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BeaconFlash round 2 now open and round 1 results announced!

BeaconFlash is BeaconLit’s new 500-word competition (with month-end deadlines/themes July to May). Just £2 per entry (no limit on entries) with £325’s worth of prizes! You can also receive feedback on your story / stories at £5 per story with the optional critique service. See for full details. The results for July have been announced.

BeaconLit is a non-profit festival where all proceeds go to local libraries.

The competition opened in July (round 1) and therefore August is round 2 etc. There will be 11 rounds until the final winners / runners up are announced at the 2018 festival on Saturday 15th July 2018.


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Morgen’s Weekend ‘What’s Up’date

Hello everyone.

Some of you may be wondering where I’ve been. Apart from the weekday exercises, I’ve been unusually quiet on here. Never fear, there are some guests coming along in the next few weeks (if you’re one of those and haven’t heard from me, I do apologise. I’m not ignoring you… I plan to blitz my emails next week).

I’ve been busy getting all my eBooks (apart from the single freebies) paperbacked – see pictures below and My books, and have even added a ‘Selected Shorts: Morgen’s Favourite Stories’ – my favourite twenty-two stories from my five collections of ‘Fifty 5pm Fictions’ and three ‘Story A Day May’ collections (see pic bottom right below) – which I’ve paperbacked before eBooking!

I’ve also created another online creative writing course called ‘Plot Scenarios Month 1’. As the other six courses, it’ll be £15 / $20 and like the other six, I have half-price coupon codes on my Online Courses page, or you can just go to my Udemy profile page, click on any of the courses and ‘redeem a coupon’ below the green ‘take this course’ button and type in MB-BLOG-HALF and you’ll get any of them for half the price I just mentioned. A bargain… although I could be biased. 🙂

Speaking of my courses, I’m hoping that both Month 1 and a forthcoming Month 2 Plot Scenarios course will be available before I announce the results of April’s 100-word competition next Friday, 10th June, so that the successful entrants have more choice than the existing six courses. I’m also pleased to say that after a quiet few weeks’ worth of entries to the 500-word challenge, there are now* enough for me to pick my favourite three and I will be announcing the results of that the following Friday, 17th June. * those received up to the 15th May, any winning entries received 16th May to 15th June will be announced 1st July.

As well as editing my own writing, I’ve also been helping new and existing clients and if you’re considering taking on an editor, do take a look at my Editing & Critique page and take advantage of a free 1,000-word sample full edit. I now also offer a kindle-read through service (see option 6 on the Editing & Critique page) which is now included in the (post-freebie) full edit option.

courses & book covers


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H.E. Bates Short Story Competition: 2015 winners

H.E. Bates rulesI was honoured to be invited to be the Head Judge for the latest H.E. Bates Short Story Competition, and the results were announced at a ceremony earlier this month.

The winners’ stories are listed in full on the H.E. Bates competition website but here’s a taster…

First Prize Winner: Louise G Cole with ‘Five Staves and An Instant’

I am friend to the old five bar gate into our yard, and she to me as she holds back the world from my grandparents’ place. It’s a time when childhood days pass long and quick, short and slow.

She is oak-beamed and seasoned heavy with age; I am the spindle-legged orphan brought to this wilderness for the solid calm, the reparation of the country.

I have no recollection of what brings me here.  Whenever possible I wriggle away from my grandmother’s gulping, moist-eyed hugs and we don’t talk about what has happened.  I’m aware of conversations that stop when I enter the room, and the old people who are my grandparents’ friends who can’t quite look me in the eye. ‘Bless you,’ they murmur, clattering cups and saucers in trembling hands.

Read more here.

Second Prize Winner: Dan Purdue with Last of the Sand Dragons

As he is about to leave, Michael realises he’s made a mistake. He shuts off the car’s engine, gets out, and opens the boot. He takes out a small, carrier bag-wrapped bundle, locks the car, and hurries towards the house.

Inside, as quietly as possible, he pulls down the loft ladder and climbs its creaking aluminium steps. He moves with practised stealth to avoid disturbing his wife, finally asleep after another restless night. Pausing on each rung to listen for signs of her stirring, it seems to take forever to reach the boarded floor of the loft where he can move in relative silence again.

Read more here.

Other Winners:

  • Anne Corlett won the Third Prize with The Look Of Leaving, and
  • Julia Thorley won the Northamptonshire Prize with Scoring An Own Goal In Tennis.

Congratulations, everyone.

If you like entering short story competitions, take a look at my 100-word comp and 500-word challenge, both free entry where you could either win my Online Courses or Editing & Critique.


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500-word Flash Fiction Challenge

500 coins 892242Hi. I thought I’d do something different with this one… and like the 100-word Competition, it’s free to enter!

I launched a 100-word Competition back in September 2015 and it’s taking off nicely (with over twenty entries per month to-date) and I run Flash Fiction Fridays where I invite you to send me up to 500 words on any theme, and 6-word FFFs where I invite you to send me your six-word stories (and six-word biography), but for this ‘challenge’…

I’m inviting you to give me the components of a story (listed below) and once a month (finishing on the 15th of each month), I will write a piece of flash fiction (max. 500 words) and publish it on my blog on the first Friday of the following month, mentioning who supplied the components and if I pick yours you win two of my online creative writing courses (there are six to choose from) and I’ll also pick a second-placed and third-placed who won’t have the stories written but will win one course each!


  • Keep it clean. I won’t include any swearing (although I don’t mind if I say that character swore) or overt sexuality.
  • One entry per person per month.
  • If you specify a genre, I will try and stick to that genre but I can’t promise it!
  • The copyright remains with me, Morgen Bailey, so you can’t publish the story elsewhere stating that it is your story or your creation. You may make reference to it provided that attribution reverts back to me / my blog.
  • The judge’s (my) decision is final.
  • Any entries received after the 15th (midnight UK time), will roll over to the following month.
  • First placed has the story written and two courses of their choice. Second placed wins one course of their choice.
  • No cash / alternative prizes provided or offered.
  • Hopefully that all makes sense but if not, feel free to email me.

So, complete the form on the 500-word Flash Challenge page and see what happens!

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