Saturday Spotlights

The spotlights are Back!

I posted 415 author spotlights from 2011 to 2016 then stopped due to various commitments but they’re back, starting 4th February 2023, posted every Saturday morning (8am UK time). Below are the guidelines and below that links to those posted to-date.

This is open to anyone in the writing industry: authors, agents, publishers, illustrators, marketeers etc.

Guidelines: A spotlight is made up of…

  • 500-word maximum third-person point of view biography*
  • 500-word first-person point of view about your writing / anything interesting writing-related (the ‘And now from the author him / herself’ second half)*
  • Full website links please (no etc.) to you and your work*
  • *text only (no photos) together in one document attachment please (.doc or .docx preferred but I can usually work with whatever I’m sent, although I’d prefer not receiving .pdfs especially with embedded photographs as it’s time-consuming pulling everything out and the photographs are never as clear)
  • Please, not pasted into the email, not separate documents per section, nor a link to external files such as Google Drive or Dropbox please.
  • A photograph of yourself and your book cover/s (as separate attachments, not pasted into the document) to add some colour to the post. Feel free to send as many book covers as you have. Please email me ( – note I’m Morgen with a E) as (ideally low-resolution .jpg: no more than 200kb in size, ideally 200-250 pixels max at the shortest length; Facebook only accepts photos with a minimum 200 pixels) and N.B. as attachments rather than email- or document-embedded text / photos. Thank you.
  • I’m human, so please don’t just send everything through, please at least say “hello”!)
  • Before submitting your own, please do look at one or more of the spotlights (the green links for the spotlights themselves (the blue links are the authors’ websites) to see how they ‘work’.
  • Please read through and spell-check your text before sending it to me.
  • Because of the high volume of enquiries received across this blog – over 900 currently outstanding, I don’t schedule in advance but when I receive the content, sorry about that.
  • NB.  Please include all the text as a document (.doc or .docx ideally), not pasted into the email or as a link to external files, and the photographs as separate files (
  • Please allow a minimum of two weeks for a reply before chasing me!
  • There is no charge for running your spotlight. I appreciate the content.
  • Finally, please check you have three attachments to your email: one document, two photos.

I don’t do book reviews any more – see Book Reviews for the ones I did – and I have a list ofReviewers (and the genre sub-pages) for some other sites that do which might be useful.



  • Marilyn Pemberton, novelist and poet: Saturday 11th March.
  • Joy V Smith, author of novels, short stories and a children’s writer: Saturday 25th March.
  • Eva Horner, author of ‘Adjust the Crown’, 43 short, risqué tales: Saturday 8th April.
  • you could feature here!