Reading a Story a Day… join me!

Hello everyone. Although my day job is editing, so reading and pulling apart other authors’ novels, I’ve decided… starting from tomorrow… I’m going to read more and plan to read a story (short story or novella) every day… or at least as often as I can whenever I can. It doesn’t sound like much but I also plan to up my 1,000 words to the 1,667-word average for NaNoWriMo next month. So I figured if I put it in black and white then I’m more likely to achieve it.

Speaking of black and white, I’ll be starting with Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s three-story collection ‘The Yellow Wall-Paper‘ and putting a few words about my reads here on my blog. If you’d like to join me and leave comments on each post, please do.

5am Flash: Indie Author Books – Novels & Novellas

Having seen one of my interviewees Rosanne Dingli say on a LinkedIn thread: “someone should write a blog soon about all the wonderful indie books available by very capable writers”, I challenged them to give me a <15-word synopsis for their book(s)… they are accepting the challenge and their books are appearing here.

What I’m after is your name (listed within each section alphabetically by first name), your website / blog address, book title, book link (where we can buy it), genre and summary in no more than 15 words (a test of your editing skills :)). You can email me these details for up to 5 of your books (please don’t paste them into this page’s comments section). My free and $0.99-$2.99 eBooks are detailed on the Books – mine page.

  • Click here for Fiction – children’s / Y.A.
  • Click here for Fiction – poetry
  • Click here for Fiction – script
  • Click here for Fiction – short stories / flash fiction
  • Click here for Non-fiction
Fiction – prose (novels & novellas)
  • you could have your novel listed here
  • Aggie VillanuevaRightfully Mine: God’s Equal Rights Amendment (religion & spirituality) – why should my father’s name be wiped from Israel because he bore only daughters?
  • you could have your novel listed here
  • Alan PlaceChronicles of Mark Johnson (fantasy/horror) – the story of a photographer-turned-demon hunter trying to fight his demons. This book can be read as individual short stories or novel chapters.
  • Did we see him? (horror) – mystery of the Victorian era turned into a time travel story.
  • Holding Richmond (horror) – this is an alternate history story about the Battle for Richmond during the American Civil war. Not for fans of Twilight (Alan says).
  • you could have your novel listed here
  • Alana Woods: Automaton (thriller, legal) – won the Fast Books Prize for best Australian self-published fiction.
  • Imbroglio (thriller, suspense) – fancy swimming with sharks? No? Neither does Noel, but some things are unavoidable.
  • you could have your novel listed here
  • Andrew BarrettA Long Time Dead (crime/mystery/thriller) – Conniston pits his forensic skills against the evidence that arrested him.
  • Stealing Elgar (crime/mystery/thriller) – Conniston battles merciless enimies and criminals as England’s most shocking robbery explodes.
  • No More Tears (crime/mystery/thriller) – Conniston hunts a gang of savage killers. Is determination enough this time?
  • The Third Rule, link t.b.a. (crime/mystery/thriller) – Collins discovers the truth, and fights a one-way trip to the slaughterhouse.
  • you could have your novel listed here
  • Anna PatricioAsenath (historical) – a fictional memoir of the Egyptian priestess who married Joseph the dreamer.
  • you could have your novel listed here
  • Anne R. Allen: The Best Revenge (romantic comedy/mystery) – Perennially down-and-out socialite Camilla Randall is a magnet for murder, mayhem and Mr. Wrong. Available from and Barnes & Noble.
  • Food of Love (romantic comedy/thriller) – someone’s trying to kill the Princess – because she got fat? There’s a small nuclear bomb… Available from (eBook), (eBook), (paperback), (paperback) and Barnes & Noble.
  • The Gatsby Game (romantic comedy/mystery) – based on a real unsolved Hollywood mystery. Chick Lit noir. The nanny didn’t do it! Available from (eBook), (eBook), (paperback), (paperback), Kobo and Barnes & Noble.
  • Ghostwriters in the Sky (romantic comedy/mystery) – murder at a Writers Conference. Is it ghosts, gangsters, gay cowboys, or the bogus agent? Available from and Barnes & Noble and Kobo.
  • Sherwood, Ltd (romantic comedy/mystery) – penniless socialite becomes a 21st century Maid Marian, but is “Robin” planning to kill her? Available from (paperback), (paperback), Barnes & Noble (FREE), and Smashwords (FREE).
  • Camilla Randall Mysteries Box Set – all three Camilla adventures in one low-priced set. Available from and Barnes & Noble.
  • you could have your novel listed here
