Cover design

Are you writing a book but don’t know how to design a cover? Would you like me to do it for you? If any of the styles below appeal to you, or if you would like something different, do let me know.

A book’s cover (and title) go a long way to ‘selling’ your book. There is a really interesting article on the topic on Indie Author News, and if you’re planning on using internal pictures, take a look at this Amazon help page.

I’d recommend a smart but simple cover, nothing too dull (so it looks as if you haven’t tried) but nothing too flash so the text isn’t clear or it’s too complicated or ‘busy’. The thing to remember is that online it will appear about the size of two large postage stamps (four standard size) so you have to be able to read it and get the gist of what it’s about (where the title comes in). I’d recommend looking at existing covers before you consider what you would like for yours. If you see one you like, I’ll see what I can do about doing something similar for you. Below are some sites that show example covers…


  • Adding text to your own picture(s): £10 (€15 / US$15 / CA$ & AS$20) per front or back cover (includes one revision). Morgen takes no responsibility for any copyright issues when using photographs / pictures supplied by yourself.
  • Full cover from sourcing suitable picture/s, providing sample covers, making changes to chosen cover: £25 front (suitable for eBook), £25 back (so £50 for a full paperback inc. front cover suitable for eBook).

Below are some examples of front and back covers I have created…

hitman-sam-cover-front-small after-jessica-cover-front-small

Cover 1 rev SW rev small  Cover HNA paperback med

Covers montage - 5pms 1-5

SADM 2011 cover small beach 101544 cover small beach a 167333 small TSDSL 365-day (vol 1) small

There are various effects I can do on your picture which could go from this…

to this…


If you would like to ahead, I would just need from you…

  • Your author name
  • Book title(s)
  • Sub-heading (if appropriate – remember that it will be a thumbnail size photo online so as little text as possible is always a good idea)
  • Optional: synopsis of your book so I get a flavour for the kind of cover you’d like.
  • The topic of picture you want (i.e. love hearts, storm etc.)
  • Preferred colour scheme/s.
  • Any other appropriate information.

I would then design up to four choices for you to select your favourite, letting me know any tweaks you want making and then I’d send you the finished proof item and upon payment* you’d receive the final cover/s in four different sizes (large, medium, small, thumbnail) and in pdf and jpg formats so you can use them for different purposes. NB. Morgen takes no responsibility for any copyright issues when using photographs / pictures supplied by yourself.