Flash Fiction Friday 058: Blue Angel Planet by J.D. Means

Welcome to Flash Fiction Friday and the fifty-eighth piece in this series. This week’s is a 768-worder by children’s author J.D. Means.

His wings beat softly and they lifted from the ground, rising with every stroke of his huge wings. Above the top of the trees they flew. Ever higher into the bright sunlight. Higher and higher they went with each stroke of the angel’s powerful wings, till the beautiful mountains were visible above the tall trees. The mist of the early morning was heavy in the valleys between the mountains. The mountains were blue, with a tinge of marshmallow white clouds between them as they soared over the lofty peaks.

Millie could feel the angel’s strong arms around her as she stared at the awesome sight below. Her feet dangling, she could do nothing but stare at the wonderful sight. “Oh, this is beyond anything I have ever seen before,” she thought. “It is far more beautiful than I could have ever dreamed possible!”

“I agree!” She heard Honey’s voice in her head. “This is so magnificent!”

Startled from her revelry, she looked away from the wonderful sight below and turned her head to the right and there was Honey. She was suspended in a harness like hers that attached her to an angel. The angel was large and beautiful! He had fair skin, but even in the bright sunlight, he seemed to emit a deep blue aura. In her delight, she had forgotten that Honey and the other angel were beside them.

“This is so amazing!” Millie continued to say, breathlessly in her mind. “I take it you are enjoying this too?” She asked Honey with a huge smile on her face.

Honey looked over at Millie hanging from the harness, the angel’s arms wrapped around her, and she smiled, “More than anything! This is way better than anything I have ever known!”

Millie thought about what was over the Blue Mountains and she felt the tug as the angels’ wings pulled harder at the air and turned them to fly straight at the center of the mountain range, ascending higher as they flew. She could see out of the corner of her eye that the angel with Honey was right beside them as they flew. She felt his feelings of joy as they sailed high over the mountains. “I love this time of day, as the sun rises.” He thought. Millie and Honey both thought at once, “How could you not? This is absolutely the best!”

The air rushed by as they continued to fly toward the center of the mountains. It was chilly, but not too cold. Millie’s hair flew back away from her face as she looked down at the trees far below. She felt safe, with the harness holding her tightly and the added reassurance of the angel’s strong arms wrapped around her. The trees rushed by below as they drew ever closer to the mountains. Soon, the land began to rise below them as they began to ascend the nearest mountain.

“Look over there to the left,” Millie heard Honey’s angel direct. They all looked over to the left and there was a fantastic view of a long waterfall. It must have been a thousand feet. “That is my favorite one.” He thought. He took the lead and angled them sharply to the left and came closer to the magnificent sight.

As they drew nearer, they could hear the thundering of the water as it hit the valley floor far below. The mist blurred the bottom, but the long stream of water was pouring over the cliff at a steady pace as they drew nearer. They could feel every twist and turn of the water as it flowed ever closer to the brink. They could feel the anxiousness as it drew to the edge and the excitement of weightlessness as it poured over, and the pull of gravity into the depths below. Even the angels’ thoughts were silent as they became the water. The endless flow, the anticipation, the quickening, and the draw of nature. They were silent as their senses were overwhelmed by the endless feeling of the water. As one entity, it felt the never ending flow from beginning to end in each part of its length. Not as separate drops of water but as one.

“That is how we feel.” Thought the angel that held Millie, “Not as individuals. Not living from day to day. But as one. For all is one in the universe. The cells in your body do not see themselves as individuals, but as part of the whole. So should you know that you are not a separate entity, but a part of the entire universe.”

Delightful. Thank you, J.D.

J.D. Means works as an Aviation Logistics Supervisor in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E., and lives in Dubai. His first Children’s Book: Millie and Honey – The Incredible Instantaneous Interplanetary Adventure – Volume I – CATATONIA is in bookstores and available on Amazon now. His next book in the series: APPLEOPOLIS will be available soon. This story is from his third book; The Blue Angel Planet.


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