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I’ve been podcasting since August 2010 and have started this page because I plan to release other audio items, such as recordings of my stories.

Do you have stories (or anything else for that matter) that you would like me to record? Not for this blog or the podcast but as an mp3 format file for you to use elsewhere, for marketing purposes etc. Do let me know and I’ll let you know how much it would cost (example prices below)…

To hear my (English) dulcet tones, the latest podcast episode (of three stories) can be listened to here. Bear in mind that these are podcast recordings carried out on a single day and there will be the occasional background noise. The quality of the recordings that I make for you would be the highest quality possible (over a longer period to avoid background noise) with the facilities that I have. My prices (vs ‘professional’ recording studios, comparables below) reflect this.

Examples of my prices (price dependent upon exact requirements):

  • A short story of up to 5,000 words: c.£20 / €25 / $30 / AS$30
  • A short story of up to 10,000 words: c.£40 / €50 / $60 / AS$60
  • A novelette of up to 25,000 words (c.65 paperback pages): c.£100 / €120 / $150 / AS$150
  • A novella of up to 40,000 words (c.135 pages): c.£200 / €240 / $300 / AS$300*
  • *Sample of your story up to 5,000 words: (e.g. synopsis / first chapter) for your marketing purposes: £20 / €25 / $30 / AS$30 (this would then be deducted from the cost of the novelette / novella if you were to go ahead with the recording of the full novelette, novella or novel, listed above)
  • see below for comparables
  • Each option will include any other text you wish including e.g. author biography, website links etc.
  • Prices include two full read-throughs of your short story, novelette or novella (so I understand the story and your characters). I will then come back to you with any queries I may have, e.g. pronunciations, before any recording begins.
  • Prices for other specifications, including audio CDs, upon application.
  • Definitions of novellette and novella taken from
  • Above words vs paperback pages working on average of 300 words per paperback page allowing for part-pages, blank spacing etc.
  • Lead time: I would need at least a fortnight’s notice for up to 20,000 words, a month’s notice for longer projects.
  • Once available, I will gladly list your audio book on this blog and mention it on Facebook, Twitter etc.
  • NB. I am an English female, therefore the dialogue and description etc. would also be recorded in an English tone.


These will however use professional voice actors and studio recording facilities, although they are unlikely to be writers, but if you are happy with the recordings I offer, then do email me.


Feedback on my recordings (replicated with permission)…
Morgen, it was such a pleasure to listen to the flash fiction podcast. Your voice is perfect for the task. My own voice strikes me as sounding a bit like a braying donkey while yours is mellow and fluid. And your intonation is wonderful! You could probably make a living creating audio books. I don’t mean to gush—personally, I find that annoying—but I’m still basking in the glow of hearing the flash fiction stories being read aloud by someone who knows how to do it well. Many thanks, Morgen! Sincerely, Marjorie Doering

Thank you, Marjorie. That would be great. 🙂

Terry Ambrose said, “Thanks Morgen! This is great and you did a terrific job on the podcast.”

“Ohhhh Morgen. You did more then justice. You probably can’t understand that but your accent is so wonderful and the way you read it….. great!!!!! You made me happy. thanx again.” Dorit Kedar

“I listened to the podcast. It was wonderful! I enjoyed listening to the flashes of the other two authors. You did a great job reading our work.” Salvatore Buttaci


Bailey’s Writing Tips is a podcast I started in August 2010 and since then has consisted of five styles of episodes (click the green links for more details):

My email address is

3 thoughts on “Audio recordings

  1. irene hamilton says:

    There is so much to learn …. it seems weekly. But coming across this Blog is extremely valuable as I work through the process from novella to audiobook to sitcom. cheers….Irene Hamilton


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