Last call for October’s 6-word stories (& 100-word comp)

number 6Hello everyone. This is a shout-out for anyone interested in writing 6-word short stories (which I publish along with your 6-word biography, including your name).

I publish up to ten per author per month on the last Friday of each month (tomorrow this month) and the details (including guidelines) are on 6-word FFFs. I recommend reading at least the previous submissions: thirty-seventh batch of 6-word stories, so you get a feel for what’s needed.

Please read the guidelines carefully. I will be publishing the next batch tomorrow (Friday) so won’t have time to chase you up for anything that’s missing. Yours won’t be published if they’re not accompanied by the correct six-word biography (including your name which can be one or two words) which can include one link to your books, Amazon page, or other website.

I also run a free 100-word competition which closes next Monday (midnight UK time), 31st October and this month has to be a crime story (my favourite genre). It can be about anything you like as long as it is 100 words exactly excluding the title. Any shorter or longer than 100 words and it will be disqualified. You can submit up to three stories to the relevant theme, during the month only, not ahead of time.

Saturday Six-Word Challenge

tense present 911263Hello. Just for a change and in the spirit of next Friday’s 6-word FFFs (it’s not too late to submit yours for that!), I thought I’d challenge every one reading this to  leave in the comments section below, a six-word summary of what they are doing this weekend. Mine is…

Inaugural trip to Liverpool… birthday present.