8 thoughts on “Guest post: Why Self-Publishing Feels Right For Me by Jane Davis

  1. thomasafowler says:

    Love the honesty of that story, as well that you took the time to understand that it worked for you and why. Always nice to see a smart author that understands the market, and how their work fits into it all. It shows incredible insight.


    • Jane Davis says:

      Thanks for your kind words, Thomas.I have spoken at lots of book clubs and am always amazed at the gulf between what readers want and what publishers seem to think they want. Self-publishing gives us an amazing opportunity to deliver. The challenge is to be discovered!


  2. Helen Ross says:

    Hi Jane. Thoroughly enjoyed your post. Love that you are doing what you feel is right. I agree that not all publishers know what readers want. Thanks so much for sharing.


    • Jane Davis says:

      Hi Helen. (Great profile picture, by the way. We used to have a ginger cat.) I chased a publishing deal for years before deciding to self-publish and have found such a huge amount of support in the Indie communitity that I’m kicking myself for not giving it a go sooner. Having said that, I have spent so long re-editing my books that I hope all of the work will pay off in the final product. They say that no time is wasted in writing and I think that’s very true. Have you gone down the SP route?


      • Helen Ross says:

        Hi Jane. Thanks for the reply. Yes, I took the self publishing route back in 2006 to kick start my writing ‘career’, get my work (children’s stories and funny rhymes) out there, and basically, take it from there. There are things that I would do differently now, but I have no regrets. It has been a huge learning curve but I had to start somewhere, and waiting for a publisher to determine whether my work was marketable or not, didn’t seem like the way to go. SP has opened many doors for me. Since then, I have been involved in partnership publishing (not vanity press), traditional publishing (magazines, trade anthologies/collections), and recently acquired a publishing contract with a reputable app/interactive books publisher. I keep all avenues open and have recently published a children’s book (co-authored) whereby the author and I independently published it in printed and ebook formats. I am open to what I feel is right for the project I am working on at the time. I agree whole heartedly with you, that it amazes me that some publishers really don’t know what readers want. Wishing you every success.


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