Radio Litopia’s Open House

…starts in 45 minutes. 🙂 7pm UK time / 2pm EST.

You may notice every now and then around this blog I mention Radio Litopia.

Apart from being on-air (music, interviews, previous shows) 24 hours a day, we all congregate in the chat room every Sunday at 7pm (UK time) / 2pm (EST) for a fun-filled hour-long Open House.

Agent Pete sets us tasks and we relish in completing them – we’ve not beaten him yet! Whether it’s limericks, collective nouns or the perfect trifecta you’re bound to have fun… we do. 🙂

Once we’ve worn our brains down, we then sit back, relax and listen to Agent Pete and Dave Bartram chat to studio and Skype guests of a variety of genres while we, still in the chatroom get to comment, ask questions and, as is often the way, go completely off at a tangent.

So if you’re game (pardon the pun) for an evening of literary mayhem and education click here.

Fellow Litopians include Issy FlamelJack MartinJoseph V SultanaJulia Kavan, Lae Monie and Sarah Tanburn and you can tweet @Litopia on Twitter.

Bailey’s Writing Tips: interviews & reviews

As additions to the hints & tips episodes of my Bailey’s Writing Tips podcast, I’ve reviewed some events I’ve been to but mostly interviewed a number of poets, novelists and short story writers, namely (in chronological order):

1. My interview with poet/Northampton Literature Group Poetry Circle’s lead Julia Tonkinson (released 24th Sept).

2./3. My interview with short story writer/novelist/competition judge Sue Moorcroft (part 1: 20th Oct; part 2: 28th Oct).

4. My interview with short story writer/course tutor Joanna Barnden (released 10th Nov).

5. My review of the weekend (20/21 Nov) that I volunteered at Chorleywood Literature Festival (

6. My interview with western short story writer and novelist Jack Martin (released 16th Dec).

7./8. My interview with poet/lyricist Louis J Casson (part 1: released 13th Jan; part 2: released 20th Jan).

9.10. My interview with novelist Jane Lovering (part 1: released 25th Feb; part 2: released 5th March).

11. My interview with novelist Judith Allnatt (released 9th March).

12. My interview with Oundle Literature Festival Committee Members Paula Prince & Nick Turnbull (released 22nd March).

13./14. The first part of my review of my day (Saturday 2nd April) spent at Oxford Literature Festival was released on Monday 11th April and the second part, episode 14 released late Wednesday 14th April.

15. My interview with novelist Lesley Cookman (released 19th April).

16. My review of my first day as a volunteer at Oundle Literature Festival (released 25th April) – Andy Lane and Nigel Warburton. Day 2 released as special episode 18 (9th May) and Day 3 as special episode 22 (30th May). Days 4 & 5 to follow as future special episodes.

17. My interview with crime novelist Gary M Dobbs, aka western writer Jack Martin, (released 2nd May).

18. Day 2 of my time spent as a volunteer at Oundle Literature Festival (released 9th May) – Sarah McIntyre and the festival’s literature quiz. Day 3 released as special episode 22 (30th May). Days 4 & 5 to follow as future special episodes.

19/20. Parts 1 and 2 of my interview with poet Chris Ringrose: part 1 released Friday 13th May then part 2 was released as special episode 20 Sunday 15th May.

21. My interview with sci-fi/erotica writer Nobilis Reed (released 23rd May).

22. Day 3 of my time spent as a volunteer at Oundle Literature Festival (released 30th May) – Mark Billingham and Michael Robotham.

Days 4 (featuring Nick Sharratt, Simon Scarrow, Warwick Davis and Michael Wood) & 5 (featuring Katherine Jakeways and the ‘Rhymer’s Revenge’ murder mystery events) to follow as future special episodes.

In the next few weeks I’ll be chatting with novelist Jane Davis and crime writer Adrian Magson. I shall then be interviewing crime novelist Sally Spedding at the Winchester Writers’ Conference early July, and hopefully anyone else that I can catch a few minutes with.

I do have interview slots available thereafter so if you write (published or otherwise) and think you’d make an interesting subject, do email me. I don’t pay or charge. 🙂

You can also read an interview with me at Who Hub – if you interview authors and think I’d make a suitable interviewee, then do contact me.

Links to the podcast outlets (iTunes and Google’s Feedburner are the recommended avenues) are located in the ‘Where to find me’ left-hand menu of this podcast or on my website

Interview with crime writer Gary M Dobbs (aka western writer Jack Martin)

My interview with Gary is now available as a podcast via Google Feedburner, iTunes etc. (links on my website or in the ‘Where to find me’ menu of this blog). The references mentioned during our conversation included:

The interview took place via Skype and we had some sound interference along the way so apologies in advance for that and I hope it doesn’t detract from your enjoyment of the episode. You can also read my blog interview with Gary here (Sunday 26.06.11).

Latest podcast – Review of my time spent at Oundle Literature Festival (day 1)

Special episode 16 is now available; the first day I spent at last month’s literature festival at Oundle, Northamptonshire, England. At just under 10 minutes, the episode features Young Sherlock Holmes author Andy Lane ( who gave a talk on his writing at the lunch time session then the evening featured ‘Philosophy Bites’ author Nigel Warburton (

Days 2-5 will be recorded at future special episodes along with my interview with western / crime writer and fellow Litopian Jack Martin ( and You may be also be interested in special episode 12 which featured my interviews with Oundle Committee Members Paula Prince and (Chairman) Nick Turnbull.

Links to the podcasts can be found on my website ( and the ‘Where to find me’ menu of this blog.