6-word FFFs


(with their 6-word biographies)
Deadline: the Wednesday before the final Friday of the month
(stories received thereafter will roll over to the following batch
NB. If not enough received in any one month, they will be posted when there is.)**

lightning 143523Inspired by a guest blog piece entitled ‘Writing Flash Memoir‘ by flash fiction and non-fiction author Jane Hertenstein, I have been running, from 26th July 2013, Flash Fiction Fridays compiled solely of 6-word fiction on the last Friday of the month, together with 6-word biographies.  (click on the green ‘batch’ links below to read the stories)

Ernest Hemingway’s ‘For Sale: Baby Shoes, Never Worn’ is the most well-known example. It can tell us a ‘now’ or ongoing situation, a feeling, anything you like, but it has to make sense (and ideally have a start, middle and end!). See below for examples…

Guidelines: If you’d like your 6-word stories considered, complete the form below with:

  • your family-friendly (no swearing, extreme violence etc.) 6-word stories. No titles, just the stories. You can submit as many stories as you like (via the form below) but I only run a maximum of ten per author per month so some may appear in later months (they run the last Friday of each month). No need to number them, just list on separate lines (with no blank lines in between). This makes it easier for me to copy / paste into my template. Thanks.
  • your 6-word third-person biography e.g. John Smith (linked to http://johnsmith.com), vampire writer by night. Yes, not kidding. Your name will count as two words (or one if you just want to use your first name or a nickname, and I can link your website to it) so you have 4-5 words to tell us all about you. 🙂
  • That’s it. No photo, no book synopsis, just your 6-worders and 6-word biography. And please remember to include your website address, Amazon page or book link. If you don’t have one but want one, I design WordPress blogs / websites from just £100 / $150.
  • If it’s suitable, I’ll either email you with the Friday I plan to run it and your name will be added to the schedule on this page as well as on the Flash Fiction Fridays page (for which I welcome submissions of up to family-friendly 500 words) or if near the deadline, I will just run the 6-worders on the final Friday and send you the link.
  • The deadline is the Wednesday before the final Friday of the month (midnight UK time). Any received thereafter will be posted with the following month’s batch. The limit is ten per month per author (plus their 6-word biography). Any additional six-worders received will roll over to the following month’s batch providing they are suitable.
  • NB. only submit via the form below. Do not email your stories to me, do not submit via the comments section either below or in another post, e.g. not on a previous or current month’s batch once they have gone live.
  • You are also welcome to enter my free 100-word competition (again via its own submission form to the relevant month’s theme ensuring your story is 100 words exactly, no more, no less).

NOTE: Because of the high volume of enquiries received generally, I don’t schedule in advance of receiving the content as I’ve been let down in the past and it creates unnecessary extra work. If accepted, your story/ies will be listed below and on the Flash Fiction Fridays page. PLEASE SUBMIT ALL STORIES TOGETHER NOT SEPARATELY. Thank you.

POSTED (click on the green ‘batch’ links to read the stories):
  • This slot has had a hiatus for a while but will be back shortly!
Thank you and I look forward to receiving your submissions for this, the <500-word Flash Fiction Fridays, and the 100-word competition entries.
(with an e)

16 thoughts on “6-word FFFs

  1. Mark K says:

    THANK YOU! Morgen with an e, for all of your support and advice.

    I had to shout that because i, and i’m sure many others, appreciate everything you’ve done, and do.

    Having not read a book for thirty-odd years (before attempting to write one) I always thought the writing community was closed, and, dare i say, a little cold. Why I thought that i have no idea at all. But how lovely to have been proved so completely and utterly wrong! I’ve met some fantastic writers and some very nice people.

    I think an awful lot of us out there not only enjoy your site, but learn a lot from it too.

    I most certainly have.

    Thanks again, Morgen with an e.

    Mark K


    • morgenbailey says:

      Ah, thank you, Mark. It’s been a real pleasure meeting so many people because of this blog, social networking etc. I really don’t think any other industry is so supportive, probably because we know how hard it is… but also that once it gets its claws into us, we don’t want to let them go. 🙂


    • morgenbailey says:

      Not at all, sharkbytes. This is a summary page of all the stories that have been posted and are scheduled. If you go to the ‘posted’ section, you’ll see green links entitled ‘the first batch of 6-word stories’, ‘the second batch…’ etc. If you click on those you’ll see each month’s stories. I’ve added an explanation on how to find them so sorry it wasn’t clear.


  2. Stephen John Lodge says:

    Dear Morgen, hope you are well. New month so just sent my 10 x 6 word stories for Sept to you. Thanks so much. Have a great day.


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