6 thoughts on “Guest post: Picking The Correct Book Title by Kenneth Murray

  1. Della Bercovitch says:

    Hello Morgen,
    On behalf of Kenneth and Book Marketing Services, I would like to thank you for hosting Kenneth today on Morgen Bailey’s Writing Blog. It is a great pleasure for him to appear on your blog and write a post for your readers. If anyone has any questions and/or comments they would like to share with Kenneth, please leave them in the comment box. He will be by later in the day to respond to everyone.
    Please remember to enter the giveaway to win one of three prizes. First prize is Kindle Paperwhite, second prize is a $50 Amazon Gift Card and third prize is a $25 Amazon Gift Card.
    Join us tomorrow when Kenneth will be the guest of The Canticle http://www.writermike.com.


  2. William S. Shepard says:

    I visited the Gold Depository at Fort Knox some 40 years ago and actually was allowed inside, on official State Department business I was the desk officer for Hungarian Affairs, and came to inspect the Hungarian crown and regalia, then under official safekeeping (they are now back in Budapest). The exterior is just as seen in “Goldfinger,” since the film crew took many exterior photos. They were not allowed inside.


    • Kenneth S. Murray says:

      Hey Bill – Thanks for the story about your visit to Ft. Knox. We take life for granted here in the states. Two summers ago, we were in Budapest for three days before our river cruise. We had a young guide who said his parents didn’t tell him he was Jewish until his 19th birthday. My wife asked him if he belonged to the beautiful temple we exited after the holocaust museum visit. He looked at us carefully and said, “My mother, father, brother and I don’t have our names on any list anywhere.” That tells you a whole lot about living in a small country that’s been invaded by the Nazi Germans and then by the Russian communists who ruled until President Reagan finally helped to break up the Russian occupied countries in Europe.


      • William S. Shepard says:

        One of the saddest silent comments on the Jewish Templom in Budapest (which was largely restored by Tony Curtis in memory of his father) is that there were so many copies of holy writ remaining … far more than there were congregants.


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