365-Day Writer’s Block Workbook (Vol 1)

*** BREAKING NEWS!! Vols 1&2 (months one)
are now available as online courses
and the whole books as paperbacks!***

The ‘365-Day Writer’s Block Workbook (Volume 1)‘ contains over a thousand sentence starts, three per day, with writing tips at the end of each week to motivate and inspire, providing kick-starts to avoid the dreaded ‘writer’s block’.

Useful for any writer at any level, whether they have 10 minutes or 10 hours, to start a new project. Also an ideal tool for writing groups.

With a combination of six first-person, six second-person, six third-person and three non-specific point of view starts per week, there are plenty to choose from.

Beginning at ‘Day 1’ this book has been designed to be started at any time of the year, and regardless of whether the sentences are used in order or not.

With a choice of three per day a writer can select one, two or all and see where it leads them (you!).

This workbook is available as an eBook via AmazonSmashwordsBarnes & NobleiTunes Bookstore and Kobo and costs $0.99 / c.£0.80 each (eBook), and paperback via Amazon and CreateSpace $6.99 / £4.99 each (paperback).

Reviews received to-date:

  • 5* on Smashwords: “A lovely concept, elegantly [ha!] delivered. The narrative and notes at the end of each page help: They provide further useful hints. Buy it to find out why elegantly amuses me!”
  • 5* on Smashwords: “Thoroughly loved learning from your knowledge and you really are inspirational in your writing, i am glad I stumbled across you. Thank you.”
  • via Facebook: “Morgen you write wonderful creative writing books. I’m very happy with the one I bought.”
  • 5* on Amazon: “I came across this book by accident after browsing through the dozens of other books out there who claim to help with writer’s block. I have only just downloaded it, and after reading only a few prompts, my mind is buzzing with lots of story ideas already. Morgen uses just a few words to kickstart ideas, leaving the rest up to your imagination which is how it should be – I don’t want to re-write another author’s work and ideas – I just need a little help to be able to create “original” ones. As a newbie writer I liked the intro that Morgen gave on first, second, third person perspectives, past and present tenses and how they can all be used to mix-and-match for even more new ideas. I also liked the “tip of the week” which helps to keep you on the right track and avoid new-writer mistakes. This book will keep me going with lots of story ideas for quite some time!!”
  • via Facebook: “Ooh! I think I’ll get this, it looks good. :)” followed by “It’s very good. I can personally recommend it.”
  • via Twitter: “Currently using @morgenwriteruk 365 Writer’s Block Workbook to try to find inspiration for my final exam story.”

Very happy with those. This workbook was also featured on Luan-WowWeddingShows eNewspaper. 🙂

There will be further volumes , each one based on the above format; with a choice of daily exercises and tip at the end of each week. Exercises will include random prompts, pictures, scenarios etc.


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