Submission info.

This page is packed with opportunities on other websites, paper outlets etc. If you’d like to take part in anything on my blog, please take a look at the Opportunities on this blog page or email me for an information pack…

…or for submission information on specific genres, click the following links: Children’sFlash fiction & short storiesnon-fictionNovelsPoetrySci-fi, fantasy, horror etc., or Scripts.

Now to business…

If you’re like me and you’d like to submit more often than you do but you’re not sure where to send it, some of these may be of use…

Songwriting (just two for now so no need for a page on their own as yet):

If you do have any more information that could go on this page or find any broken links, old information etc., please email me.

16 thoughts on “Submission info.

  1. garymarkwick says:

    Hi Morgan,
    How about a self help book as I noticed there wasn’t anything like that mentioned in your submissions info. Does it make a difference that I am from England.
    My website for my book “Now it Begins” is http:/
    My website about what else I do and family background etc is
    Thanks for your time, you have a great blog.
    Best wishes


    • morgenbailey says:

      Hi Gary. I welcome every genre. It’s all about the author, less about the book.

      I’m in a writing group at the moment but if you’d like to email me (, note the spelling of my name, I’ll gladly send you an info. pack.



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