  • Arabella SheratonMarried at Midnight – an inheritance depends upon a marriage at midnight… but the bride is already married!
  • The Dangerous Duke – a Dowager Duchess, her beautiful Companion, and the duke who appears to dislike her intensely.
  • you could have your novel listed here
  • Barbara Ann Derksen: Fear Not – Brian and Andrea journey to clear a friend of murder but discover much more.
  • Presumed Dead – Andrea and Brian search for a missing DEA agent undercover in a biker gang for two years.
  • Vanished – death, fire, and kidnapping send Andrea and Brian to uncover a diabolical plot against blacks.
  • Barbara’s books are available via as e-books with paperbacks from
  • you could have your novel listed here
  • Bob FreyThe DVD Murders (mystery) – someone is killing the A-list actors of Hollywood & leaving a DVD at the crime scene.
  • The Bashful Vampire Murder & The Comic Book Murders (mystery) – Detective Frank Callahan is back in two hybrid, contemporary crime fiction stories.
  • Supermale’s Gone and Left Us (satire) – if there really was such a thing as a superhero, what problems might he face?
  • you could have your novel listed here
  • Chaz WoodTrinity Chronicles: Maranatha (thriller/mystery) – ‘The Lord Cometh’ but is it the Second Coming, or the Fourth Reich?
  • Trinity Chronicles: Venus in Saturn (thriller/horror) – Horror, both personal and professional, haunts the life and mind of forensic investigator Vanessa Descartes.
  • The Wish and the Will: Sundancer’s Regret Episode 1 (fantasy/steampunk) – welcome to Middengarth, where fairytales are history, and magic still lingers in the air (episodes 2 and 3 also available).
  • The Black Flag (graphic novel/sci-fi/thriller) – love, death, and anarchy in the U.K… led by Georgina Macdubhgaill, eco-activist and possible goddess.
  • you could have your novel listed here
  • Cyra McFaddenThe Serial: A Year in the Life of Marin County (humour) – The Serial mercilessly satirises the inhabitants of Marin County, California in counter-culture-gripped 1976.
  • you could have your novel listed here
  • C.S. LakinInnocent Little Crimes (psychological mystery/suspense) – six unsuspecting guests, a dish of revenge—a recipe for disaster and death.
  • Intended for Harm (family drama/mystery) – a family saga of pain and loss that leads to faith and comfort.
  • Conundrum (mystery/women’s fiction) – a young woman’s search to uncover the mystery behind her father’s death 25 years ago.
  • The Map across Time (fantasy) – a sweeping epic of unfailing love and trust, in which the “insignificant” have merit and purpose.
  • Someone to Blame (contemporary fiction/mystery/suspense) – a family reeling in pain moves to a small town to heal, only to get in the midst of trouble.
  • you could have your novel listed here
  • Dale T Phillips: A Fall From Grace (mystery) – Zack Taylor must clear a woman accused of murder, against a whole town of suspects. Available from Amazon and Smashwords.
  • A Memory of Grief (mystery) – Troubled ex-con Zack Taylor faces danger while seeking the truth about his friend’s death. Available from AmazonBarnes & Noble and Smashwords.
  • you could have your novel listed here
  • David Knop: Mining Sacred Ground (mystery/thriller) – former Marine cop, battles self-doubt, hostile law enforcement, and a killer through Arizona backcountry.
  • Poisoned by God’s Flesh (mystery/thriller) – cop confronts gun-slinging hijackers of a nuclear weapons transporter in New Mexico’s unnamed, red-robed canyons. Both mystery/thrillers are published by and are available in ebook format at Amazon.comBarnes and NobleThe CopiaKobo, and iTunes.
  • you could have your novel listed here
  • Debra Forch BensonPerfect Wedding (general fiction novella) – will Leah’s father walk her down the aisle to marry the man of her heart?
  • you could have your novel listed here
  • Dennis KitainikHigher Than an Eagle: A Wings of Mercy Novel (disaster/rescue adventure) – a rescue team must fly through an Arctic cyclone to save a badly wounded scientist.
  • you could have your novel listed here
  • E.R. YatscoffOld Flames (adult mystery) – to some a hero, to others, a murderer.  Fire Captain Ormond hides a deadly past.
  • Gerry’s War (adult suspense) – fire chief battles extortion, bribery, and embezzlement, along with the Red Mafiya.
  • you could have your novel listed here
  • Erica MinerMurder In The Pit (murder mystery) – a young violinist investigates the high profile murder of a world-famous opera conductor. Available in paper, Kindle, iBooks and all electronic formats.
  • Travels With My Lovers (romance) – a young mom goes on a journey of self-discovery in the romantic capitals of Europe. Available in paperback..
  • you could have your novel listed here
