The latest Serial Dater tour comes to an end

Two final reviews for my first born, The Serial Dater’s Shopping List in this latest tour. Do click on the links to read the full review and support (follow) these tireless bloggers. Thank you! And my thanks go to Sarah of Book on the Bright Side and Caroline, my ever-patient AA (author assistant). And now to the reviews…

I can’t tell you what a pleasure it is to know that my work’s getting out there. Thank you, everyone!

Day four for the latest Serial Dater tour

Day four already and two more lovely reviews for my first born, The Serial Dater’s Shopping List. Do click on the links to read the full review and support (follow) these tireless bloggers. Thank you!

  • “I was certainly reading the book with a big grin on my face as some of the dates that Izzy had to endure were quite comical… her best friend and co-worker Donna is an absolute scream… This is certainly a book that would not be out of place whilst packing for your holidays. With fun characters and situations that ensure it will keep you entertained from start to finish.” Jen @JenMedBkReviews
  • “Bailey comes up with one crazy situation after another… The Serial Dater’s Shopping List was a fun read… If you have ever done internet dating at all, you will enjoy this novel as you never know what those first communications are going to bring you.” Jessica @JessReadingRoom

It’s a thrill that so many people enjoy what I write. Thank you, everyone!

Three more lovely reviews for Serial Dater

Day three and three more lovely reviews for my first born, The Serial Dater’s Shopping List. Do click on the links to read the full review and support (follow) these tireless bloggers. Thank you!

How lovely they are. 🙂

Two more lovely reviews for Serial Dater

Day two and two more lovely reviews for my first born, The Serial Dater’s Shopping List.

  • “Morgen didn’t disappoint, providing 31 very different dates, men and scenarios that had me laughing out loud throughout… I fell in love with Izzy’s character… Donna, Izzy’s friend and work colleague whose Tigger-like personality provided some wonderful moments… The Serial Dater’s Shopping List is a fabulous light-hearted, humorous read and the perfect ‘easy read’…” Melanie @FrasersFunHouse
  • “I’ve read a few of Morgen’s books and this is definitely my favourite! This is a fantastic read! I genuinely didn’t want to put it down… The story is well written and easy to read and follow and will suck you in as you go on your journey with Izzy.  As I say, this is a feel good, laugh out loud read that you don’t want to miss.  Most definitely recommended by me!” Chelle @Curlupwithbooks

Ending the year with a wow!

I’m delighted (and astounded*) that my Bombshell Books novel ‘The Serial Dater’s Shopping List’ is Karen World’s book of the year. Thank you, Karen!
*It’s proven to be a marmite novel (some loving, others not: one review saying “I don’t normally leave reviews for books but this one was so bad…” which made me laugh). Great encouragement as I’m currently 5/8th of the way through writing the follow up.
I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank you all for visiting my blog throughout the year and I look forward to interacting with you in 2019.

100-word October results out hopefully tomorrow (Monday)

Yes, sorry about that. I usually aim for the 15th but I’ve been a tad busy this month. Blame NaNoWriMo. I’m currently 7,143 words behind and it’s a new day in <checks> an hour. Oops. So 8,810 tomorrow. Hey ho. I’ve written 5,000 words today so if I keep going at that rate. I’m almost ready with the results but want to go through the stories one more time as I have too many still to select. It just means they’re that good… and I’m a tough crowd.

The good news is that I’m writing the follow up to The Serial Dater’s Shopping List, The Serial Dieter’s Shopping List, with Donna and the helm this time. It’s lovely being back with her, Izzy, William and Duncan (although he’s not featured very much yet – at 22,863 words).

Donna’s been seconded to the sister paper at Hemel Hempstead and stays with her mum in Tring (both Hertfordshire) so if you know that part of the world…

Why readers are so important

What is a writer… or more appropriately, a published author without readers? Not nothing, because we can still write for pleasure, but most of us put work out there to be read, not to make lots of money… although that would be nice.

I’m prompted to write this following a wonderful email I received today:

“Is there a follow up to The Serial Dater’s Shopping List? It just ended too fast. I spent all this time getting thru izzys adventures and it was just like you, said okay i reached my word quota gotta STOP now.”

I loved it. My book is just over 100,000 words so no mean feat getting to the end too fast. Some, especially those on didn’t get that far, which makes me really sad as an author.

So if you’ve read a book you’ve enjoyed, especially if it’s mine (you can click on the picture to find out more about this one!), please do leave a review wherever you bought it, and on Goodreads (I have over six times more reviews there than on Amazon – the latest is below), and if you could spare the time to drop the author an email, it really would mean the world to them.

My latest review on Goodreads (as of 8th October)…

“31 days – 31 dates truly sounds exhausting, confusing and exhilarating at the same time. “The Serial Dater’s Shopping List” was a great, lighthearted summer time read. Having done my fair share on online dating I thought I would truly enjoy this book and I was right. Some of Izzy’s dates reminded me of my own which had me laughing and all of her dates had me reconsidering doing online dating again.

I do have to admit that the ending was a little frustrating for me. I felt like while some things were resolved there needed to be a little more context there before ending the story. Too much is left up to the reader’s imagination, which while some like that I do not. In addition, I knew before starting this book that it was a UK title and therefore would reference many British things. However, I was not expecting to be so confused at times but the slang terms Izzy used. All in all though I truly enjoyed this book. Not something that kept me up at night wanting me to read, but it was enjoyable. I received my copy from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.” Thank you, Tiffany!