7 thoughts on “Author interview no.500 with crime novelist Ann Cleeves

  1. jimcopeland says:

    Miss Ann:
    I enjoyed your interview very much. I have often dreamed of being on a deserted island and being able to live under my own steam. There has to have been great waves of memory involved. I will have to say I twinged…with a bit lip as you and Morgen discussed the part about writers indulging themselves in self gratification. How does one tell…without telling?
    James M. Copeland


  2. patgarcia says:


    May I say that I love Ann Cleeves. She is an absolutely fantastic author and I love her especially because of VERA, one of my favourite crime shows. I discovered Vera on my iPad on Film On. Living in Germany, I was hungry for a good old Crime show that offered me variety and where I had to really think about what was happening. So, the first time I saw Vera, she captured my heart.

    Now I am busy reading everything Cleeves writes. When I want to retreat and just lose myself in a good crime mystery, then I read Ann Cleeves.

    So, thanks, Morgen for the wonderful interview, and congratulations on your 500th interview. It is a wonderful milestone, and I look forward to 1000th interview.



  3. patgarcia says:

    Reblogged this on Walk On and commented:
    Good morning,
    One of my favourite crime programs is on ITV 3 and I receive it on my iPad. That is one of the reasons why I am so happy that I have an iPad. I can watch TV series in English and not lose touch with my own native language. Morgen Bailey, the interviewer, moderator, writer, who also did an author spotlight on me on the 12th of September, recently had her 500th Author Interview, with Ann Cleeves, who is also the author of the books for the crime series running on ITV 3 called Vera. Needless to say, Vera is one of my favourite shows and Cleeves books are fantastic. I highly recommend them. Thus, this reblogged is more than appropriate for my Walk On blog. This woman, Ann Cleeves, is a woman in our times that is still walking on. Please take the time to read it. I am sure you will enjoy learning more about her.


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