…Hire Me

Morgen Bailey is a freelance writer available for a variety of writing-related projects:

Her writing-related articles have been published in the NAWG ‘Link’ magazine (April 2011, August 2011 and October 2011 issues) and she has guest blogged on Tia Silver Bach’sJodine Turner’sJD Mader’sChaz Wood’s, and Fiona Veich Smith’s websites.

If you would like her to write for your blog or website she will be more than willing: free for non-exclusive content (list to follow) or for £20 / €25 / US$30 / AS$30 for exclusive content on a subject of your choice.

Morgen’s strength is writing short stories so if you’re compiling an anthology (or suchlike) and like her writing then she would gladly discuss writing something especially for you. To-date her stories have been published in Woman’s Weekly, NAWG ‘Link’ magazine (April 2012) and on Neal James’ and Nathan Weaver’s websites. She also has a quirky short story ‘First Impression’ in the Writers for Welfare anthology Telling Tales, published by Moonworks Publishing, March 2012.


Morgen’s email is morgen@morgenbailey.com and she looks forward to hearing from you about any service she may be able to provide you with… or she’s happy to talk about anything writing-related. Like this blog, it’s what’s consumed her.

9 thoughts on “…Hire Me

  1. Sandra says:

    Yes I’m going … and can’t wait either. Are you pitching at all? I’ve booked myself into two slots … a ten minute face time plus a 3 minute pitch for two different projects. I got a bit caught up with over-planning the women’s novel so put it away for a while and was really fed up with the whole writing process. Then, stemming from a jokey conversation with DD2, I started a new young teen novel which I’m really enjoying writing … I’m pitching that one in the 3 minute slot to see whether it’s an idea that’s worthwhile continuing with, although I’ve got to finish it either way as DD1 is desperate to know what’s going to happen next!! Will be great to see you at GW2012. Sxx


  2. morgenbailey says:

    Not pitching as I’m sticking with the eBook route for now, although I would again for the experience – it was hilarious!

    DD1’s keenness says that your writing is that good, and they can be a tough crowd. 🙂


  3. Sandra says:

    I’m quite looking forward to it this year .. the first year I was literally petrified, last year was better though still found it a bit nerve wracking, though probably due to who I was pitching to. I feel much better prepared this year … doesn’t mean I won’t probably stammer or spit all over him though:)
    Hope you had a good time at your reunion … Mum’s loft is now sorted and I’ve come home with a bag containing my 18th and 21st birthday cards .. they’re so dated!
    S xx


  4. Alison Bruce (@alisonebruce) says:

    I’m seeing double again! First it was finding out there was another Alison Bruce writing mystery novels (Cambridge Blue, The Silence). That Alison, btw wrote a blurb for Deadly Legacy. She’s such a sweet heart I can almost forgive her for being the skinnier Alison Bruce.

    Now “Writer for Hire”! I’ve been using “alison bruce… writer for hire” that for my business since 1992. I started using it for the same reason my blog title is a play on “Have Gat Will Travel.”

    Well, obviously great minds think alike. Either that, or I need to get my eyes checked. 😉


    • morgenbailey says:

      I hate to tell you this but I think someone else might have used ‘Writer for Hire’ before us. 🙂

      I look forward to having you back, guest blogging for me on 12th July. 🙂


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