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My ‘5pm Fictions Volume 5′ Collection is free today!

This collection is the fifth of five featuring the first fifty stories written at one a day for nearly a year and is free today, Monday 18th December.

Here we have a passion wagon, a full moon, police escorts, tugged hearts and curved smiles. We meet a variety of dogs (including borrowed and best in show), a ghost from a half-empty bed, an American werewolf in London, a contented tree, and spouses with revenge on their mind.

You can see the writing prompts that inspired this collection at

Below is the first story of this collection:

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Free eBook today only: INTRUSION: A boyhood rivalry in World War Two

imagesRosalind Minett‘s first book in the ‘Relative Invasion’ series is free today on Amazon. The book’s description is…

In 1937, as the adults worry about the onset of war, Billy’s has just begun. He so wanted a play-mate but it came in the form of a manipulative cousin, the frail and artistic Kenneth. The adults only see the porcelain looks of Kenneth and not his darker soul. Emotionally neglected or misunderstood by parents and aunt, and bullied by uncle and cousin, Billy imagines he owns the precious Cossack sabre of his father’s work colleague. This sabre becomes an icon that sustains Billy through Kenneth’s psychological invasions, through disruption and evacuation and then the shock of war, but might this icon damage as well as protect?

It’s available from and

I shall be reviewing it on 12th November – see Book & Story Reviews for the other books and stories reviewed to-date.


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