Author spotlights

The spotlights are coming Back!

I posted weekly author spotlights from 2011 to 2016 then stopped due to various commitments but they’re coming back in February 2023, posted every Saturday morning (8am UK time). Click HERE to see who’s coming up.

Below are the guidelines and below that links to those posted to-date. This is open to anyone in the writing industry: authors, agents, publishers, illustrators, marketeers etc.

Guidelines: A spotlight is made up of…

  • 500-word maximum third-person point of view biography*
  • 500-word first-person point of view about your writing / anything interesting writing-related (the ‘And now from the author him / herself’ second half)*
  • Full website links please (no etc.) to you and your work*
  • *text only (no photos) together in one document attachment please (.doc or .docx preferred but I can usually work with whatever I’m sent, although I’d prefer not receiving .pdfs especially with embedded photographs as it’s time-consuming pulling everything out and the photographs are never as clear)
  • Please, not pasted into the email, not separate documents per section, nor a link to external files such as Google Drive or Dropbox please.
  • A photograph of yourself and your book cover/s (as separate attachments, not pasted into the document) to add some colour to the post. Feel free to send as many book covers as you have. Please email me ( – note I’m Morgen with a E) as (ideally low-resolution .jpg: no more than 200kb in size, ideally 200-250 pixels max at the shortest length; Facebook only accepts photos with a minimum 200 pixels) and N.B. as attachments rather than email- or document-embedded text / photos. Thank you.
  • I’m human, so please don’t just send everything through, please at least say “hello”!)
  • Before submitting your own, please do look at one or more of the spotlights (the green links for the spotlights themselves (the blue links are the authors’ websites) to see how they ‘work’.
  • Please read through and spell-check your text before sending it to me.
  • Because of the high volume of enquiries received across this blog – over 900 currently outstanding, I don’t schedule in advance but when I receive the content, sorry about that.
  • NB.  Please include all the text as a document (.doc or .docx ideally), not pasted into the email or as a link to external files, and the photographs as separate files (
  • Please allow a minimum of two weeks for a reply before chasing me!
  • There is no charge for running your spotlight. I appreciate the content.
  • Finally, please check you have three attachments to your email: one document, two photos.

I don’t do book reviews – see Reviewers (and the genre sub-pages) for some other sites that do. From 1st May I will be posting guest book reviews (of other authors’ books) see Book Reviews.

  • 1. Jacqueline Lambert, author of the ‘Adventure Caravanning with Dogs’ series – more details at WorldWideWalkies (Sat 4th Feb 2023)
  • you could feature here!

An author spotlight is made up of a <1,000-word third person biography, <1,000-word first-person about your writing / anything interesting writing-related, then links to you and your work (see the already-posted spotlights listed above as examples). You can also provide a photograph of yourself and your book cover(s) to add some colour to the post. Please email me as attachments rather than email-embedded text / photos. Thank you.

Because of the high volume of enquiries received across this blog, I don’t schedule in advance but when I receive the content, sorry about that.

Unfortunately due to time constraints, I can’t do book reviews but I do also welcome blog interviewees*, writing-related guest blogs (max 1000 words, please email me in advance to discuss the topic), flash fiction for Flash Fiction Fridays and poetry for Post-weekend Poetry. 🙂

PLEASE NOTE: *I now charge for the interviews (£10 / €12.50 / $15) because they are so time-consuming (I don’t just read / post them, but add in comments before they go live as if we’re chatting).

I don’t charge (or pay) for running the author spotlights / guest blogs / flash fiction / poetry etc. – these ‘services’ are offered because I love meeting and getting to know other authors and because it’s fun to put new things out (and a little part of me hopes that when visitors come to my site they’ll maybe buy one of my books). So I thank each and every one of the authors who have asked (or said “yes” when I’ve asked them) to be, or are considering being, part of my blog. I’ll keep doing what I’m doing for as long as you keep doing what you’re doing. 🙂

77 thoughts on “Author spotlights

  1. alanplace says:

    No, I have just sent a few questions to Pat, in Queensland. So they should be here soon, also asked Larry Payne and a few other friends if they would like to cooperate, I am just getting strated LOL


  2. Emily Kemme says:

    Hello, Morgen.
    I contacted you via this website, and am interested in participating in your author spotlight for my new literary novel, “In Search of Sushi Tora.” It has received several great reviews, is selling well and I’d love to branch out. You offer a wonderful service.


  3. John McLeod says:

    Hi Morgan,
    I’m not sure if you feature the type of “author” I am. I have a book of medical terminology crossword puzzles out and am currently working on a second, of many I hope. Thank you for your consideration.


  4. davidmcgowan says:

    Hi Morgen

    So glad to have found your blog! I would love to take part. I see you’re booked up for a while so I’ll set a reminder to check back soon and will try and email you to see what you have space for!



    • morgenbailey says:

      Thank you very much, David. I’ll email you the info. as it’s best to send me the info. as I seem to be getting enquiries more quickly than I have space for but whenever suits you really (although I still have over 500+ questionnaires out in the ether). Less of a backlog for the guest blogs / spotlights (August) than interviews (December). 🙂


  5. Kelly says:

    Hi Morgan,

    I read about your author spotlights some time ago and had every intention of emailing you and then life intruded. It’s get’s busy. I’d like to participate. I have written two books. Phoenix is a post-apocalyptic book about one woman’s survival in the US after Iran hits us with numerous nuclear bombs. The second is a more recent book called The Love Songs Murders. It’s about two Seattle homicide detectives who are investigating the kidnapping of a very popular Seattle D.J. One cop is male, one is female. One is straight, the other gay. The both fall in love with the same woman.


