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lightning 143523Due to other commitments (client editing, my writing, competition judging, Writers’ Forum column etc.,)
I’m not currently taking any guest spots but will update this page when I am

Welcome to Flash Fiction Fridays. Most Friday mornings (c.6am UK time), I either post guest short stories (<500 words on the first and third – and fourth if it doesn’t clash with the 6-word stories – Friday of the month), the winners of that month’s 100-word free monthly competition (second Friday) or guest 6-word stories (final Friday, the deadline being the Wednesday prior).

For the first episode, because I only decided to do this the morning I planned to post it, I invited Joe Café novelist and musician (and more) JD Mader to let me have his short story ‘Green’. Technically I did post The Threadbare Girl the previous Friday so that I’ve called that zero instead. So, this is the story (stories) so far… 🙂

If you love short stories / flash fiction, also take a look at Burrst.comTruelee Fiction, Six Minute Magazine, and the Indies Unlimited Writing Exercises Contests page. And I’m Head Judge for the NLG Flash Fiction Competition.

Guidelines: If you’d like your story considered, email me :

  • your family-friendly story in full; up to 500 words (no strong violence or swearing please)*
  •  inspiration behind it*
  •  biography*
  • links to your website, blog etc.*
  • File 1: * all text together in an attached document (.doc or .docx preferred but I can usually work with whatever I receive) then…
  • File 2: optional photos of yourself and / or book cover… as an attachment, .jpg preferred, in the same email but NOT please embedded within the document).
  • And please say “Hello”. I’m a human and like you to talk to me. Also please say you’re sending it for Flash Fiction Fridays if that’s what you’re doing so I know how to deal with it.
  • Please do send me (to morgen@morgenbailey.com) everything listed above in advance because I’m likely to run your story. I’ve only declined one, due to its graphic nature. This cuts down on correspondence / waiting time which means I could run your story sooner. Thank you.
  • I also now welcome 6-word stories (with a 6-word biography!) – click here for the guidelines.
  • If it’s suitable I’ll email you with the Friday I plan to run it and it’ll be added to the schedule on this page.
  • I will also plan to podcast your story at a later date (on the last Sunday of the month, c. one month after the story runs here) so let me know if you DO NOT wish me to do this. *** The podcast is currently on hold (no new episodes) due to technical issues. ***
  • You can send as many stories to me as you wish but I will run them at intervals (usually a minimum of six weeks between author depending upon how many submissions I have in hand).
  • And please remember to include your website address if you have one.
  • Please allow a minimum of two weeks for a reply before chasing me! 
  • NB. Being published on my blog counts as being published (so you can add it to your writing CV!) but it does mean that some competitions won’t accept it thereafter so whilst I would love your best pieces, I don’t pay, so bear this in mind before you submit to me. I’m more than happy to have pre-published writing.

NOTE: Because of the high volume of enquiries, I don’t schedule in advance but when I receive the content.


If you’d like your story considered, email me your story (guidelines at the top of this page). Please remember that this is a family-friendly blog so no stories with strong language, extreme violence, or unpleasant / explicit scenes please… besides, suggestion can often be more powerful than blatancy.

NB. the copyright will always remain with you so you can still do whatever you like with them, although for most competitions / submissions having your story appear on my blog would count as being ‘published’. I will not use your fiction for any purpose other than to have the link appear on this page which directs to your piece. I will promote this page from time to time on Twitter and the likes, so that visitors come here, and hopefully onwards to you. I don’t pay you for your stories but it’s an opportunity for the readers of this blog (usually 200+ visits per day) to learn a little about you and your writing. And I get to read a load of short stories… my favourite format.

Because of the high volume of enquiries, I don’t schedule in advance but when I receive the content.

I know there are a lot of poets out there and Poet Philip Ellis asked me via Twitter if I’d take poems and whilst I’m no poet, I said “sure, why not” (or something like that), so I started weekly slot called Post-weekend Poetry running every Monday (when I have the content).

If you love short stories / flash fiction, take a look at Burrst.com, Truelee Fiction and the Indies Unlimited Writing Exercises Contests page. Nanoism is “a place for twitter-fiction” (140 characters max!).

If you’re looking to enter your flash fiction into competitions (NB. if your piece appeared on my blog it’s likely you wouldn’t be able to submit to a competition so bear this in mind when submitting to me, I wouldn’t want you to miss out). Creative Times has a list of their top 10 paying flash fiction competition sites. 16th May is National Flash Fiction day and you can find some competitions (various dates) on http://www.nationalflashfictionday.co.uk/competitions.html.

45 thoughts on “Flash Fiction

  1. Bonnie BA Kelly says:

    Confusion Morgan,
    I had emailed you about a regular interview and you answered, back, “Sure.”
    So, one of these days I am hoping we can get together. But I have no flash fiction.
    At my age I can’t move that fast even typing anymore!


  2. morgenbailey says:

    Lovely to hear from you Bonnie, you’re funny. 🙂
    I did email you the information on 15th August but things have changed since then; more choice but unfortunately longer lead times. Flash Fiction is a new addition but there are plenty of other options – I’ve just emailed you the latest information.


  3. Cindy Vaskova says:

    Hello Morgen, your Flash Fiction Friday’s section as well as your blog were recommended to me by a friend via Twitter, as a chances I’d get a shot to participate in one of those wonderful Flash Fictions. I am no established, published writer but like many others I have the hopes, the ideas and I’m armed with papers and a pencil. Getting to the main point. I’d be more than grateful if you allow me to send you a short story, whenever you have to opportunity and time , to read it and if perhaps it is good enough post it on your blog. Thank you for your time.
    Best wishes,
    Cindy Vaskova


  4. David Rowell blog says:

    Very much enjoyed the stories here. My novel, The Train of Small Mercies, was published by Putnam in October, and right now I’ve been posting my short shorts on my site–davidrowellblog.wordpress.com/–if anyone wants to check them out.


    David Rowell


    • morgenbailey says:

      Thank you, Ken. Flash Fiction Friday had been running a few weeks and I wanted to do something for poets but there wasn’t a day beginning with P. I had Monday free so PWP was born. 🙂


  5. William Bell says:

    Morgan, Morgan, Morgan. You haven’t been paying attention. If you look up “Sucks at computers” in the dictionary, you will get my name. I tried wordpress and recently weebly. I tried another one but don’t recall it’s name. I failed miserably at the effort. Of course if you have the magic pill for me, I would gladly take it.


  6. Angela says:

    Morgen, just found you earlier after googling short story templates or outlines or some such. 😉
    I’m AMAZED at all the writing and leadership you’ve provided over the years. WONDERFUL job. Thank You on behalf of Life. 😉


  7. lestie mulholland says:

    Hello MorgEn, I am new to the site and so am still reading and wandering about with much joy – thank you. How does one enter the FFF, is there an entry form I am missing? (like the one you have for the 100 word stories) Please help, Many thanks Lestie


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