Flash Fiction Friday 29: ‘The Jazz and The Blues’ by Mia Johansson

Welcome to Flash Fiction Friday and the twenty-ninth piece of flash fiction in this series. This week’s is a 713-worder by spotlightee Mia Johansson who brought us ‘On the Bridge‘ back in November.

The Jazz and the Blues

It was that year I was born. Was it a newsworthy event? Yes. I was born. Was it historical? Maybe. Cultural? I doubt it, but who knows. Astrological? It must have been since I was born. That means the planets and the stars, the whole universe was in harmony giving birth to ME.

How was it?

Sweat and pain and screaming and yelling. A lot of pain. It must have hurt a lot coming to an unknown place all alone, trying to make my way into the world. And all you see is a light, bright and colored like a rainbow. In fact it is a rainbow. The light. It has all the colors in it. It has everything you want. And something more, Life!

It was quite some time ago but I still remember it. Or maybe… Anyway ever since that day I have started to die a little. Every day we die a little. So strange, isn’t it? We are born to start dying. Every second until we finally remember the day we made the step into the unknown. But maybe that day, the final day, we’ll remember exactly that moment, The Birth. It is the moment we are (are we?) ready to be reborn and see the light. Again.

There was a lot of talking crap, wasn’t there?

“At least you’ve had a good morning, haven’t you?” my neighbor said to me this morning. I suppose he’s right, since nothing is personal or private or intimate anymore nowadays.

In fact I did have a good morning today. I managed to get up like every single morning since that very day when I saw the light. And it’s a miracle. Just think how marvelous life is; to feel the heart beating, the blood rushing into your veins and the sweat drops trickling-down all over your body. To wake up early in the morning and open your eyes wide into a fabulous new world full of the unexpected. Full of colors, of dance and movement. Of silence

Of Jazz

And Blues.

How was I? Naked. Pretty much naked. As I am today. As I was before and shall be tomorrow. I mean why should we need something so trivial, so useless as some pieces of thread to hide… what? Us from whom we are, to be sure that we’ll succeed and conquer that tiny spot, that short moment we’ve been given here, that we call life?

That morning I thought it would be as usual; shiny and warm. But it wasn’t. The wind started to blow and it was quite chilly. The train station looked like a spider net of railways and people. So many people! I’ve never seen so many in the same place. There were hundreds of them and all in a hurry making their own smelly tracks on the big hall floor, or waiting diligently for a train to arrive. Sleeping or reading, eating or just holding tightly their crying babies. Or maybe each other’s hands, listening to that thrilling, sensual music flowing smoothly through their own breathing haze. If it wasn’t for that music playing the moment I entered the hall room, that moment when I met him…

All that jazz…

I didn’t say a thing, I was just quiet. And waited.

It was the first time. The journey. Was it? Yes, it was, so I was both excited and worried at the same time. Everything was new for me; the places, the town, the road. The people. When I think of it I realize that I was so nervous and focused that day that in fact I don’t remember much of the trip. Who were those people on the bus, on the train? Don’t know. I have no idea. People. Just people. Travelling people. Like me. But I did manage to wake up every day since then. Every morning. Today too. And it’s a miracle, isn’t it?

Where am I? Here, I suppose. Still here, aware of the moment. At least I try. But seen from another perspective, from another side of the Universe, I don’t even exist. I am fiction.

How do I look? Still 25!

What am I doing? That was a damn good question.

Who am I with?


I still got the blues.

Thank you, Mia. You called it ‘twisted’ in your email and I agree – I love ‘twisted’. 🙂

Mia Johansson is a civil engineer living in Sweden, author of the fiction novel “Unfinished discussion about God – The diary of a time traveller” expected to be published 2012, and other short stories. She is an occasional photographer interested in the architecture of old and modern cities, street life, a good cup of coffee and jazz. I have just recently joined Google+ (late to the party, I know) and Mia is already there; you can view her stunningly attractive albums here. You also read more about Mia in her spotlight and her other FFF story ‘On the Bridge‘. Tonight’s story was podcasted here.

If you’d like to submit your 1,000-word max. stories for consideration for Flash Fiction Friday take a look here.

