The Ideal Gift

A Unique Story Just For You!            *** CURRENTLY ONLY £40 ***

For just £40, Morgen will write a story using your components – see the form below – up to 2,000 words. It will be emailed to you (or someone you nominate – you will also receive a copy) as a pdf file, with its very own suitable picture cover, within two weeks of receipt. Ideal for a birthday (or whenever!) present for yourself or someone you know who would enjoy having something written exclusively for them. *The £40 fee includes two revisions of the story if required. She looks forward to writing your stories!

Simply complete the form on then head over to the shop (click button below) and you will receive the story within two weeks. Example flash fiction on that page… and you will receive a link to ten another stories when you make your purchase! (Link below) NB. The story will be yours / your recipient’s to do with as you wish other than to sell it, especially as your / their own creation. Full copyright will stay with Morgen.