9 thoughts on “Guest post: Getting The Blurb Right by Ken Magee

  1. Captain Black says:

    I think the blurb’s fine except for possibly one thing: the second sentence came across as a bit of a cliché to me and, as we’re often told, we should avoid clichés like the plague.

    I would also add another bullet point to your list:

    Don’t confuse the blurb with the synopsis. Learn the difference. One is targeted at readers and the other is for literary agents and publishing professionals.


    • Ken Magee says:

      Great point about blurb v synopsis.

      I appreciate your comment about ‘modern life be the same again’. I did consider other phrases, but that one seemed to capture what I wanted to say. I guess I feel that sometimes clichés are OK, but they need to be used with caution.


  2. Pagadan says:

    Great post! Yes, a blurb is important, and readers do need to know that it’s funny too. (That always gets my attention.) Btw, it doesn’t hurt to have one or two back-up blurbs–different lengths and angles for future use.


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