‘Fifty 5pm Fictions’ Collections

The five ‘Fifty 5pm Fictions’ (the stories featured on my 5pm Fiction slot) are now available from Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk (and other Amazon countries) at just $0.99 / £0.77 per collection – details below (word counts in brackets)…

Fifty 5pm Fictions (Volume 1), featuring Tony Tibbenham, available from SmashwordsAmazon.com and Amazon.co.uk, containing the following stories:

  • KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERALife in the Old Dog (447 words), Strange Little Girl (425), The big black one with the space in the back (655), First impression (266), Joining the 21st Century (365), They always look at the shoes (223), Like out of space or something (173), Until Daniel (377), Too beautiful for words (356), Phonetics – A Winter’s Tale (670), Just that extra (297), The innocent brick (158), How’s your mum? (221), Our Joanie (240), Family heirlooms (227), Art theft (185), The Chelsea bun (240), An alien hum (110 one-sentence!), Scratch at the door (67), Thin enough (300), Having something in your mouth (166), Cold feet (145), Under (467), Same time tomorrow (587), Once the love’s gone (626), a prequel to my free eShort April’s Fool, Thinking big (228), Sometimes I forget (357), Funny peculiar (359), Varying degrees of German (346), Light – a guest story by my sci-fi writing friend Tony Tibbenham! (163), Raven hair flying – by Tony again (243), Getting off lightly (141), Quirky boots (60), Oh brother! (948), Double trouble (112), A woman by comparison (270), Stalemate (371), I knew a Joyce once (285), Every days (155), Weapon of choice (573), My one regret (335), Bath for two (147), Her eyes have never been bluer (176), Not even as affection (227), Just desserts (112), Carry on with the show (886), Not imaginary like Jack’s (402), Feeding the Father (658), Are you going to tell her or shall I? (347), and Not visiting day (100). Total word count: 15,994.

Fifty 5pm Fictions (Volume 2) available from SmashwordsAmazon.com and Amazon.co.uk, containing the following stories:

  • Fifty 5pm Fictions (Vol 2) cover smallNo threat to customers (398 words), We all have to start somewhere (1,919), The one she’d bought the dress for (582), This is my mother we’re talking about (202), Nita readings (286), It brought him luck last time (188), Whatever Aunt Agatha has in store for you (318), Once living and pink (182), Stuffed (44), A good deal really (221), Human maybe (126), Unexpected especially (323), Belt up (227), Gripped (268), Ruby’s revenge (252), Trillpower (155), Sharp edges (142), Hot for a man in uniform (137), A goatie to go with it (321), Yes, Mildred (212), Biological is all it is (531), Sticky red hands (176), Home visit (305), No faded circle of skin (373), Good with his hands (428), Just a shame they have to die (263), Who indeed? (280), Three keys (276), It’ll be over soon (220), More Laura Ashley than Magnum P.I. (288), Sort of funny (228), Master of the house (135), Legs and confidence (443), Cheapskate (188), Dowdy is a let-down (454), Exotic spice (313), Playing safe (242), They never do (263), Modern-day Cleopatra (393), Cardboard box in a field (435), Off the back of a lorry (328), Standing room only (548), Waiting for the number 12 (459), Rosie an afterthought (262), A mountain to climb (361), Not a house or car (94), Popped out for a pint of milk, or something (417), The light on the ceiling (185), Empathy, sympathy, sorrow (326), and Josie’s wings (237). Total word count: 16,015.

Karen reviewed this collection on Amazon November 2015 and gave it 4*: “Love reading these stories good selection Morgen x” Thank you, Karen!

Fifty 5pm Fictions (Volume 3) is available from SmashwordsAmazon.com and Amazon.co.uk, containing the following stories:

