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Northants Authors had a great time at Weston Favell library

Northants Authors had a great time at Weston Favell library, Northampton (England), last week. We will return 12-15 December so if you’re in the area then do put that in your diary and come and meet us, and buy your Christmas presents! To find out more about us, click the blue link above (which will take you to our website) or here.

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The Serial Dater’s Shopping List comes alive!

Fellow Northants Authors member and children’s author John Scotcher runs the YouTube channel Chatterbooks and is running various episodes introducing his audience to a series of independent authors. I’m delighted to say I am episode four… see the video below…

And you can find out more about my novel via this blog’s The Serial Dater’s Shopping List (novel) page.


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Book review – Three marketing / publishing books by John Monyjok Maluth

Today’s book review of an author’s three self-publishing guides is brought to you by yours truly, Morgen Bailey. If you’d like your book reviewed or to send me a book review of another author’s book, see book-reviews for the guidelines. Other options listed on opportunities-on-this-blog.

Being a writer and editor, I read and review books with both hats. If you’re a writer reading this review and found it useful, do let me know.

John Monyjok Maluth’s three self-publishing guides

The Marketing GuideThe Marketing Guide: The negative concept about the traditional book marketing is that, a certain company must publish your book. This concept is now past. It is not modern even though some authors are relying on this concept even today. Getting into public is the main issue. The quality of your book matters the most.

The Publisher’s Guide: With the help of today’s technology, you can do the impossible things yourself. You can write, edit, proofread, design, format, convert, publish and market your books online. Would you believe this to be true? Whether you believe it or not, it is happening daily. People are writing and publishing their own book daily. The book publishing concept is already changing from time to time.

The Author’s Guide: In the Author’s Guide, I have discussed about the writing concepts, types, history, and finally, the independent publishing in the modern world. Today, you cannot only write books, you can also publish your own online. It’s time to get started!

Review (of the eBooks)

I came across Kenyan John Monyjok Maluth’s three self-publishing guides while recommending Smashwords to an editing client.

I started with the marketing guide where the first half talked about where to self publish and the associated outlets available so not really marketing as such. Section 5 entitled social network book marketing was the most useful although talked about the mainstream sites of Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc.

It was at 88% that we get marketing tips so up to then it felt more like the where to get books available guide.

There was a fair amount of repetition throughout the book and the message was to use social media, tell friends et cetera so, for me, sadly nothing new but a good refresher, especially when it came to utilising email contacts. I have never set up a newsletter and had started the process on mail chimp – which isn’t mentioned in John’s books – and must see that through.

John’s publishing guide is similar but – as you would expect – shows you how to self publish and skims over marketing.

I then went on to the author’s experience which does what it says on the tin; how John came to writing and self-publishing then talks again about how to market.

In all three books, he reiterates that we should write because we love it, not for the money, although both is ideal. I concur.

I did spot a couple of typing errors in the marketing guide: ‘tranditionally’ and ‘its’ marketing success’ (where they shouldn’t be an apostrophe after its – an easy mistake to make). And another easy mistake to make – in the publisher’s guide – is ‘both you and me will be paid $25’. Drop the ‘both you and’ and the rest doesn’t make sense so the best way to remember when you’re trying to decide whether to use ‘you and me’ or ‘you and I’.

For beginners they are excellent guide, especially as they are all given away free on Smashwords, and a useful reminder for more seasoned writers.


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The Parcel Project (a free collaborative novella!)

colourful-gifts 909705 (resized 2 - small)‘The Parcel’ is an eighteen-chapter 26,000-word collaborative novella (free) eBook written by attendees of the 2015 winter-term ‘Creative Writing – Intermediate’ ten-week class hosted by co-contributor Morgen Bailey.

The authors wrote their chapters while knowing only the size, weight and destination address of the parcel, together with the chapters’ starting and ending locations – chosen by the authors themselves (some of whom have other books available on Smashwords). They could choose their own characters – the lead of which entitle each chapter – and plot.

Morgen then collated the stories and made minor edits to turn each chapter into a cohesive novella before designing the cover and upload the finished package today, Monday 30th November, hours ahead of the tenth and final session of the course so all the contributing attendees left the course as published authors!

It is available (free!) on Smashwords and will soon be available on iTunes, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, Scribd, Oyster, OverDrive (which Smashwords describes as the world’s largest library ebook platform serving 20,000+ libraries), Baker & Taylor, Gardners Books, and Inktera (formerly called Page Foundry).

It is available for free, and all the authors hope that you enjoy reading this novella and that it feels seamless to you.

We would love to know what you think and invite you to email Morgen at who will pass your comments on to the relevant authors. We would also be very grateful if you left a review as an encouragement for others to read the novella. Further details (inc. a list of the contributing authors) on this blog’s The Parcel Project 2015 page.

Please do leave a comment (below or on the PP2015 page), especially after you’ve read the novella and hopefully before too long you’ll be able to read those left by other visitors. Thank you for those of you who will go off and download this eBook – your support is much appreciated. Oh, I did I mention that it’s free?🙂


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