t mind some feedback or reviews. I have five titles ranging from short story collections to science fiction to my latest title which turned out to be a self-help book I didn’t know was going to be one. You can visit my site and tell me which one(s) you would like to read. Thank you, Ethan.
  • Gary Showalter (gary at / A Primer on Roses (gardening, rose care). Non-fiction. 53 pages. Rose care – from choosing a location to plant, how they grow, how to prune, how to select tools, etc. Feedback wanted: as soon as possible. Additional information: “The pamphlet is available on Amazon now, but feedback is always welcome and changes will be made where necessary, based on feedback, with credit provided for valuable feedback. I will send a PDF file with the text to first readers.” Thank you, Gary.
  • Gillian Findlay (gillyfindlay919 at / Sir William Goes Fishing (children’s picture book). 1,126 words. Available free from Smashwords.comThank you, Gillian.
  • Gina Charles (ginacharles at / Title of item: Shift Happens, A Laypersons Guide To Awakening. Genre of item: Self-help. Format: non-fiction. Word Count: 31,289. Brief Synopsis: Know that you already have all the tools you need to experience that shift into a more peaceful, abundant, and enjoyable life. Shift Happens lights the way on the journey back to Self. Feedback: At earliest convenience.
  • Jason Fink (jasonfink88 at Jasmine Cowl and the Salagi Talking Stick (contemporary fantasy novel, first of a potential seven-book series). 78,000 words. Jasmine Cowl is p*ssed.  Fifteen years ago, the African American woman and her friends saved the world.  Stuck in a boring life, even though she works for the CIA… the other one.  Saddled with family, a job, and the PTA, she’s found something new. Disgruntled gnomes & talking islands force themselves into Jasmine’s life while she hunts for a powerful wand.  She’s fighting for more than the world. This time she’s fighting for her kids. Feedback wanted: no real timeframe, finished it up about 3 months back. Any other relevant information: Thanks for taking a look – I’d like to know if it’s an ok read, or if it’s… not. Honesty is always appreciated! Thank you, Jason.
  • Jeanne E. Rogers ( I really like this idea, Morgen, with an ‘e.’ I would like to participate on both sides of this coin. I am a writer of middle grade fantasy, focusing on highlighting endangered animals in my stories. I would like to read fantasy, not necessarily for young people, and I would like to have my new book, which is not complete at this point, read for some thoughts / opinions. Thanks so much! Thank you, Jean!
  • Kenny Johnston (alwayssmilingthroughthetears at Always Smiling Through the Tears (non-fiction biography / memoir) 111,000 words. Synopsis: In October, 2010, Kenny put 2 nooses round his neck in the garden shed. Twice. This is his story, a story of a broken home, mixed race children, racism, adversity and heartbreak. Suicide is all too common in our broken society, and here you see it revealed from the inside, to find what actually drives somebody to the point where the pain of death is seen as preferable to the pain in life. Kenny says, “For those, who provide feedback/reviews, I will post a free copy of the book, signed by me, if they like!” Thank you, Kenny.
  • Lae Monier (laemonie at / Wanted (psychological crime). Novel (67,147 words). Feedback wanted: two weeks from the time they get the WIPThank you, Lae.
  • Larry Kaiser (office (001) 765-356-3341 Biographies – see Feedback – Offering.
  • Laurence French (laurencefrench92 at ‘Waiting for Dark’ (war / personal relationships). Novel. 80,000 words. Synopsis: A severely injured soldier from WW1 is looked after by a French nurse who takes him back to the battlefield at Ypres to lay the ghosts of his past and to rid him of the guilt he feels about the loss of his pals. No specific timeframe. Thank you, Laurence!
  • Louise Findlay (louisevampire at / The All Gifted Fairies (fantasy short story). 744 words. Available free from