  • Fifty 5pm Fictions (Vol 3) cover smallTwo short (551 words), Dog collar (60), Just like Christmas (213), He doesn’t look right (133), Neighbourhood Watch (219), Daddy’s girl (200), Red suit and all (150), African grey blues (360), Cry Baby (284), Chalk and fromage (part 1) (251), Chalk and fromage (part 2) (339), Most people (114), The picture on the mantelpiece (199), Like a newborn (347), Hand-painted £2.50 (451), Just a couple of initials (264), Without knowing (470), Until the red light (306), Not listening (198), Dad’s Army (264), Others would knock (214), Not red like I asked (465), Stage left, Henry! (262), Everything that doesn’t remind you of him (342), A glint of gold (133), She’d expected a whooshing sound (338), Less than green these days (240), Something borrowed (159), To no-one in particular (225), Idiosyncratic (133), Almost (233), Knew better (429), Such a pterodactyl (215), Valentine’s Day (157), A figure to die for (200), Thud on the floor (332), Thistle (222), Feeling stupid (338), A different kind of speechless (330), It’s ’ot in ’ere (378), As if a new-born (385), Stupid is (170), Doing a job I love (533), Rumbled (100), Not the wisest of actions (251), Do his best (167), Scream like a girl (354), Warped out of recognition (294), Easy to compare (226), He’ll know what to do (294). Total word count: 13,492.

Fifty 5pm Fictions (Volume 4) is available from SmashwordsAmazon.com and Amazon.co.uk, containing the following stories:

  • Fifty 5pm Fictions (Vol 4) cover smallThe Accident (393 words), Black paint like tadpoles (314), A blue one (418), Something portable but durable (239), Nutcase (136), A different ending (184), Just as the number 12 pulled in (171), Travelling in parallel (273), It too hides my features (245), Not the most comfortable in town (234), Like Mother Like Son (270), Where Matt came from (171), Warning flag at the rapids (244), Charm just as bright (171), She favoured compassion today 253), You’ve got male (215), A Breed Apart (346), And no Lucy either (93), I’m sorry, you’ve been kidnapped (162), Left by the wayside (232), Let’s face it (148), Escapism (and Twitter micro fiction) (28), Centipeding a distinctive diagonal line of dust (279), Like a scene from a Hammer movie (122), Who’d have teenagers? (168), Colourful. Loud. Exotic. (118), Consequences attached to being brave (137), Leaving isn’t demure (148), Gasping for breath (528), The day Lillian learned to drive’ / Camp NaNoWriMo lift-off! (318), Surrounded by it in life, surrounded in death (432), A stranger would understand (331), Cobblers (234), A heartbeat to be attached to (451), Have a heart (260), Wait, listen and wait some more (576), Not life or death (487), No junk, no bills (403), Treacle Tart (578), Boston, Lincolnshire or Massachusetts (352), Until the shaking happened again (128), The curved soul (120), L’homme avec les yeux bleus (165), Their world was lacking (386), Pet Shop Blues (174), Like a Sergeant Major (220), Not a very grand job (490), Twenty-seven minutes (448), The Eye of the Tiger (290), Ticking? Clicking? Dripping? (240). Total word count: 13,523.

Fifty 5pm Fictions (Volume 5) is available from SmashwordsAmazon.com and Amazon.co.uk, containing the following stories:

  • Fifty 5pm Fictions (vol 5) smallI could have cried (491 words), Even the dog is borrowed (302), Me, myself and I (895), Transparent (433), The ghost of the half-empty bed (622), Andrew would have been proud (330), Furry like a dog (698), Passion Wagon (60), All he wanted (198), Best in Show (795), Two backwards, one forwards (476), Full Moon (166), Eddie’s Fault (454), Getting to seven (204), Smile (140), Incessant Vera (194), Elimination (294), Lock jaw (29), Hold On (725), They try to with the food (670), Just getting started (60), An American Werewolf in London (710), No joke (127), A lot to learn (933), Sentimental keepsake (547), Ocean Drive (321), Police escort (619), Spice of life (238), Giving Gene Simmons a run for his money (55), Two Rows (567), Half-human (292), A Bad Feeling (300), Off by Heart (120), Hot Air (55), Write what you know (141), How hard can that b- (55), All Heart (504), Through (111), Curved into a smile (663), Tumble Turn (167 words), Bringing Work Home (87), Muddied By Misfortune (163 words), A Right Miss Marple (333), Mum Thinks It Was Me (210 words), Trust Me (391 words), Attracting Airheads (427 words), Erlina Didn’t Mind (94 words), First Day (151 words), Cleaning Up The Town (71), Holding Hands (400). Total word count: 16,998.

Other volumes to follow… A list of these and my other eBooks can be found here.

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