All great things must come to an end…

With the closure of Oh, Henry‘s debut blog tour, organised by the fabulous Sarah at @BOTBSPub, the giveaway (created by the equally fabulous @CazVinBooks) has also, sadly, come to an end.

My gratitude goes to the amazing bloggers who shared their wonderful reviews for the first in my #dogdetective series, Oh, Henry. I’m delighted with how everyone enjoyed my tome, and how kind they were.

Many thanks also to everyone who entered the giveaway. It was lovely to see so many entries.

The two winners of the top prize,  a signed copy of Oh, Henry AND a unique story, especially written for them, and the other prizes (signed paperbacks / free eBooks) will be announced this coming week – so hold your breath for just a little longer…

We hope you enjoy your weekend!

Oh, Henry blog tour and giveaway!







And I don’t use the exclamation mark lightly… or the adverb. 🙂 I’m delighted to announce…

Ahead of the first blog tour (nervous!) for my dog detective (for all ages), ‘Oh, Henry’, my fabulous marketing guru/PA Caroline Vincent has arranged a giveaway starting…. NOW, finishing midnight Friday / Saturday.  🥳 The prizes are:

And all you have to do is:

  • Follow me on Twitter (worth two entries)
  • Tweet about the giveaway (worth two entries)
  • Visit my page on Facebook (worth one entry)
  • Leave a blog post comment (worth three entries).

Click on the picture above or here to find out more.


Morgen’s Free 100-word competition is now open for July!

*** PLEASE check your word count (100 words exactly – no more, no less – EXcluding title) and do submit more than one story to give yourself a better chance of being placed. ***

Hello everyone. Yes, June’s competition is closed, with the results due to be announced in the next few days. The theme for July is ‘given the chance’ which you can submit any time until Wednesday 31st July (midnight UK time).

And remember, you can send up to three stories per month (individually or at the same time). It’s worth doing because some people have missed out because of errors (usually not 100 words exactly) in the only entry they send so they are immediately disqualified. This happens almost every month. <sigh>

There are lots of rules so please read the 100-word competition page carefully but the two most important are:

  1. Your story must stick to the theme (which varies each month).
  2. Your story must be no longer or no shorter than 100 words. This excludes the title which can be as long or as short as you like. Any stories of less than or greater than 100 words will be disqualified so please check before submitting. Hyphenated words (e.g. well-known) count as one word so 99-word stories because of a hyphenated word will be disqualified. This may sound harsh but it’s then fair on everyone. Also bullet points do not count as words so do not include them in your word count. Neither do ellipses (e.g. ‘and… we’ counts as two words), ages, e.g. ‘a two-year-old child’ also counts as one word (according to Word, which is what I use).
  3. You can send up to three stories per month.
  4. Please don’t submit your story / stories (or a variation of them) elsewhere until the results are announced. I score them as they come in (to longlist them then go through them again when the comp closes) so I don’t want to then be told that you need to withdraw the story because someone else wants it. The most you’d have to wait is six weeks (the competition month plus two weeks max. to the results being announced mid-month).  Thank you.

And the prizes?

  • You could win one or more of my online creative writing courses, or free editing and critique of your writing up to 2,000 words (worth up to £20 (€24 / US$28 / CA$ & AS$36)). There’s no time limit for you to use this critique so you could save them up for your novel!

Good luck and I look forward to reading your stories.