12 thoughts on “Author Spotlight no.267 – Laurie Boris

  1. Yvonne Hertzbergery says:

    Great stuff, Laurie. And let me add that I have read two of Laurie’s books and found them to be well written, entertaining and insightful. Laurie has an amazing grasp of human nature and relationships and portrays them with empathy.


  2. acflory says:

    Great article and interview but I have one question – what happened to those earlier novels you wrote Laurie? “she completed the novel and wrote eight more”. Even if you think they were part of your ‘apprenticeship’, I’ll bet they were really good!


      • acflory says:

        -grin- I feel that way about my first one too. I doubt it will ever see the light of day, or LEDs at least. Nonetheless, if you ever get bored, I’ll bet there are some great stories in your bottom draw just waiting for a makeover. 😉


  3. Melissa Bowersock says:

    Laurie, great post. The story of your mother-in-law is heartbreaking but–I’m afraid–not as uncommon as we might think. I think it’s wonderful that you channeled all your emotion into the new book. I’ve often found writing to be immensely therapeutic, even to the point of being an add-on to my own “talk” therapy. It’s one way to get our minds off the hamster wheel in our heads. Thanks for sharing!


    • laurieboris says:

      Thank you, Melissa! Yes, getting that story out really helped the squirrel brain. I’ve been hearing from so many people who have been blindsided by a family members’ cancer. Or are survivors themselves. But as for my own writing, I’m relieved that I “went there,” and relieved to be moving on to another set of broken characters. I really attract them, somehow.


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