  • Ethan JonesArctic Wargame (spy thriller) – Three Canadian secret agents must save their country from an Arctic threat.
  • you could have your novel listed here
  • Fiona Veitch SmithThe Peace Garden (romantic thriller) – a romantic thriller doused in political intrigue, racial tension, international terrorism and… gardening!
  • you could have your novel listed here
  • Frank F. FioreBlack Sun (action/adventure) – who’s plotting to create a second holocaust in Europe?
  • Cyberkill (action/adventure) – how far will an Artificial Intelligence go for revenge?
  • Seed (action/adventure) – what are people being murdered for what they found in the Hopi End Times Prediction?
  • A Taste of the Apocalypse (action/adventure) – is Jesus’ body buried here on Earth?
  • you could have your novel listed here
  • Gary Showalter (blog): The Big Bend (mystery) – series of murders prompts Terry Rankin to go after the killers. Available as paperback and Kindle formats.
  • Hog Valley (mystery) – the involvement of drug money in the Florida banking industry and the theft of millions from a US Army cash warehouse in Kuwait leads to murder in Florida. Available as paperback and Kindle formats.
  • Twisted Key (mystery) – a kidnapping that never happened, and a treasure ship that shouldn’t exist, rip the masks off and let evil out to play in the Florida sun. Available as paperback and Kindle formats.
  • Lonesome Cove (mystery) – Terry Rankin’s new client turns out to be somewhat less and somewhat more than he seems to be. And there’s three tons of gold missing, too. Available as Kindle format only.
  • you could have your novel listed here
  • Gregory AllenWell With My Soul (literary/gay themed) – family drama of two brothers and how choices they make follow them for years.
  • you could have your novel listed here
  • Ian KiddBloodlust (erotic horror) – a seductive but murderous lesbian vampire comes a cropper with her latest target.
  • you could have your novel listed here
  • Jean HarringtonDesigned for Death (cozy mystery) – Deva Dunne knows the devil’s in the details, but not that the devil’s stalking her.
  • Monet Murders (cozy mystery) – A stolen masterpiece, a dead woman, a killer on the loose.  This devil means murder.
  • you could have your novel listed here
  • JD MaderJoe Café (crime / thriller) – murder, mobsters, strippers, and fly fishing (oh my). Postmodern noir.
  • you could have your novel listed here
  • Jennifer WordThe Poe Toaster (historical fiction / horror novella) – the last week of Edgar Allan Poe’s life is completely unaccounted for… until now.
  • All Because of the Cat (horror novella) – when a man is stalked by a monster, only his cat can save the day.
  • you could have your novel listed here
  • Jenny Worstall: Make a Joyful Noise (romantic comedy) – a sparkling mixture of romance, music and humour with characters mercilessly sent up by author. Available on and
  • you could have your novel listed here
  • J Griffith Mitchell: Death in Edenville (crime) – child commits a heinous crime. Townspeople question justice and commit an equally unspeakable crime.
  • The House of Indiscretions (Family Saga/Women’s Fiction) – she retains her mansion through blackmail, prostitution, running a speakeasy, then discovers its real purpose.
  • Jeremiah Bascomb – a Heart Divided (Family Saga) – a runaway orphan, through fate and his own efforts, becomes a business mogul by forty.
  • Pola – a Biographical Novel (Biographical Fiction) – from poverty to ballerina to stage actress to movie superstar and princess.
  • The Royle Blue Bloods (Family Saga/Women’s Fiction) – a dysfunctional four-generation family eventually destroys itself through greed, blackmail, deceit, suicide, and murder.
  • J Griffith Mitchell’s books are available from Amazon.comBarnes and NobleKobo BooksGoogle Books, and iBooks.
  • you could have your novel listed here
  • Joan H YoungNews from Dead Mule Swamp (cozy mystery) – Anastasia Raven #1 a hundred-year-old newspaper is stolen  But what old news could be dangerous?
  • The Hollow Tree at Dead Mule Swamp (cozy mystery) – Anastasia Raven #2 Ana catches Jimmie Mosher hiding money. What else is the boy hiding?
  • Paddy Plays in Dead Mule Swamp (cozy mystery) – Anastasia Raven #3 Star and Sunny’s mother disappeared years ago. Enter: an exuberant Irish Setter.
  • you could have your novel listed here
  • John C BirdAristocrat at Large (comedy thriller) – a naive young Englishman finds fun, romance and danger in the American West.
  • you could have your novel listed here
  • Joy V SmithHidebound (science-fiction ebook) – after Anfissa meets Ferenc, they flee to a planet where even the grass is deadly.
  • Sugar Time (science-fiction audiobook) – three time-travel stories: “Sugar Time”, “Flight Test”, and “Return to Neander”.
