Oh, Henry giveaway results

I’m delighted to announce the winners of the recent Oh, Henry book giveaway. Drum roll please…

It was the first time we had run a giveaway and while there weren’t enough entrants to fulfil all the prizes, we are delighted to list the following seven winners (in alphabetical order):

First prizes: signed Oh, Henry book + Unique Story
Kerry Robinson
Leila Benhamida

Second prizes: signed Oh, Henry book
Denise Sutherland
Helena Denton
Nicki Murphy

Third prizes: Oh, Henry eBook
DeeJay Sakata
Joyce Bingham Nelson

Congratulations, everyone. I shall be in touch for details of your dedications and addresses.

We will be running other giveaways for this and my other books so watch this space!

One For The Road crime novel debut tour comes to an end

What a lovely bunch of bloggers they were. In case you missed the reviews, they’re summarised below (click on the bloggers’ names for their full review – and please do leave comments).  You can purchase my book here. I’d be very grateful. 🙂

Monday 12th

“One of my favourite authors… yet again something completely different… an intriguing story… like a lighter version of a David Lynch novel… a riveting and compelling read… I couldn’t put this one down… short chapters keep this a fast-paced novel… clever timing… written in a very smart way… a fantastic novel with a difference.” Kerry @cats_herding

“It seems like Ms Bailey can turn her hand to anything… slow-burning tension that kept me intrigued to the end… sense of place is wonderful… ” Kate @bantambookworm

Tuesday 13th

“One for the Road had me hooked… I wanted to find out what happened next… some of the characters I fel in love with, others I absolutely didn’t like at all. Some of their actions throughout the book shocked me…” Chelle @Curlupwithbooks

Then Bev of @beveaves kindly shared an extract from my book – do go and check it out.

Wednesday 14th

“I thoroughly enjoyed this story, it had me hooked… the author has a really nice writing style and I have really enjoyed everything I have read by her so far… a well-crafted story with some excellent character… another well-written story from this fabulous author – really looking forward to her next release.” Donna@dmmaguire391

And Liza @turnthepage171 shared an extract of my novel at https://turnthepage171.wordpress.com/2019/08/14/one-for-the-road-morgen-bailey.

Thursday 1st

“I was soon captivated by the story… I absolutely loved reading ‘One for the Road’… It didn’t take me long at all to become addicted… the book had developed a sort of hold over me… The pages were turning increasing quickly as my desperation to find out what happened increased… just didn’t want the book to end… Once Morgen has your attention, she doesn’t let it go.” Amanda @Ginger_bookgeek

“The more I read of Morgen’s work, the more impressed I am by her writing… Morgen cleverly intertwines their stories to produce a well-written book. I highly recommend Morgen’s writing.” Caroline @thedivinewrite1

Friday 2nd

“A slow burn – worth waiting for!… Unfolding slowly, it’s like peeling back the layers to get to the truth – and it does all come out in the end. Trust me, it’s worth waiting for. I’m very happy to give it four stars.” Grace@Reviewerlady

“This started off very strong with so much to offer the reader – really what I expect from this author as she has depth in her writing… The characters were well written… The story was interesting and I enjoyed the read.” Sean@seantalbot1977

You can purchase the book here.

Thank you so much everyone, especially Sarah @BOTBSPublicity for organising and Caroline @CazVinBooks (and others on Twitter!) for sharing.