Two opportunities from Snake Nation Press, USA (31st Aug deadlines)

Snake Nation Press: Violet Reed Haas Prize for Poetry. Postmark Deadline: August 31. Now in its twenty-first year, Snake Nation Press announces the 2011 Violet Reed Haas Prize for Poetry: • $1,000 prize and publication; • $25 entry fee must accompany the manuscript; • 50-75 page manuscript; previously published poems eligible. Please mail your entry and fee to: Snake Nation Press, Attn: Poetry Contest, 2920 North Oak Street, Valdosta, GA 31602. Snake Nation Press provides an informative, non-threatening venue for writers to submit their work in the midst of an often chaotically diverse publishing world. Over the history of the Press, the staff and volunteers have found great satisfaction in forging personalized editorial relationships with both emerging and established writers. The Snake is committed to keeping an honest and open dialogue with authors and to furthering the literary arts on a local and global scale. Many hours of volunteer labor and the electronic resources of the Web have allowed a small press to help present many new literary voices to the world-wide community. The editors of Snake Nation Press look for manuscripts that concretely render the writer’s actual and imaginative experiences. We publish writing that both newly interprets life in its everyday reality and that opens the reader’s eyes to internal landscapes that have not yet been envisioned. We believe that good writing fortifies a belief in the value of human life and effort, but above all the work must connect intuition and experience to cast a spell of surprised recognition that shocks the reader with what was thought to be familiar.

Also at Snake Nation Press: Serena McDonald Kennedy Award – Postmark Deadline: August 31. Submit a novella of up to 50,000 words or a manuscript of short stories up to 200 pages long. Fiction and nonfiction accepted. Any well-written manuscript on any topic will be considered. Previously published works may be entered. An entry fee of $25 must accompany the submission. Winner receives $1,000 award and publication. Please mail your entry and fee to: Snake Nation Press, Attn: Serena McDonald Kennedy Award, 2920 North Oak Street, Valdosta, GA 31602, USA. Info. thanks to incoming newsletter.