  • you could have your novel listed here
  • Kathryn Elizabeth JonesConquering Your Goliaths: A Parable of the Five Stones (Christian Fiction) – Virginia Bean meets God. How will the five stones help her to overcome?
  • Scrambled (cozy mystery) – a middle-aged woman who has left her husband meets up with death in an old hotel.
  • you could have your novel listed here
  • Kimberley Payne (Fit for Faith and Return Home and Tell blogs): Tooth for Tooth – life finally looks safe for Heather Williams until her daughter reveals a terrifying secret. Available via Smashwords and Amazon.
  • you could have your novel listed here
  • K. S. BrooksLust for Danger (action-adventure) – Special Agent Kathrin Night tries to prevent terrorists from commiting mass-murder.
  • Kiss of Night and Night Undone (suspense / romance) – Special Agent Kathrin Night deals with life after an injury-induced early “retirement”.
  • you could have your novel listed here
  • Kurt KammCode Blood (thriller) – lives of a paramedic, stemcell researcher and vampire wannabe collide in this L.A. noir novel.
  • One Foot in the Black (firefighting adventure) – a turbulent, thoughtful story of putting out fires, both personal and professional (Kirkus Discoveries).
  • Red Flag Warning (serial arson mystery) – who is trying to burn down Malibu?
  • you could have your novel listed here
  • Lauren Grimley: Unforeseen (urban fantasy/paranormal romance) – hunted for her gift and haunted by her dreams, Alex is driven to fight. Available from & Noble and Smashwords.
  • you could have your novel listed here
  • Linda M JamesThe Invisible Piper – 1940. An endearing cockney boy changes the life of a  war-torn family for ever.
  • Tempting the Stars – 1944. One man’s inspirational struggle to survive in a world which judges us by how we look.
  • The Day of the Swans (to be published July 2012) – if memories give you your identity, what happens if someone gives you false ones and makes you believe them?
  • you could have your novel listed here
  • Maggie Bishop (blog): Appalachian Paradise (romance) –  good ole boy meets high powered career woman for five-day backpacking trek. Available as Kindle and paperback formats.
  • Emeralds in the Snow (romance, mystery) – treasure hunt, emerald mines, downhill skiing and cold case entangle rich woman and poor man. Available as Kindle and paperback formats.
  • Murder at Blue Falls (cozy mystery) – the horse finds a body during trail ride at dude ranch; woman sleuth investigates. Available as Kindle and paperback formats.
  • One Shot too Many (book 3) (cozy mystery) – photography group meets at dude ranch, shot kills, Detective Tucker takes lead. Available as Kindle and paperback formats.
  • Perfect for Framing, (book 2) (cozy mystery) – trouble brewing in the Property Owners’ Association; CSI wannabe Jemma Chase investigates. Available as Kindle and paperback formats.
  • you could have your novel listed here
  • Marc NashA,B&E (contemporary fiction) – a gangster’s moll with a contract on her head hides out in island Greece.
  • Not In My Name (political fiction) – internet terrorist grooming, no one is who they say they are
  • you could have your novel listed here
  • Marietta Miemietz: Off-site (financial / thriller) – banker attends secluded team-building off-site meeting. Strange things happen, leaving her in mortal danger. Available on (as ‘Das Seminar’),
  • you could have your novel listed here
  • Marja McGrawThe Bogey Man – A Sandi Webster Mystery (mystery) – Sandi Webster deals with a wannabe private eye who’s a dead ringer for Humphrey Bogart.
  • Old Murders Never Die – A Sandi Webster Mystery (mystery) – Sandi Webster becomes stranded in a ghost town haunted by unsolved Old West murders.
  • Bogey Nights – A Bogey Man Mystery (mystery) – see what happens when you find a body that’s been buried in your basement since 1942.
  • Bogey’s Ace in the Hole – A Bogey Man Mystery (mystery) – ride along in Chris’s 1950 Chevy while he tries to find a killer and a potential victim.
  • Click here for Marja’s Amazon author page.
  • you could have your novel listed here
  • Marla MadisonShe’s Not There (suspense) – abused women are going missing. Is a predator targeting them?
  • you could have your novel listed here
  • Michael BrookesThe Cult of Me (supernatural) – By entering people’s minds he tormented them. Then things got interesting..
  • you could have your novel listed here
  • Michael NicholsonPilgrims Rest (historical fiction) – The story of Mary, a Welsh widow, who resolves to forge a new life with her children in 1870s South Africa.
  • you could have your novel listed here
  • Michele DrierEdited for Death (traditional mystery) – an art theft in WWII leads to three murders 60 years later in California.
