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NLG’s Flash Fiction Competition is open!

lightning 143523Do you write flash fiction? Northampton Literature Group Writing Circle’s 2014 Flash Fiction competition is now open. It is run by the writing circle who will judge it, and I, as Head Judge, will have the final say in the event of a tie.

You have until midnight (UK time) on 30th June to enter your <500-word stories which cost just £2 each or 3 for £5 to submit. You’re welcome to send as many stories as you like. No theme and the competition is open to writers of any age and nationality, located anywhere in the world.

Prizes: £50, £35, £15 and seven (unpaid) Highly Commended.

Click here for more details, here for advice on entering competitions, and writing tips click here. I’ve also blogged about writing short fiction and how To write a 28-word story!

Good luck and do remember that writing is mostly about practice. If you’ve never written a <500-word story before, give it a go. Once you’ve written a few, you’ll find it easier to keep it short. If you have already written a longer story, try summing it in one or two sentences. Now add a bit of detail to, say, 100 words. Now add a bit more… and a bit more… This will also help when writing synopses of your novel, or an outline (plan) for the one you’ve always wanted to write.


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H.E. Bates Short Story Competition closes 4th Nov!

the short story writer's toolshedThe H.E. Bates Short Story Competition, run by one of my writing groups, Northampton Writers Group, closes tomorrow, Monday 4th November (midnight UK time).

This year we have Della Galton as our Head Judge (as Chair of the Group, I see and mark all the entries).

If you have a short story (up to 2,000 words) that you’re proud of, take a look at for details.


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