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Due to other commitments (client editing, my writing, competition judging, Writers’ Forum column etc.,
I’m only doing Saturday Spotlights.

If you’ve been a guest on another WordPress site, then feel free to email me the link and I’ll gladly reblog it.

Welcome to my guest blog posts summary page. In August 2011, I started inviting fellow authors to write guest blog posts for me, and the 300+ posted to-date are listed below, followed by those scheduled for publication. New posts are currently on hold.

  • 500-1,000 words first-person informative writing-related topics (if you’re stuck for ideas look at the list of posted items and / or see topics already covered) ending with a question(s), or equivalent statement, to encourage the reader to comment. Indies Unlimited website has a great article on writing guest blog posts.
  • It doesn’t have to be exclusive, i.e. you can use it again elsewhere and it can have been posted elsewhere (now or previously – providing you have permission from the other publisher. Please don’t waste my time offering me content I can’t use or worse, content I post then have to remove). The item can be about fiction or non-fiction but it has to be creative writing-related, i.e. no items on academia, beauty, cars, finance, etc.
  • obligatory third-person biography up to 500 words – most readers will want to know who’s written the great piece they’ve just read*
  • optional 250-500 words synopsis of one of your books*
  • full website links (no etc) to where we can find you and your writing*
  • low-resolution .jpg photos of yourself and / or one or two covers (as separate files within the same email please, not embedded into the attached document text)… then when everything’s ready, email to me at
  • **** If you do embed a picture into the text PLEASE ensure you also attach it as a file. *****
  • *Please send all text together in one document attachment, not pasted into an email.
  • I like to mix the topics so please be aware that you may not necessarily get the next available slot.
  • Please note: Due to previous Google compliance issues, I am not longer accepting submissions from online bloggers with non-writing-related site links, and in all cases, submission does not guarantee acceptance.
  • Once your item is posted, I will forward to you all feedback (‘like’s, comments, retweets etc). If visitors take the time to leave a comment, please do them the courtesy of replying, and to me when I forward the feedback (many people don’t!). Thank you.
  • Because of the high volume of enquiries, I don’t schedule in advance but when I receive the content.
  • Please allow a minimum of two weeks for a reply before chasing me. Thank you.

Do you have a blog / website and would like me to guest blog on yours? Take a look here.

POSTED (take a look at ‘Other stuff‘ for posts I’ve written before these) or click here for topics covered.

That’s it so far! So if you write (or you are perhaps a reader and would like to say something from the reader’s point of view) and you’d like to do a guest blog, I’d love hear from you with your idea. You can email me or fill in my website’s ‘Contact me‘ page. Click here for the topics already covered.

Please note: I no longer accept content from online bloggers with links to non-writing websites.

There are also opportunities for author spotlights, and 6-word or Flash Fiction Fridays (which are then podcasted) or weekly Post-weekend Poetry. Please take a look at the relevant pages for their guidelines and lead times.

24 thoughts on “Guest blogs

  1. Terri Morgan says:

    Hi Morgen, I’d love to do a guest blog. I’m the author of Playing the Genetic Lottery, a novel that I published as an e-book in November. It’s the story of a 32-year-old wife and mother who grew up with two schizophrenic parents. It’s my first novel, and ninth book overall. While my novel is fictional, I did a lot of research on schizophrenia and how it affects patients and their families. I’m an avid reader, especially of fiction, and one of my quirks is getting annoyed when I’m reading a novel that is full of unrealistic characters and situations. (Obviously I’m not a fan of science fiction and fanatsy) I’d love to write a blog about the balancing act I did between creating realistic scenarios in a novel to reveal the story rather than have the facts carry it along. I’ve posted excerpts of the novel on my website; if you’d like to find out more about my writing. Please let me know if you’re interested. Thanks, Terri


  2. conniehannah says:

    Hi Morgen,
    I would absolutely be thrilled to do a guest blog. I am the author of The Suitcase of Secrets. It is a book based on a true story of a woman who decides to metaphorically unpack the suitcase of her past. Patty Hart grew up in a so-called perfect, christian, southern family while realistically they could have been considered ” the poster family for dysfunction. Through all the turmoil in her life, Patty had packed away years of memories, both good and bad. As Patty unpacks each item in her case, she relives the memories, sadness, happiness, and hope related to each piece removed.

    The book is very powerful and has received some wonderful reviews on Amazon. If you would like any further information or you have further questions. Please let me know. Thank you again.



  3. stressfreescribes says:

    Hi Morgen,
    After reading a few posts, I was delighted to find other authors going through the same struggles as I. Writting, editing, promoting, selling our books. I would love to be a guest author as I have one published book and another in the pipeline. Stranger in the Pulpit was released on October of 2011 by Tate Publising. Its sequal Stranger in the White House is due in August 2012. The propoer spelling of my name is Bryan M. Powell, by web-site is I blog with the best at “Jimmy stared at the document and knew he was the next powerbroker in town.” Stranger in the Pulpit.
    You can find Stranger in the Pulpit anywhere! But especially at http://www.newlifepublishersonline,com,

    Please let me know how I can be a guset bloger..



  4. Alana Woods says:

    Morgen, Alana Woods here. I’m scheduled for Author Spotlight on 4 April and Blogspot on 16 April. I notice you have a couple of guest blog spots still open. I also notice that you haven’t had a guest blog topic on editing from an editor’s point of view. I’ve been an editor for over 30 years and could do one on that subject if you like.


  5. Tracy Kauffman- Author says:

    Hello, I would like to be featured as a guest talking about topics relating to writing. I have appeared before on other ones before and have submitted articles to Ezine and Squidoos. Also would like to feature you as well on one of my blogs.


    • morgenbailey says:

      Hello, George. I welcome guest posts on any writing-related topic and yours certainly fits into that category. The guidelines are at the top of this page but I will email you directly.

      (with an e)


  6. Lorraine Jenkin says:

    Hi Morgen, I’d love to do a blog on your site if you’ll have me? I’ve had three books published but decided to self-published my fourth. The most daunting part of self-publishing for me was organising the cover, so I did a lot of research and wonder whether you would like a blog on the results of that research? My blog is Thank You! Lorraine Jenkin


  7. sophiebowns says:

    Hello Morgen, I write fiction and I would be very interested in writing a ‘guest blog’ post for you.
    I’ve written 3 novels (I haven’t submitted any for publication, but I am looking into E-book publishing at the moment.)
    My blog address is :


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