  • Marco Strazzi ( / Wingwatch, a historical / paranormal of 100,000 words. The plot follows a wristwatch lost on 6 June 1944 and reappeared 70 years later in an auction catalogue. The protagonists are a British Para dropped on Normandy at the start of D-Day, a French teacher and his 8-year old son. Three people separated by space and time, yet they have a destiny in common. The text is the English translation of a novel originally written and self-published in Italian. Would like feedback as soon as possible, ideally within a couple of weeks.
  • Michele M. Reynolds ( / ‘Love’s Autograph’ and 1st book in series untitled. Genre: romance, rural fiction. 80,000 – 100,000 words. Michele is currently working on a rural fiction that takes place in the future. A woman goes into the Florida Everglades to live in the woods with a dozen at-risk youth. Timescale: Love’s Autograph asap. Rural Fiction… within a month. Michele said, “I am looking to connect with author’s and readers. I would love if you could help me on my way.” I hope this helps.
  • Nikki Dudley (nikkisdudley at / / I would like to go on both lists please! As a reader, I am interested in mystery, thrillers, crime, young adult and general fiction. I am happy to read most lengths but lets say not over 100k. I can get back in a month, maybe less. I write fiction and poetry myself. I also co-edit an online magazine. As a writer, I am writing a young adult dystopian novel set in the future. It centres around natural energy. It is around 90k words. Just looking for general f/b. Can give more info on contact. Thanks! Thank you, Nikki!
  • Nowick Gray ( / Title of your item: Red Rock Road, Light Blue Sea. Genre of your item: literary fiction, metafiction. Format: novella. 39,000 words. Synopsis: A Formentera honeymoon cottage becomes a crucible of creative and romantic tension. Will it yield despair and separation – or, through acceptance and embrace, a new intimacy, a new metafictional art? Feedback requested by: 1 May 2014. Nowick is also offering feedback.
  • Robin Greene (bodicea77 at Nothing Good From Secrets (“women’s fiction, I guess”). 🙂 Novel (c. 79,000 words). Synopsis: Carys’ best friend PamLynn is keeping something from her. She goes through finding out PamLynn’s father has Alzheimers, that her mother has been having her followed, and that the man she thought was her father isn’t her biological father. PamLynn is more than a friend, she’s actually her sister. Blurb: (I think) Not everyone who loves you tells you the truth. Carys’ best friend has a secret. Her mother has a huge secret. Carys even has one of her own. How does a near 40 year old woman, who wants a successful career, to live a few of her dreams, oh yes and someone to share all that with, help her friends, understand her mother, and most of all help herself? When you need the feedback by: Not in a huge rush, but as soon as possibleThank you, Robin.
  • Susan Down (Susandown49 at Hi Morgen. I am interested in the mutual critiquing. I write murder mystery romances – not too gory – and poetry. Also chair Salisbury Writers Group. Thank you, Susan.

Websites where authors can put their work online for feedback include Authonomy (known as HarperCollins’ unofficial slush pile), YouWriteOn – with these two you have to critique to be critiqued, ABC TalesAbsolute WriteChaptereadCritiquecircleFiction PressFigment (aimed at teens), ScribdWebookWorthy of PublishingWritersWriters’ CafeStoryLane (more about you than your fiction) and Wattpad (I’m on both). Ken Weene recommends and NB. I also have a forum where you can discuss your work, writing problems etc.

READERS offering free feedback are listed here.


7 thoughts on “Feedback – Seeking

  1. Lachlan Court says:

    Not really sure if this is the thing for me I haven’t written much at all but if you can give me any feedback that would be awesome.
    Title of item: not sure as of yet (ideas??)
    Genre of your item: fantasy
    Format: start of a novel
    Word count: 4-5,000 words
    Brief synopsis of item: First chapter follows Sahrin, a ranger on the run from demons after stealing information. (Purposefully hazy about details, to be revealed later). In desperation he hides the knowledge and disappears. The second chapter follows Kese, teenage child who accidentally stumbles across the knowledge and is forced into the adventure.


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