Reviewers – Non-Fiction

I’m starting to compile reviewers of different genres / formats and just have these few for non-fiction authors so far. NB. Some may well not take unsolicited enquiries so please check before you submit your book.

General Non-Fiction




Specific Non-Fiction

  • is “always looking for the best in cat-related fiction or non-fiction to review”.
  • Cindy Vallar “reviews maritime piracy and Age of Sail fiction and non-fiction for children and adults”.

Do you know of any non-fiction reviewers? If so, please email me.

  • click here for general / multi-genre reviewers, or
  • click here for reviewers of children’s books
  • click here for crime reviewers
  • click here for fantasy, horror, sci-fi genres reviewers
  • click here for flash fiction reviewers
  • click here for historical reviewers
  • click here for reviewers of poetry
  • …pages for reviewers of other genres to follow

4 thoughts on “Reviewers – Non-Fiction

  1. Bob O'Hare says:

    Hello Morgan
    Did I thank you for this list? Probably, just now getting back to your contribution to my success. Thank you. I would like to reach every one on your list and it would take time trying to figure how, who, when and what. I am exhausted thinking about it. Who can help me?
    My book, Unload Email Overload, is valuable! It can save busy individuals, managers and those with a full inbox thousands of hours of precious time; and, save the companies they work for, $millions of dollars.
    Morgan, please help me get that word out.


  2. Steve M Nash says:

    Hello Morgen. Great list you’ve got here. Alas, I am no longer reviewing non-fiction books so it’s probably best for all concerned if you take my listing off – thanks.



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