Transcription of BWT podcast episode 25 (Feb 2011) – comp & subs

The twenty-fifth episode of the Bailey’s Writing Tips podcast was released on 7th February 2011 and the content has never been released other than website links (on my website so I hope you find this information useful. In the first twenty-four episodes (see for earlier blog posts), I covered ‘show not tell’, the five senses, repetition, points of view, tenses, dialogue, characters, crime, poetry, short stories, novels, writing for children, scriptwriting, comedy, romance and chick lit, erotica, ‘writing rules’, historical & the classics, name & characters, Christmas, opportunities, songwriting, reading, auto/biographies and computer tips (parts 1&2).

This episode had a focus on competitions and submissions. Although some of the dates have passed, I have left the details in as it will show you what was available and many competitions are yearly so they may well be run again in 2012. Please note: I can’t vouch for these competitions so do check the information thoroughly before parting with your hard-earned writing and money but having a competition win or shortlist is always a good thing to have on your writing CV so I would recommend having a go.



  • details their guidelines. There is currently no payment for submissions but you would get a free copy of the relevant magazine (with your name in print!).
  • is “a bi-monthly gathering of poems, translations, articles and other writings, from the lyrical to the innovative, whatever stings and stuns the editor”. Submissions are by email only – see for more details.
  • Don’t forget to keep an eye on Jacqui Bennett’s markets listings for She covers markets for short stories, novels, articles, non-fiction, poetry, agents, small press and overseas news.

Hints & tips



Here I provide a couple of story ideas or ways to get new ideas then list seven sentence starts listed on my page; each one, if you’d like to use them, for a daily writing project.

  • The lottery has been written about so many times, millions of people play it each week and many of them watch the live shows but try thinking of a new angle. I saw a TV series a few months ago where a man fakes winning and his life spirals out of control, others have been made about people winning the lottery then losing or spending the lot.
  • Write a story about two people competing for the affection of a third.

The podcast concluded with Quotes, News & Feedback, On This Day in History and a 60-worder called ‘Bigger fish to fry’: Barrie loved the smell of fish. He’d wanted to be a trawler man but was violently seasick. Living in the Outer Hebrides he’d often watch the boats go out and wished he could be on them. He was skimming his local paper for a job and spotted the perfect position. ‘Assistant wanted at ‘The Fryer’ fish shop. No experience required.’

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