  • SNAP: The World Unfolds (vampire romance) – Maxie finds more than she expected when she begins working for international celeb media SNAP.
  • you could have your novel listed here
  • Morgen Bailey: The Serial Dater’s Shopping List (chick-lit) – Northampton technology journalist Isobel McFarlane is set the task to date 31 men in 31 days, what could possibly go wrong? Available from and Smashwords.
  • you could have your novel listed here
  • Neal JamesA Ticket to Tewkesbury (spy thriller) – who will find the secret documents vital for the national security of modern-day Britain?
  • Two Little Dicky Birds (crime) – a killer stalks the streets of England. Can the Met catch him before more people suffer?
  • Threads of Deceit (crime) – James Poynter’s thirst for revenge brings the futures of all connected to a tipping point.
  • you could have your novel listed here
  • Neil L. Yuzuk & David A. YuzukBeachside PD: The Reluctant Knight (thriller / mystery / police procedural; details on their website) – a compelling novel of corruption, murder, unforgettable characters, intriguing romance and redemption.
  • you could have your novel listed here
  • Nick CookAggressor (action) – three men find and rescue hostages taken in the Middle East, following the Gulf War.
  • Angel, Archangel (action) – two British spy pilots defuse a Russian scheme in World War Two.
  • you could have your novel listed here
  • Nick OrsiniFingerless Gloves (young adult fiction/urban fiction) – Tonight will be the most difficult night in 25-year-old Anton Duchamp’s life.
  • you could have your novel listed here
  • Nicole Dunlap: Miss Nobody (drama/family saga) – Charlene runs away from home and a fear that shakes her very core…seeing her daughter. Available from Amazon and Smashwords.
  • you could have your novel listed here
  • Nigel Hey: Wonderment (biography/memoir – Matador Oct 1 2012): Globetrotter writer’s adventurous life story interleaves career, domestic life, and departures from the expected. Available from Amazon (including Kindle), B&N, etc.
  • The Star Wars Enigma (Cold War History – Potomac Books, ̣̣̣2006): Reagan’s hoax? The little-known political and scientific inside story of the 1980s Strategic Defence Initiative. Available from Amazon (including Kindle), B&N, etc.
  • you could have your novel listed here
  • Nina MunteanuDarwin’s Paradox – released in 2007 by Dragon Moon Press. An environmental thriller that explores the merger of machine intelligence with an intelligent virus.
  • Angel of Chaos – released in 2010 by Dragon Moon Press. In this prequel to Darwin’s Paradox  an environmental disease changes the evolution of humanity.
  • Outer Diverse (Book One of the Splintered Universe Trilogy) – released in 2011 by Starfire World Syndicate. A paranormal space thriller about a hard-boiled female detective who must solve a religious massacre. Nina also blogs at The Alien Next Door.
  • you could have your novel listed here
  • Phyllis J BurtonA Passing Storm (romance/suspense) – Jennifer Redmond is in hospital suffering from amnesia. When her memory returns she remembers why she was running away.
  • Paper Dreams (romance/suspense) – Katie Nicholson discovers evidence of a past scandal and her life is put in mortal danger! Published by Matador (Troubador) December 2011.
  • you could have your novel listed here
  • P W FoxSea Change (fantasy) – overcoming betrayal and death, Selena uses magic and races the moon for escape and vengeance.
  • you could have your novel listed here
  • Robert FordThe King of Spain (literary fiction) – a debut novel set in the not-too-distant future, with unworldly Sam as its hero.
  • you could have your novel listed here
  • Rosanne DingliDeath in Malta (mystery – BeWrite Books) – a lonely novelist flees to Malta, where a missing boy and a woman prove confounding. You had me at ‘Novelist’.
  • According to Luke (romantic thriller – BeWrite Books) – murder, extortion and forbidden love overwhelm Jana when an ancient icon reveals a dangerous secret.
  • you could have your novel listed here
  • Rudy A. Mazzocchi (blog / trailer): Equity of Evil (medical thriller) – based on true events, this novel involves some of the world’s oldest, most emotional and controversial issues. Available from AmazonBarnes & Noble and OmniLit.
  • you could have your novel listed here
  • Sarah Baethge: The Speed of Darkness (sci-fi / fantasy – available from Amazon & Smashwords) –what happens when closely guarded secrets are thrown away to prevent what seems wrong?
  • you could have your novel listed here
  • Sarah EnglandExpected (comedy) – Sam Sweet doesn’t want a husband or kids, just a job and a cowboy!
  • you could have your novel listed here
  • Sheron Wood McCarthaA Dangerous Talent For Time (science fiction time travel adventure) – a renegade Talent is loose in the past and destroying the future. Can solving a hidden riddle save it?
