3 thoughts on “Author interview no.567 with memoirist and novelist Jim Wygant

  1. Jane Risdon says:

    Wonderful interview and what an interesting man you are! I love the whole polygraph lie detector thing….I wonder, has anyone beaten it that you know of and is it possible to beat it, trick it or manage to manipulate it Jim? I like you self publish and have a healthy disregard for traditional publishers. I too think they behave like a business (which of course, they are) and are run by accountants and I know I go on about the Music Business, but this mentality has been a major contributor to the downfall of the many companies which once sat pretty making tons of money, thinking they were invincible. The majors are all disappearing and the smaller ones were eaten up by the larger ones in the 80’s and 90’s only to find that by 2000 they were no longer viable and were dropped, just like the artists on their imprints. Now kids have got wise, like writers, and are not prepared to spend years trying to please all the different companies and just please themselves, which is what you are doing. Wonderful. Good luck.

    Morgen, another great interview. so very interesting. Thanks.


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