First Sentence Fridays *NEW*

This is a new weekly feature, started 16th December and the idea is that it’s a little free promotion for all of you with books for sale (or free); eBooks, paperbacks, it doesn’t matter which. And it can be for an individual short story / poem, story / poetry collection, novel or even non-fiction or script / comic book!

It’ll run every Friday (before the 100-word competition results on the second Friday of the month and 6-word FFFs on the last Friday of the month, and somewhere where you can put the first sentence of your book (no more than 20 words) and one sale link in the comments section. As an example, one of mine would be…

They say it takes less thaTSDSL cover new eBook smalln ten seconds to make a first impression.
(which leads to the book pictured right)

So put yours in the comments section of the relevant Friday’s post (NOT below). Don’t put anything else. No title, no comments. Don’t worry if it doesn’t appear straight away. If you’ve not commented on this site before, I will have to approve it. I’ll be as quick as I can. And I’ll be editing ones that are more than one sentence / link.

The whole point of this exercise is to intrigue my visitors. It doesn’t matter which link you put in as long as it goes directly to somewhere where the reader can buy / download your book, i.e. not to your website’s home page where they then have to go looking for how to find out more / buy your book. If you want to contact me then you can certainly email me if you have any questions.

This will be a weekly feature so if you have more than one book, choose a different one each week. So one sentence (even if it’s one word!) / one link per author per post (and please don’t repeat the same book more than once per month). If the Friday’s been and gone, don’t worry… you can still add the details as a comment until the next post goes up the following Friday.

OK, off you go.

And if you’re looking for a new read, these are the ones posted so far (NB. change the .com etc for your country code)…

Week 1 – Friday 16 Decclick here for the original post

Week 2 – Friday 23 Decclick here for the original post

  • Morgen Bailey: Andy slammed both hands on the emergency brake and the train jolted, slowing nowhere near as quickly as he was pleading it to do. book link
  • Julia Thorley: On the face of it, working out in a gym would seem to be the antithesis of all things yoga. book link
  • Joy Smith: “I’m sorry… with your uncle dead, you can’t travel with the train… find… a man to take care of you.” book link

Week 3 – Friday 30 Dec: click here for the original post

  • Morgen Bailey: Click, click, click. book link
  • Alana Woods: It wasn’t his appearance that unnerved her, unexpected though it was … book link
  • I.M. Sparticus: One half of the world cannot understand the pleasures of the other. book link
  • Barry Read: The treadmill of factory routine began all over again on Monday morning. book link
  • Janice J Richardson: “We have a coroner’s call,” Jennifer said to her assistant Peter. book link
  • Michael McGrinder: Mary screamed. book link
  • Pagadan (Joy V Smith): Lochner [was] surrounded by the most powerful and richest men on Earth; “What will we do with this opportunity?” book link

Week 4 – Friday 6 Jan: click here for the original post

  • Morgen Bailey: Condoms. book link
  • Pagadan (Joy V Smith): She was on the porch, staring at the oddly featureless door of the ornate Victorian when two men approached her. book link
  • Janice J. Richardson: Marcia and Jennifer didn’t see it coming. book link
  • Micki Peluso: Toby the cat says, Hey kids, wait till you see what the huge drooling monster did when… book link
  • Click, click, click. Elizabeth Jones: Six months later a thought occurred to her that the fat man had been the catalyst; her last straw… book link
  • the other authors’ details will go here…

Week 5 – Friday 13 Jan: click here for the original post

  • Morgen Bailey: They had a plan: stagger their arrival so it wouldn’t look suspicious. book link
  • Pagadan (Joy V Smith): Lori slipped out the side entrance; shifting her shoulder bag, she hid behind the dumpster in back of the hotel. book link

Week 6 – Friday 27 Jan: click here for the original post

  • Morgen Bailey:
  • Pagadan (Joy V Smith): Lori sat wrapped in a blue and red kaleidoscopic robe and chagrin as she faced Chiing across the game board. book link
  • CM Beagley: I dreamed Murdo was pushing my face with a peat cutter. book link
  • Micki Peluso: The doctors stride into the emergency room, like harbingers of death, nodding to friends and neighbors, indicating that they want them to leave. book link
  • the authors’ details will go here…

Week 7 – Friday 3 Feb: the link for the post will go here

  • the authors’ details will go here…

Happy posting / hunting!