The blog interviews will return as normal tomorrow with thriller / romance novelist Gregg Feistman – the three hundred and thirty-second of my blog interviews with novelists, poets, short story authors, bloggers, biographers, agents, publishers and more. A list of interviewees (blogged and scheduled) can be found here. You can also read / download my eBooks and free eShorts at Smashwords, Sony Reader Store, Barnes & Noble, iTunes Bookstore and Kobo. My eBooks are now on Amazon, with more to follow, and I also have a quirky second-person viewpoint story in charity anthology Telling Tales.

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52 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Friday 29: ‘The Jazz and The Blues’ by Mia Johansson

  1. mia says:

    on Linkedin
    R. Leonardo Helton (♫♪ Jazz is the Music of Love ♫♪ Music Composer – Jazz Improv – New Wave Fusion ♫♪ Piano Cello Synth * 5400+ * Solar R&D) wrote:

    “Beautifully done, Mioara!”


  2. mia johansson says:

    on FB:
    Like · Unfollow Post · Share · 12 hours ago.

    Daniele Neri, Paulo Dias and 2 others like this.

    Herman Bekker
    Rotterdam, Netherlands

    Maria Garcia Montalvo


  3. mia johansson says:

    on LinkedIn: Cristian Orfescu has sent you a message.

    Date: 4/09/2012

    Subject: RE: happy holidays!

    I liked the story and I would like to congratulate you for it and your book
    I visited also your art on google gallery. good works!


  4. mia says:

    WScott Richards has sent you a message.
    Date: 4/09/2012
    Subject: Short story
    thank you for your story. Your style always catches me by surprise. It is something nice to read when you can curl up with a book and a drink.


  5. mia johansson says:

    Juan Ignacio Barenys de Lacha

    Dear Mioara

    Still in holidays I have two minutes to thank you for sharing your last writing “Jazz and blues” which I found very very nice. Magnific. Keep on writing.
    Visiting your blogs I found magnific photos made by you, specially two collections. You love the camera when you are choosing subjects outside of yourself

    Your style of writing is called Capricorn or Lion (zodiac symbols) usually considered as self-portraiting.
    Again, congratulations for your writing.


  6. mia says:

    on FB: Like · · Share

    성미경, Wafa Salmi and 6 others like this.

    Turgay Ileri
    İzmir Namık Kemal Lisesi

    Mia Thalia Painter

    Clau GL
    Montevideo, Uruguay

    Wacław Wietrzykowski
    Politechnika Śląska

    EM Joffre
    Catedrático Asociado at UPR Escuela de Arquitectura

    Mario Schaeffer
    Artist/Painter at Kunstenaar


  7. mia says:

    soulbrotherian ‏ Reply Retweet Favorite · Open
    Thanks Mia, how are you, I read your short stories, fantastic and observational


  8. mia johansson says:

    John Kelliher


    You write remarkably well, I must say, as a time shifter, a contemplative reflector of and observer of the world. Is ”The Jazz and the Blues” part of a series? Do you have any more publications planned?


    > Date: Thu, 12 Apr 2012 09:50:45 -0700


  9. mia johansson says:

    thank you John, i am glad you liked the story.

    i have other short stories and ideas for some new that i would like to publish in a book called “The Jazz and The Blues and other short stories” but for the moment i want to concentrate on my book “Unfinished discussion about God – The diary of a Time Traveler”. i hope to have it published this year.

    “On the bridge. AT eight pm.” is another short story i wrote for some time ago. you can find the link included in my writers profile.

    i am also working with a book about New York called “Where The Sky is Edgy”, containing only photos. so there are some things “to take care of” but first, “Unfinished discussion about God – The diary of a Time Traveler”.



  10. mia johansson says:

    on FB

    Like · · Unfollow Post · Share

    Reza Khazaei,Dariush Anzabipoor, Altomare Quaresimale, Prabhdeep Singh and 8 others like this.


  11. mia johansson says:

    tara rogers‏@dubaitaraReply

    · Open

    @miorita Wow, thanks for sharing. love it. You are a true creative talent.


  12. johnkelliher says:


    Are you ever going to complete your story unfinished discussion about God – The diary of a Time Traveler”?



  13. mia johansson says:

    well you know time traveling is not that easy so it might take a while. i hope this summer, this year to have my novel finished and published.


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