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Due to other commitments (client editing, my writing, competition judging, Writers’ Forum column etc.,
I’m not currently taking any guest posts but will update this page when I am.

If you’ve been a guest on another WordPress site, then feel free to email me the link and I’ll gladly reblog it.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have more than 300 guest blog posts written for me, and when I’m contacted by authors wishing to write posts, they’re a little overawed by the topics covered so I thought I’d make it clearer.

I post these (or other writing-related content) weekday mornings (UK time), and am looking for:

  • 500-1,000 words on a first-person informative writing-related topic (if you’re stuck for ideas look at the list of posted items and / or see below for topics already covered) ending with a question(s) to encourage the reader to comment.*
  • third-person biography*
  • optional
  • full website links (no etc) to where we can find you and your writing*
  • *please send all text together in one document attachment, not pasted into an email
  • low-resolution .jpg photos of yourself and / or one or two covers (as separate files within the same email)… then when everything’s ready, email to me at
  • I like to mix the topics so please be aware that you may not necessarily get the next available slot.
  • Please note: Due to previous Google compliance issues, I am not longer accepting submissions from online bloggers with non-writing-related site links, and in all cases, submission does not guarantee acceptance.
  • Because of the high volume of enquiries, I don’t schedule in advance but when I receive the content.
  • Please allow a minimum of two weeks for a reply before chasing me. Thank you.

Do you have a blog / website and would like me to guest blog on yours? Take a look here.

There are also opportunities for author spotlightsblog interviews (although the interviews now carry a £20 / $30 fee) and flash fiction (6 words and Flash Fiction Fridays (which are later podcasted) or weekly Post-weekend Poetry. Take a look at the relevant pages for their lead times. I also have five Online Writing Groups, four of which run weekday writing exercises.

Click here for a chronological list of guest blogs posted and scheduled. If you hover over the authors’ names you’ll see, within the post’s full link, the exact topic they’ve talked about.

Topics covered to-date:

NB. Just because a topic’s been covered it doesn’t mean to say that you can’t write something new about that topic – we all think and work differently. 🙂

So, if there’s anything above that grabs you, feel free to email me at

I post these every Tuesday and Thursday evenings (UK time), and am looking for writing-related topics up to c. 1000 words with a

There are also opportunities for author spotlightsblog interviews (although the interviews now carry a fee) and flash fiction for the weekly Flash Fiction Fridays (which are then podcasted) or weekly Post-weekend Poetry. Take a look at the relevant pages for their lead times. I also now have five Online Writing Groups.

4 thoughts on “Guest blog topics

  1. Guardian of the Stone says:

    Hi Morgen (with an e), I am not yet published, but have interviewed on both radio (The Road Less Published with Road To Redemption Ministries) and with Book Marketing Book Blog. I have been offered a contract with Cross Link Publishing which I declined, and am now in talks with 2 perspective Publishing Houses. That being said, I have spent the last year trying to make connections and learn all I can about the industry. There are 3 complete manuscripts in the “Guardian of the Stone” series, and it is my intention to get my books noticed and my name out there before I am published. I hope to generate an interest in my story before the books are released. You can view my profile on Linkedin and my blog on WordPress at If you feel that I can offer anything, please contact me as I would like to be considered for an interview. Thank you for your time and consideration – Michele Kunz


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