  • Caught In Time (science fiction time travel adventure) – time traveler Rowyna Grae journeys 1,000 years into the medieval past to save the future. Will love trip her up? Also available as a paperback.
  • Cosmic Entanglement (science-fiction) – An alien probe crashes on Alysia. Adversaries Ching T’Karre and the Democratic Union work together on space program to protect their world. Politics, mayhem, murder and romance ensue. Sheron also blogs at http//
  • you could have your novel listed here
  • SL Dwyer (and blog): Dirt (YA & adults, available on Amazon and Smashwords) – It’s 1933 and newly-orphaned Sammy begins to live a lie and all its consequences.
  • For Benny (mainstream drama) – a mother’s plans for revenge takes an unexpected turn forcing her to make a decision.
  • If Truth Be Known (action/adventure, available on Amazon and Createspace) – Casey must find the meaning of the mysterious Mayan symbol while trying to stay alive.
  • you could have your novel listed here
  • Stacy JubaSink or Swim (mystery / romantic suspense) – a personal trainer attracts a stalker after appearing on a reality TV show.
  • Twenty-Five Years Ago Today (mystery / romantic suspense) – a newspaper editorial assistant investigates an unsolved murder and falls for the victim’s nephew.
  • you could have your novel listed here
  • Sue MargolisApocalipstick (chicklit) – will Rebecca win the recognition she yearns for and get the man of her dreams?
  • Neutorica (chicklit) – Anna commits adultery for the pure joy of it: fast, funny, shocking and unputdownable.
  • Sisteria (chicklit) – the hilarious novel about Finchley-dwelling Jewish housewife’s family life.
  • Spin Cycle (chicklit) – Rachel, a cleaner and professional stand-up comedian, meets a sexy washing machine repair man.
  • you could have your novel listed here
  • Suzan TisdaleLaiden’s Daughter (eBook, paperback due in March 2012, historical romance) – she believes men are not honorable nor are they kind – he proves her wrong.
  • you could have your novel listed here
  • Terry W Ervin IIFlank Hawk (the first in the First Civilization’s Legacy series) – an action-adventure post-apocalyptic fantasy where magic exists and ogres are more than a child’s nightmare.
  • Blood Sword (the second in the First Civilization’s Legacy series) – Flank Hawk, Grand Wizard Seelain’s mercenary guard, faces peril seeking the malevolent Blood Sword’s return.
  • you could have your novel listed here
  • TL SpencerBlood Prophecy: The Fated Three (vampire) – with vampires and werewolves around every corner, Selene must make a choice between love, death and the fate of the world.
  • you could have your novel listed here
  • Toni Weymouth: Deadly Vibrations (Amazon / Smashwords / soft cover; erotic suspense) – the Wilde Sisters band together to ferret out sex toy mischief, mayhem and murder.
  • Easy Entry (Amazon / soft cover; romantic suspense) – a therapist and her dog find danger while travelling in a caravan across the county.
  • you could have your novel listed here
  • Tristram La RocheOn My Knees (M:M/gay/contemporary romance) – when Mark meets a handsome stranger at the gym, he realises he’s gay not weird.
  • Lorenzo il Magnifico (M:M/gay/contemporary romance) – can a holiday fling with sexy Florentine waiter Lorenzo change Luke’s humdrum life?
  • Fixed (M:M/gay/contemporary romance) – he’s broken, but an unexpected meeting with an old friend breathes new life into Mike.
  • The Hun and The General (M:M/gay/historical romance) – when two powerful men share an intimate secret, the course of history may be changed.
  • you could have your novel listed here
  • Vincent MiskellGodspeed Inc.: A Naomi Kinder Adventure (science fiction free ebook) – set in 2097, Naomi must race to Umbriel to save the solar system.
  • Rescuing the Future:  A Naomi Kinder Novel (science fiction novel) – Naomi travels to the 24th century to stop a nanobot takeover of Earth.
  • you could have your novel listed here
  • Will le FlemingCentral Reservation (general fiction) – a gripping tale of haunting and the search for identity in a world on fire.
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  • Yvonne Hertzberger: Back From Chaos: Earth’s Pendulum, Book One (epic fantasy – available from Amazon as an eBook and pBook) – sometimes destiny chooses the unlikeliest of heroes – assassin and spy. But the goddess needs him.
  • Through Kestrel’s Eyes: Earth’s Pendulum, Book Two (epic fantasy – available from Amazon as eBook and pBook) – Liannis, seer, must face tests and self-doubt to help restore the Balance. Time is short.
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Author Spotlight no.128 – Elizabeth Kolodziej

