The free 100-word comp is open for June

Yes, May is closed and June’s theme of ‘the wrong card’ is open, to be used however you see fit. For details, please take a look at the 100-word comp page.

It’s a free competition and you can win free …Editing and Critique or my Creative Writing Online Courses.

The page also lists the upcoming themes for the next few months so you can write them whenever you like but don’t submit early as they’ll be disqualified. Good luck.

Story a Day May 3 – Change POV


We often get stuck writing in the same point of view or from the same perspective. Make an effort to write a story, today, that is different.

If you usually write in third person, try first.

If you usually write adult women, try a boy, or an alien, or a grown man.


Check back every day for more prompts, and don’t forget to come back and leave a comment to celebrate your writing successes, every day!

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Story a Day May 2 – Set a Timer


Don’t spend too much time on your opening.

Brainstorm for five minutes, spend the next five on an opening and then give yourself 20-25 to dig your characters into a hole and let them start to climb out of it.

Try to start wrapping it up when you have about five minutes left on your timer. Even if you have to write some brief notes [“this is where they make their great escape”], put an ending on the story.

This will make it so much easier when you come back to revise it later.


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Story A Day May has started

A bit late in the day… literally, but Story A Day May started today with the following prompt:

Write a short story using the Story A Day formula…

A __________(adjective) __________(noun) __________(strong verb)__________(subject), so they __________(verb), and because of that __________(verb), and because of that __________(verb) until __________(something changes) and__________(what has changed?). Closing question/statement/image: __________.

See for full details.