Due to other commitments (client editing, my writing, competition judging, Writers’ Forum column etc.,
I’m not currently taking any guest interviews but will update this page when I am.

If you’ve been interviewed on another WordPress site, then feel free to email me the link and I’ll gladly reblog it.


There are currently no other interviews scheduled and Saturdays are usually now Author spotlights. Please email me if you are interested in appearing on my blog and / or take a look at Opportunities on this blog for the full range of options. The interviews are the only item listed that I charge for.

FORTHCOMING / DATES TO BE CONFIRMED (to fit editing / publishing schedules etc):

If you’ve read all these and want more… there’s a list of other bloggers (I’m no.7 of 21) who interview authors.

…and if you’d like to read interviews of me you can find them at Teresa MorrowWho HubGerrie Ferris FingerJess C Scott, with myself for my 100th blog interview (released on my birthday), Marilyn MeredithAnne K AlbertMarja McGrawRosanne DingliSarahjane Funnell (celebrating the launch of my eBooks), Smoky Trudeau ZeidelWinn SmithKat ‘K.S.’ BrooksSue RoebuckElle AmberleyAvril JoyJean Henry Mead, and Helen Ross. Thank you ladies, it was fun having the tables turned. 🙂

I will also be interviewed by Neil Yuzuk for Acclaimed Books (date t.b.a.). If you’d like to interview me, feel free to email me. There’s also an interesting article ‘20 incredibly rare author interviews unearthed‘.

105 thoughts on “Interviews

    • morgenbailey says:

      That’s very kind Irwin but unfortunately I’m so pressed for time that I wouldn’t be able to do it justice. I’ve emailed you a list of questions so take a look and see what you think. Kind regards, Morgen



    Morgen, I was very impressed with your Interview with Jon, the Autobiographical
    writer and his “nomadic history” that I sent him an e-mail message, indicating a number of things we have in common, such as writing adventure stories based on our personal experience, and, a mutual Scottish heritage, including a “connection” to a larger-than-life fictional character, the “Tai-Pan” of James Clavel’s novels, from whom I adopted the e-mail name,
    Charles Walter Wooten


  2. Kevin Thomas says:

    I’ve found your site to be a very encouraging discovery after being overwhelmed by the amount of writer blogs that are our there. I shall send you an email as I’d love to play a small part in your project.


  3. morgenbailey says:

    Ahh, thanks Kat. 🙂 Just having to be very organised, yay for computers, cut/paste and so on. I’ve filled in some of my replies to yours, and enjoyed them, so will have it back with you shortly. x


  4. Toni Weymouth says:

    Blog interviews are so important to an author. Recently I had my email account (tdwriter) compromised by a hacker who tried to solicit money from my contacts. I could no longer get into my email nor could I alert my contacts about this hacker. I spent days trying to close this account. A lot of my social networking sites, now lost to me, were kept nice and neat in folders at this email address. What I’d like to say to anyone who trusts electronics is to print out everything you have online and keep this information in a special folder on your desk. Same with interviews. I had a devil of a time recontacting everyone. To be part of a blog is to become part of a community of friends. Don’t lose them like I did.


  5. martinamunzittu says:

    Fantastic website Morgen. Just discovered it. It’s like being in front of an amazing buffet, with loads of delicious food choices and not knowing where to start.

    I guess, the author interview would be nice. Would you be able to to fit me in? If so, please send me the questions and the date 🙂



  6. Tom Bryson (@TomBryson2) says:

    Hi Morgen,
    Thanks very much for my blog interview update – appreciated (Interview 26). What a great direct link you set up for my thriller SARCOPHAGUS on amazon. How/where do I find the long URL path to make a similar link to my crime novel TOO SMART TO DIE? Loved your short story Day the Dancing stopped – so poignant. BTW I’d like to guest blog please – what do I do?


  7. Dorothy K. Fletcher says:

    Hello, Morgen, I am a friend of Sigrun Buckley (Siggy), and she spoke so highly of her experiences with you that I thought I would see what you are all about. Would you please send the interview questions? Thanks so much for you time.


  8. juliemadblogger says:

    Hi Morgen, I’d love to have an interview posted on my 55th birthday, January 8, 2013. My paperback should be out by then, and it sure would be nice to have the exposure. I love what you’re doing here. You are brave and gutsy! Julie Greene


  9. Chris Keys says:

    I am an author of four books current on the market. One is a light horror story, two are action adventure and the the fourth is crime/thriller. I would very like to be considered for an interview at your convenance.


  10. animusnews by Ken Temple says:

    Brilliant initiative Morgen! I just discovered your site (thanks to LI). I write short stories-in-verse, poetry and scripts for short films. I was one of the 238 authors recently covered by Hollywood & Vine magazine (, following a blowup with a prominent NYC agency. I would love to be on your blog-show at some point as I have 2 books coming out this year. Since you are already booking 2013, do please send my an email with at least the number I can expect–you can follow up with the questions at your convenience (I will deal with them in under a week). Thank you so much, I will look to return the favour in the future.


  11. thestorywoman says:

    Hi Morgen, I enjoyed my friend Judith Marshall’s interview with you. I’d love to be in the Author Interview hot seat. I think you’ll like my work “Keeping Spirits Alive. Please email your list of questions. Thank you.


  12. William Marden says:

    Morgan: I’ve already committed to sending you info for an author spotlight. if it’s do-able, i’d love to try for a interview. I have two- soon three books – i;ll be selling on barnes and noble and smashwords and Amazon, in several genres, and by next year I hope to have several more out in different genres. I’d love to chat.


  13. juliemadblogger says:

    Hi Morgen, I just wanted to let you know that my paperback is about to be released. I wanted to wait until this time to answer the questions you sent, and also wanted to wait until after my trip to the UK to see my publisher, Jason Pegler of Chipmunkapublishing. The book should be in print shortly and I’ll get back to you. Everything should be all set by January. Thanks!


  14. Bob says:

    I’d like to participate in one of your interviews. I’m the author of three published novels: Striking Out, which was nominated for thee PEN/Hemingway award, Atlanta Blues, an Edgar contender, and A Majority of One, my latest, which is about a clash between religion and the U.S. Constitution over the censorship of books in schools. I also recently published Six of One, Half Dozen of Another, Stories & Poems, and I’m now on the last chapter of a novella to be published soon.Your blog is a wonder creation and a real boon to writers and writing, Morgen.


  15. Bob says:

    Thanks, Morgen. No idea what happened unless I got caught up in selling our house and moving to the beach. I can attest that moving is the world’s biggest job.


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  17. Shriwal says:

    Hi Morgen,

    I have recently started my career in web content writer and I am working with one website and writing on the interview Q&A. could you please help and guide me for the best interview questions and tips….



    • morgenbailey says:

      Hello Shriwal. It depends on the type of interviewees you plan to approach. I’d suggest reading interviews in the relevant industry / topic as well as researching your interviewee so you can tailor specific questions to their experience.


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