  6. Cynthia Echeme says:

    Hello Sir, I’m pretty sorry responding somewhat late, and coming up with my writing. I have been terribly engaged with an academic activity in pursuance of a Graduate Course. I wish to know if I’m still free to come up with my stuff, as earlier sent by you.
    Cynthia E.


  7. morgenbailey says:

    Hi Cynthia. There is no hurry from me. I have sent out over 550 questionnaires that have not come back yet, some since I started June 2011. The interviews are currently scheduling into December and spotlights / guest blogs into August. If you have any queries it’s easier to email me (

    No need to call me Sir, especially because I’m a woman. 🙂 Just call me Morgen.


  8. William Marden says:

    I’ll send a file on a novel I’m selling on barnes and noble and smashwords to you shortly. this is a great thing you’re doing. the book is “when we were married – volume one – the long fall” a 220,000- word *800 pages) novel of the law, courts, cops, crime, love, hate, marriage and divorce., and sex.


  9. sarahgracelogan says:

    Morgen, could you possibly schedule me for a spotlight around February 10th (ish?) that’s around the time I’m hoping to release my ebook 🙂

    Obviously I’m happy to send you the text as soon as you need it!

    S x


  10. Kelly says:


    Initially, you sent me the process to get interviewed by you. I am sorry, I lost track of it. My excuse is I am raising a grandson, work full-time for the US government and try to write one book while marketing two others. Let’s just say life is full. You seem very personable and I’d love to participate in your author spotlights. Please tell me how.

    Kelly Marshall


  11. JJ Alleson says:

    Hi Morgen, A wonderful service; thanks for provided. Could you email me the details/questionnaire for your author spotlight?

    Is there any particular genre that you don’t accept?

    Warm Regards
    JJ Alleson


    • Robert Hirsch says:

      Thnak you so much, Morgen!

      On Thu, Nov 1, 2012 at 1:27 AM, Morgen Bailey’s Writing Blog wrote:

      > ** > morgenbailey commented: “No problem, Robert. I’ve sent it again now.” >


  12. mruttleysz says:

    ‘Lo Morgen.

    What a site!

    I’m interested in an Author Spotlight. Looks like you have slots at the end of March.

    My book is memoir/narrative nonfiction.

    Maybe you don’t have a packet for that?

    But I trust you to come up with something.

    Hope to hear from you.



  13. Micki Peluso says:

    Hi Morgen, how do you accomplish so many things at once–you’re amazing. I’d like to be in your “spotlight’ and will send you my info as soon as I can–I have no problem waiting.


    • morgenbailey says:

      Hi Micki. I’m fortunate enough not to have a day job so I spend my life on my computer. You’ve only done the interview (and submitted a poem) to-date so you’d be very welcome to do the author spotlight. The lead time’s not too bad at the moment so the sooner you get the content to me… no need to send photos already submitted, I can use what I have already.

      M x


  14. Rayne E. Golay says:

    Hello Morgen,

    Very impressive site. It’s full of very useful info, well organized and easy to navigate. My literary fiction novel THE WOODEN CHAIR was published on May 15, 2013 as e-book. I’d be very interested in being a part of your author spotlight. Just read John Foxjohn’s post, which is great. I know you’re booked, but hope you can find a hole for me in sometime in the near fuuture..I guess if I follow the instructions on your site, I’ll get to you what you can use. Thank you so much. I’d appreciate hearing from you by e-mail.


  15. Vickram E Diwan says:

    Morgen, you are doing wonderful work and a great service to all us Authors. In the stormy ocean of paid promotion and blog/website sharks out to make a quick buck at the expense of underpaid Authors; your blog and author spotlight shines as a lighthouse. Bless you and continue with the great work on your wonderful blog.

    P.S. Will shortly contact you with a formal request for appearance at your email.

    Vickram E. Diwan (


  16. carolcovin says:

    What a fantastic service you are offering by setting up all these feedback forums for writers. Love your site! I found you this morning when you posted Nancy Kyme’s author spotlight.


  17. Caroline A Connell says:

    Hi Morgen, found your blog(s)/site a couple of weeks ago and am in awe of all that you do. I’d love to contribute (both spotlight and interview) but, and if it’s ok with you, am going to learn by example and read through the contributions of others before submitting anything 🙂


  18. raynegolay says:

    Hi Morgen, I’d love to do a guest post on your great site. Please let me know what your time frame is. I’ve been playing in my mind with one topic about things to do to keep fit in order to keep writing. Does that have appeal. Please remind me of word count. Thanks.


    • morgenbailey says:

      Hi Rayne. That sounds great. Thank you. The guidelines are on the guest blogs page but the word count is c. up to 1,000 but it doesn’t really matter, just not a War & Peace! No particular timeframe; I usually post things within a few days of getting them and I don’t have much in at the moment so it shouldn’t differ from that, although I’m behind a bit with emails but hopefully caught up by the time I receive yours.


  19. Caroline A Connell says:

    Hi Morgen, I’ve finally read enough of the spotlights on and interviews with other authors to take the plunge myself. I’d very much like to do both, if that’s still ok with you?
    Best wishes, Caroline


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