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I’m delighted to support the Shirley You Jest Book Awards.

Author Spotlights for the top four winners will be appearing on this site November / December 2012.

I’ve had the privilege of being asked to write the following guest posts:

Other guest items are:
Short story (‘The Threadbare Girl’) published on Nathan Weaver’s site.
Neal James – January 2012: author of the month (biography & second-person viewpoint story The Dark Side).

I have also had articles published in the National Association of Writers’ Groups magazine: April 2011, August 2011 and October 2011 and a twisted fairy tale in April 2012 editions. My article on Story a Day May 2012 will appear in the August edition (link to follow).

And amongst the comments about the interviews I host on here is a particularly generous one by Patricia Comroe Frank and I get a glowing reference on Gary Showalter’s blog.

Then in June 2012 Editor and Creative Writing Consultant Hayley Sherman invited (and accepted) my submission for her eBook publishing guide… I’ll put the link here when it comes out.

In July Barbara Barth featured me on her Book Talk Blogspot blog and Alana Woods asked me to contribute towards her writing guide. 🙂


I was thrilled to be asked and if you have a website / blog and would like me to ‘talk’ about something writing-related I’d be happy to (for free if you don’t need the content to be exclusive, otherwise there will be a small charge – see ), my email address is

…and if you’d like to read interviews of me you can find them at Teresa MorrowWho HubGerrie Ferris FingerJess C Scott, with myself for my 100th blog interview (released on my birthday), Marilyn MeredithAnne K AlbertMarja McGrawRosanne DingliSarahjane Funnell (celebrating the launch of my eBooks), Smoky Trudeau ZeidelWinn SmithKat ‘K.S.’ BrooksSue Roebuck, Elle AmberleyAvril Joy and Wendy & Charles SiefkenJean Henry Mead, and Alan Place. Thank you everyone, it was fun having the tables turned. 🙂

I will also be interviewed by Mark Tierno and Neil Yuzuk for Acclaimed Books (date t.b.a.). If you’d like to interview me, feel free to email me.

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