Words of wisdom from Shari Lopatin inc. passive and active voices

Again thanks to Twitter, I stumbled across http://sharilopatin.wordpress.com/2010/12/20/passive-voice which reminded me how infrequently passive and active voices are talked about. Phoenix-based Shari has it spot on (although I’m not so sure about “the car his almighty sword” but slicing is a definite improvement to drove and driving). The post is a relatively old one (December 2010) so has plenty of feedback from other writers who are guilty, as I’m sure we all are, of using the passive voice and in the main, not being aware we’re doing it until it’s pointed out to us or it leaps out during the editing process.

Shari admits that she used to hate Twitter but has come to value it and her ‘5 Killer Twitter Tips’ article http://sharilopatin.wordpress.com/2011/03/21/twitter-tips again has some very sound advice including ‘it’s better to tweet fewer solid tweets, than many useless tweets’ which is very true and from the look of Shari’s home page, her blog is definitely quality over quantity.