10-year old www.morgenbailey.com is (finally!) alive

Ten years ago I bought my domain: www.morgenbailey.com. I had a very basic website until 2011 when I created this blog and since then morgenbailey.com has been forwarded to the blog.

But now, at the insistence of my marketing guru, Caroline Vincent – rightly so – morgenbailey.com is now alive under its own right… plus it has a shop where you can buy my books… all ten of them! Clicking on the photo below will also take you to the home page.

My blog is seven today!

In one way it does feel like seven years but in another way it doesn’t. In that time I’ve posted 5,280 posts, created 182 pages, and replied to 9,782 comments. Over that time, the blog’s had 473,146 visits so hopefully we’ll hit the half a million mark this year. I currently tend to post the writing prompts and reblog others’ posts but I do plan to be more creative and post new content. I’m not sure what yet but it’ll certainly be useful to anyone interested in writing, so watch this space…