10-year old www.morgenbailey.com is (finally!) alive

Ten years ago I bought my domain: www.morgenbailey.com. I had a very basic website until 2011 when I created this blog and since then morgenbailey.com has been forwarded to the blog.

But now, at the insistence of my marketing guru, Caroline Vincent – rightly so – morgenbailey.com is now alive under its own right… plus it has a shop where you can buy my books… all ten of them! Clicking on the photo below will also take you to the home page.

And Hitman Sam’s debut tour comes to a close

They say all good things come to an end and this has been way beyond good. The feedback I’ve received on my first born has been amazing…

The seventh and final day of the tour ended with…

I wrote the crime lad lit novella (48,000 words) Hitman Sam in 2008 and over the years, edited it, left it to marinate, re-edited it, put it back and finally this year (2016), I edited it again and sent it to my beta readers who were kind enough to give me their feedback which led to more alterations and finally, on November 2nd, it was published! It is available for 99c / 99p (or the equivalent in your country) via http://mybook.to/HitmanSam (links to Amazon in your country) or directly via Amazon.co.ukAmazon.com etc.

Tagline: Newly-redundant Sam is looking for a new adventure – a cryptic advert gives him that and more.

Blurb: Newly-redundant software designer Sam Simpson is looking for a new adventure – a cryptic advert in his local paper gives him that, and more. With two women vying for his affection, going behind their backs isn’t the smartest things he’s ever done.

In case you missed any this tour kicked off at the following locations (arranged by the fabulous Sarah Hardy @BOTBSPublicity).

Monday 13th:

Tuesday 14th

Wednesday 15th

Thursday 16th

Friday 17th

Saturday 18th

In case you missed them… Hitman Sam’s blog tour so far

With just one day to go in the first ever blog tour of my first-written novel, a comic crime / lad lit novella Hitman Sam, here’s what’s happened so far (the @ are the hosts’ Twitter IDs) with some really kind and blush-worthy reviews. My thanks, as always, go to Sarah @BOTBSPublicity.

Monday 13th:

Tuesday 14th

Wednesday 15th

Thursday 16th

Friday 17th

Saturday 18th


Hitman Sam Maiden Blog Tour Day 3

And we’re off (again)! With four fantastic reviews under his belt (see below), Sam’s received the following praise from this morning’s host, Berit, over at Audio Killed the Bookmark @BeritnBooks (click on the picture to read the full review)…

  • …this little gem.
  • This book was in a word FUN!
  • Sam was a great character definitely made me laugh more than once.
  • …really kept the story moving.
  • …multiple threads that are skillfully woven together.
  • This is the perfect little book to brighten your afternoon.
  • It will make you smile, it will make you laugh…


Wow. Thrilled with that… and In case you missed them:

Monday 13th:

Tuesday 14th

Please contact Sarah at @BOTBSPublicity if you would like to host / review any of my books.

Oh Henry – dog detective Henry Houdini no.1 is now available!

So exciting… the first in my dog detective series is live on Amazon:

The fabulous Sarah Hardy at Book on the Bright Side is arranging my blog tour to run w/c 29th July.

Here’s more info…

Tagline: Henry, a nineteen-month-old Jack Russell, has been given the ability to talk and now they can’t shut him up! Family Guy’s Brian with just as much attitude but better sleuthing skills.

Blurb: Henry, a talking Jack Russell, is part of a small team researching a cure for Multiple Sclerosis. He is the target of several dognappers but can he use his wit or guile to outwit them and, with the help of laboratory assistant Gwynne Davies, find the proof needed to convict the criminals. Thus begins a series of adventures for the unlikely pair. This is Family Guy’s Brian meets Poirot meets My Fair Lady.

USP: There have been amateur sleuths, there have been talking animals – Henry is both.

Length: c. 72,000 words.

Location: Northamptonshire, England.

Note: I’ve been told ‘Oh, Henry’ is young adult but the main human character is a woman in her early forties so a more general appeal, I feel. ‘For the young in all of us.’ 🙂

Keywords: dog detective, dog detective novel, comic crime novel, cozy animal mystery, cozy animal mysteries, dog detective series, animal novels, humour, humor, humourous stories, humor novels, humour novels, humorous novels, Oh Henry, O Henry, Henry Houdini, Harry Houdini, William Sydney Porter, Gwynne Davies, lab assistant, Multiple Sclerosis, cure for Multiple Sclerosis.

Purchase links:

Do let me know if you’d like more information.


Camp NaNoWriMo starts today – anyone else joining me?

Yes, it’s that time of the year. April for Camp NaNoWriMo (10,000 words minimum) and November for the big sister / brother that is NaNoWriMo (50,000 words minimum).

Although I have a novel to edit (The Serial Dieter’s Shopping List, second in the Shopping List series), I’m going to add to two of the novels I’m writing, both standalone psychological thrillers.

I’ve had an emotional few months (including today) and I’ve not written anything since the middle of January, so it’ll do me good.

Anyone else joining me? Click on the picture for more details.