Complementing my daily blog interviews, today’s Author Spotlight, the one hundred and twenty-eighth, is of paranormal romance novelist and short story author Elizabeth Kolodziej.

Elizabeth J Kolodziej is a young fiction writer originally from Torrance California. She is a smart and original thinker who has researched the origins of vampires, werewolves and witches for many years. Kolodziej writes her books from the knowledge she has gained while trying to be as original and inspiring as possible. Her books encompass both true folklore facts along with innovative ideas motivated by the great writers around her.

And now from the author herself:

The first book in The Last Witch Series is Vampyre Kisses, which is accompanied by Werewolf Descent and soon to be released Witch Devotions. A book that took a lot of emotional effort to write considering the main character was dealing with a similar issue to myself. Death. Something that is never easy to get through.

However, I was able to overcome the bad times and move forward to receive terrific reviews from websites such as Reader Favorites, Bitten By Books and Reader Views.

Continuing forward I am putting out novellas for side characters from The Last Witch Series including Zou Tai’s Salvaged Pieces of a Werewolf Lost and Mac’s The Witch’s Guardian.

The most fun is introducing new characters with novellas such as From Demons, With Lust and Demon Protection Plan. Both stories have characters that will be featured in the fourth book in The Last Witch Series, Demonic Charms to be released in 2013. When it comes to cross overs I am all about it!

However, there is a brand new genre I am entering. Steampunk. Though my take on it is going to be steampunk zombie young adult romance I have smushed together as The Zombiepunk Series.

The first book is Gravely Inanimated: A Tale of Woe and Romance. I plan on it being a major success since the band V is for Villain will be making an appearance in the book. If you don’t know them check them out!

You can find more about Elizabeth and her writing via…

her websiteTwitter, Like her on Facebook, friend on Facebook.

Buy links: Amazon (ebook), Amazon (paperback) and Barnes and Noble.


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Guest post: Failed Projects by Nathan Weaver

Tonight’s guest blog post, on the topic of failed projects, is brought to you by author, blogger, poet, lyricist and interviewee Nathan Weaver.

