A big thank you, welcome and New Year’s resolutions

Hello everyone. It’s not often that I put a general post up but this is the perfect time to say a big “THANK YOU” to those of you who have visited, whether occasionally and regularly. I’d especially like to thank (in alphabetical order) Chris F, Chong, Della B, Deb B, Euphonos, Graham S, Jane R, Joy S, Marcoujor, Mark K, Maxima, Nanny C, Sal B, Sophie T, and Yvonne H, to name just a few. There are many, many others who have supported me since I created this blog on 31st March 2011 and are to thank for the 281,183 hits and 1,074 subscribers to-date. Thank you. 🙂

Morgen Oct 2014A very warm welcome to those who have visited recently (or now) for the first time. Hopefully this blog is easy enough to navigate but if not, do let me know how it could be improved. The general idea is that there is new content six days a week (see Welcome to my blog for what’s what when) with menus at the top for static information such as  competitionsreviews/reviewerssubmission info.writing 101 (tips)writing groups, how to create eBooks, as well as feedbackcourses (which will be in person and online), you can take part in my online writing groups, go and buy books: other people’s and there’s an Ask Me facility if there’s anything you want to know about writing (I’ll try my best to help you). I also have Other stuff including Quotes and eNewspapers. If you’d like to know more about me, there’s my writingbooks: mine and Morgen With An ‘E’. If you’re looking for an editor, I offer that service (various levels) along with other facilities.

So, it’s another year. 2015. We don’t know what it will bring but we all hope for a more productive / rewarding / joyful year than the previous one. If you had a great 2014, then that’s fantastic but things can always be improved upon, can’t they? This is why we make resolutions that, on the whole, we don’t keep but just writing them helps us think about what’s not working in our lives and what is. There’s no doubt we could all write more than we have been – I’m more guilty than most of this in 2014. So my NYRs are thus (in no particular order other than the first one)…

  • Write at least 500 words a day, even if they’re not very good ones. Aim for 1,000+
  • Keep the house tidy (tidier) / clean(er)
  • Lose the stone I put on over the past six months (having lost four stones the previous year!)
  • Use my weekday daytime hours more wisely (for paid work not emails)
  • Have more ‘me’ time.
  • What have you pencilled in to achieve this year?

It just leaves me to say have a wonderful 2015 and I’ll see you every now and then whether it’s you clicking on the ‘like’ buttons, leaving a comment and / or taking part yourself.