Reviewers – poetry

If you have a collection of poetry and would like it reviewed you could try some of the contacts below (some are also opportunities should you review books). Unfortunately I don’t write much poetry and read even less so I’m the wrong person to ask…

  • Do you know of someone who reviews poetry? Please let me know.
  • According to magazine welcomes “completely unsolicited poetry, short fiction, art and reviews”.
  • If you want to aim high there’s The Guardian newspaper.
  • Salt Publishing’s Horizon Review reviews literature and art.
  • Mad Hatters’ Review is looking for poems, flash fiction, short interviews, reviews etc. especially writing that’s “edgy, risky, gutsy…”.
  • Magma welcomes submissions of poetry for consideration and review.
  • The New Welsh Review takes submissions in English and Welsh.
  • Planet Magazine welcomes short stories, poems and proposals for articles and reviews.
  • The PN Review (PN being Poetry Nation) welcomes submissions by post (or email if you’re a subscriber).
  • Poetry London is published three times a year and “are always interested in work by unpublished poets” and you don’t have to be London-based.
  • The Poetry Society is one of the most respected but take submissions by post only.
  • Founded in 1965, Poetry Wales is a quarterly magazine with an international reputation for excellent poems, features and reviews from Wales and beyond.
  • Rusty Nail is a new magazine taking submissions of prose (<3,000 words), poetry, book reviews and artwork.
  • Sabotage invites reviewers to review for them.
  • Scintilla Press welcomes book reviews (and submissions of fiction, non-fiction, poetry).
  • Sentinel Literary Quarterly seeks poetry, short stories, essays, plays, reviews and interviews.
  • The Subterranean Literary Journal welcomes prose (short stories), essays, reviews, poetry, art and illustrations… and “everything else, we love to be surprised and we’ll consider publishing almost anything”. 🙂
  • Oxford-based Tower Poetry reviews books of poetry monthly for their ‘Poetry Matters’.
  • What The Dickens magazine is “always looking for submissions of not only fiction and poetry but also non-fiction and articles. I even accept artwork, photos, book reviews, film reviews and so on. I do set a theme for each issue though can be flexible around the non-fiction side of things. There are also competitions and give-aways which are all free to enter”. 🙂
  • Do you know of someone who reviews poetry? Please let me know.

I do however welcome poetry for this blog’s Post-weekend Poetry slot… and Phillip Ellis reviewed some books on there. 🙂

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