Failed Projects

Failed projects.  They’re like a flock of birds in a world with no shore.  Nowhere to go, nowhere to land.  They just flap until they exhaust and plummet to their death, slowly drowning in a sea of sorrow.  A sea of wonderment.  What if there was an island just over that next horizon, if I’d only held out for a little longer?

I would have to say with each successful project, you fail a mountain of others in its wake.  And if we’re not careful, we can find ourselves overwhelmed with the failures, and forget the accomplishments.  Or worse, we’ll find ourselves wanting to blame someone or something for things left undone.  This sort of negative reflection can be unhealthy, and prevent future successes, because groaning about past failures will begat future ones.

In a lot of cases a failed project isn’t a result of someone, but a result of the project itself.  Maybe it was doomed from the start, as the saying goes, whatever that means.  Maybe it just didn’t have the guts to come into its own. Maybe… there can be a lot of maybes.

But, Nathan?  What are you talking about?  What does this have to do with writing?  And quit depressing me by reminding me of all these past failures of mine!

Have you ever started a story, and never saw it through to the end?  For whatever reason, you gave up on it, or the creative well ran dry on it?  Or worst of all, you finished it and it fell flat?  If you’ve been writing for long, I’m sure you know what I mean.

How do you leverage these failures with your state of mind?  I don’t know that there is a perfect answer, a truth that never waivers.  I wish there was, it would make writing a lot easier.  I’ve been looking back over my failed projects a lot lately, and kicking my toes against the dusty ground. Shuffling around, sulking my shoulders about them all. But finally the other day, I mental-kicked myself in the backside and said, “Man, buck up, you’ve done a lot!”

In the past 4 or 5 years, I’ve been silently fighting what I am sure is ADHD, which has obviously not helped matters. But still, I’ve written, or half-written, over 50 short stories and novellas, outlined three or four novels and drafted one.  And there is a laundry list more of achievements I could go on about, though I’m not doing so to brag, but to make a point.  All while I felt I was failing projects left and right, which I was, I was also accomplishing a decent amount as well.

But better still, what I’ve come to realize is that even the projects you think you failed never really fail.  At least, not in writing.  There’s always a chance that some new creative jolt will revive the once dead bird, and you’ll be sitting in front of your computer with an undead bird and a zeal to get that story done.  Point in case, I recently went back to work on a novel I’d started developing back in 2002, but hadn’t had any luck with in ten years!  I hadn’t even thought of the story in about six or seven years, but then about a month ago my mind headed off into a direction for a story and then my mind said, “Hey, man, this is similar to that old idea, you should combine the two.”  And the result is that I now have a story that I had once given up on, running the creative gauntlet once more.  I didn’t realize, but that bird was still flapping out over the waves of uncertainty.  It has now landed, and is catching its breath before the next flight.

But what about you?  What about your failed projects?  Don’t fret, just make sure they’re neatly documented and set them aside for now.  Down the road, you may find yourself face-to-face with that bird again, wondering how in the world it made it across the great divide between conception and success.  And it will be looking to you with hungry eyes, begging for a few bread crumbs.  And what will you do?  Will you feed it, or will you not even notice it as you sulk around wishing it was there?

And if you have to blame someone, blame Sally Pinkerton, that’s what I do.  She’s an easy target, since she’s always scraping the bottom of the barrel anyway.

Thank you Nathan – it’s great to have you back! 🙂

Nathan Weaver, says he’s been writing for a “ridiculously long time”, and think he’s just starting to get pretty good at the nonsense.  Do check out his two recently self-published books, Fatal Flaws and Everything.  Both were collaborative efforts, and are cheaply priced.  You can find him and his writing at and you can find me in his Rogues Gallery. 🙂


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Unfortunately, as I post an interview a day (amongst other things) I can’t review books but I have a feature called ‘Short Story Saturdays’ where I review stories of up to 2,500 words. Alternatively if you have a short story or self-contained novel extract / short chapter (ideally up to 1000 words) that you’d like critiqued and don’t mind me reading it / talking about and critiquing it (I send you the transcription afterwards so you can use the comments or ignore them) 🙂 on my ‘Bailey’s Writing Tips’ podcast, then do email me. They are weekly episodes, usually released Monday mornings UK time, interweaving the recordings between the red pen sessions with the hints & tips episodes. I am now also looking for flash fiction (<1000 words) for Flash Fiction Fridays and poetry for Post-weekend Poetry.